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OKE    562    OLE

The most numerous religious sect are the
Presbyterians ; they have 203 ministers; the Bap-
tists 140; the Methodists 91; the Lutherans 37;
the Associate Presbyterians 20 ; the German Re-
formed 82; the Episcopalians 16; the Sweden-
borgians 4; there are also some Catholics, Uni-
tarians, Universalists, Quakers and Shakers.
Two universities enjoy endowments from the
slate ; they are established at Athens and Oxford.
There are also colleges at New Athens, Hudson
and Gam bier, and about 20 incorporated acade-
mies in different places.

Tiie first settlement in Ohio was made at Ma-
rietta in 1763. A territorial government was
established the next year. In 1802 it was admit-
ted as a state into the Union. The fertility of
the soil, and happy local position of the state for
trade, have made it one of the most desirable re-
gions of the western country for emigrants, and
its increase in population and wealth has been
almost unparalleled., a town ofPrussian Silesia, with a fine
castle. Great quantities of tobacco are produced
in the neighbourhood. It is situate on the Ohla,
16 m. S. E. of Breslau.

Okrdruf, a to win of Saxony, in Saxe-Gotha, with
a castle and numerous manufactures.
8 m. S.
S. E. of Gotha.

Ohringen, a town of Wurtemberg, capital ofthe
district of Hohenlohe, with an academy. In the
vicinity of the town many Roman antiquities have
been found since 1741. xe2x80xa2 It stands on the river
Olirn, which divides it into the Old and New
Town, 28 in. S. S. W. Mergentheim. Long. 9.

42. E., lat. 49. 11. N.

Oich, Loch, a lake of Scotland, in Inverness-
shire, extending 4 m. from E. to W., and contain-
ing some little wooded islands: its outlet at the
N. end is the river Oich, which flows by Fort Au-
gustus into the S. extremity of Loch Ness.

Oil Creek, ph. Crawford Co. Pa., on a creek of
the same name, falling into the Allegany.

Oire, a towin of Naples, in Terra d’ Otranto,
with an old, seated at the foot of the Ap-
ennines, 20 m. N. E. of Tarento.

Oise, a department of France, including part
of the former provinces of the Isles of France and
Picardy. It takes its name from the river Oise,
which has its source in the Ardennes, and joins
the Seine below
7 Pontoise. Beauvais is the capi-

Okefonoko Sicamp, in Georgia and Florida is a
sort of marshy lake 180 m. in circumference giv-
ing rise to the rivers St. Mary and Suwany. Du-
ring the wet season it has the appearance of an
inland sea with numerous islands. It is inhabited
by immense numbers of alligators, snakes, frogs,
and all sorts of reptiles that are engendered
in miry
regions Vast swarms
of moschetoes infest the air
in summer, and the poisonous vapours which the
heat of the sun raises from its winters in that sea
son render the neighbourhood uninhabitable for
any human being.

Ockloconee, a river rising in Georgia, and flow-
ing through Florida into Ockloconee Bay, 40 m.
E. of the mouth of the Apalachicola.

Olwtsk, a town of Siberia, capital of a prov-
ince of the same name, in the government of Ir-
kutsk. It is seated at the mouth of the Okota, in
a bay of the Pacific Ocean, called the Sea of
Okotsk, 490 m. E. S. of Yakutsk.    Long. 143.

12. E., lat. 59. 20. N.

Oldenburg, a grand duchy cff Germany, consist-
ing of several scattered portions. Oldenburg
Proper wins formerly a county, united with Del-
menhorst, and when the line of its counts became
extinct, in 1667, it devolved to the royal family of
Denmark. In 1773 it wins exchanged by Denmark
with the grand duke of Russia for the district of
Kiel in Holstein; and, in 1777, the emperor of
Germany raised it to the the rank of a duchy.
The reigning duke wins expelled by Napoleon in
1810, but was restored in 1813, and at the com
gress of Vienna received the title of grand duke
He now possesses, besides Oldenburg Proper (in-
cluding Delmenhorst and the lordships of Varel,
Jever, and Kniphausen), the principality of Eu
tin (formerly the bishopric of Lubec) in Holstein
and the lordship of Birkenfeld, ceded by Prussia
out of the territory on the Rhine. The inhabi-
tants are ofthe Lutheran religion.

Oldenburg, a fortified town of Germany, capi-
tal of the foregoing duchy, and the residence of
the grand duke. The church of St. Lambert con-
tains the tombs of the last counts of Oldenburg,
which are very curious. It is seated on thp Hun-
ta, 22 m. W. of Bremen and 76 S. S. W of

Oldenburg, a town of Denmark, in the michy
of Holstein, seated near the Baltic, 28 m. N;

Oldevsacl, a town of the Netherlands, in Ove-
rvssel, 30 m. E. of Deventer.

Oldrslohc, a town of Denmark, in Holstein,
with extensive salt-w
7orks, seated on the Trave,
17 m. W. of Lubec.

Old Fort, p.v. Centre Co. Pa.; p.v. Burke Co.
N. C.

Oldham, a towin in Lancashire, Eng. built on
high ground, on a branch of the Medlock, and
near the-Irk, whose streams give motion to the
machinery, &c., of numerous manufactures, 7 m
N. of Manchester.

Oldham, a county of Kentucky on the Ohio
Pop. 9,563. Westport is the capital.

Old Point Comfort, a cape on the North en
trance of James river, Va.

Old Town, or Indian Old 7'oicn, a settlement
of Penobscot Indians on an island in Penobscot
river. Maine, 12 m. above Bangoi They are
about 300 in number, and have a Catholic priest
and a school.

Old Town, ph. Allegany Co. Md.; p.v. Ross
Co. Ohio.

Occan?p.t. Cattaraugus Co. N. Y. Pop. 561.

Oleron, a populous and fertile island of France,
5 m. from the W. coast, opposite the mouth of
the Charente. It is 20 m. long and 5 broad, and
belongs to the department of Lowinr Charente.
This island was formerly in the possession of the
crown of England; and here Richard I. com-
piled the code of maritime laws called the
of Oleron, which are received by a!" nations in

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