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OON    564    ORA

capital of the above province. In 1792, the French
took it by storm, and set it on fire in several pla-
ces. It is seated at the mouth of the Imperiale,
55 m. S. W. of Genoa. Long. 7. 57. E., lat. 43.
58. N.

Oneida, a lake of New York discharging its
water into L. Ontario. It has a canal communi-
cation with the Mohawk. It is 20 m. long and 4

Oneida, a county of New York lying upon the
above lake. Pop. 41,326. Utica is the capital.

Oneida Castle, p.v. Oneida Co. N. Y.

One Leg, a township in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio,
114 m. N. E. Columbus. Pop. 1,645. The ge-
nius that invented this name must have been a
limping concern.

Onezkoe, a lake of Russia, in the government
of^Dlonetz, 120 m. long and 40 broad. It contains
several islands.

Ongar, or Chipping Ongar, a town in Essex,
Eng. 21 m. E. N. E. of London.

Ongole, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic,
capital of a district of its name belonging to Bri-
tain. It is 78 m. S. S. W. of Condapilly and 166
N. by W. of Madras. Long. 79. 56. E., lat. 15.
28. N.

Onion, one of the principal rivers of Vermont,
which flows through a fertile country, and after
a course of70 m. falls into Lake Champlain.

Onondaga, a lake of New York communicating
with lake Ontario. It is
6 m. long and 1 broad.

Onondaga, a county of New York on the above
lake. Pop. 58,974. Syracuse is the capital.

Onondaga, ph. in the above county 50 m. W.
Utica. Pop. 5,668. Here are very large salt works.

Onrust, a small island near the coast of Java,
at the mouth of the harbour of Batavia. Here
the Dutch formerly repaired their ships, and had
large warehouses, which were destroyed by the

Onslow, a county of N. Carolina. Pop. 7,814,

Ontario, a lake of N. America, situate between
75. and 79. W. long., and 43. and 44. N. lat. Its
length is 180 m. and 50 its medium breadth. On
its S. W. part it receives the waters of lake Erie
by the river Niagara, and near the S. E. the
Onondago River; and on the N. E. is its outlet
the river Iroquois, or St. Lawrence. It is 500 m.
in circumference, and abounds with fish, among
which are the Oswego bass, weighing three or
four pounds. The islands are principally at the
eastern end. The chief harbours are York and
Kingston, belonging to the British, and Sackets’
Harbour belonging to the Americans.

Ontario, a county of New York. Pop. 40,167.
Canandaigua is the capital; also a county in Up-
per Canada.

Ontano, ph. Wayne Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,587.

Oodamally a town of Hindoostan, in Coimbe-
tore, 30 m. S. S. E. of Coimbetore.

Oonalashka, one of the islands of the Northern
Archipelago, visited by Cook in his last voyage.
Tbe natives are described as very peaceable.
Fish and other-sea animals, birds, roots, berries,
and even sea weed, compose their food. They
dry quantities of fish during the summer, which
they lay np in small huts for their use in winter.
Their clothing is chiefly composed of skins.
The upper garment, made like a wagoner’s
frock, reach down
to the knees. Besides this,
they wear a waistcoat or
two, a pair of breeches,
a fur cap, and boots. They manufacture mats
End baskets of grass, which are both strong and
beautiful; and there is a neatness and perfection
in most of their works, which shows that they
are not deficient in ingenuity and perseverenoe.
Long. 165. 0. W., lat. 53. 5 N.























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Oostboreh, a town and fort of the Netherlands,
in the Isle of Cadsand, 4 m. N. E. of Sluys.

Oostenby, a town of Sweden, in the Isle of
Oeland, 27 m. S. of Borkholm.

Ootatore, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carna-
tic, 22 m. N. N.
W. of Tanjore and 80 S. W. of

Opelousas, p.v. St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.
223 m. N. W. New Orleans.

Opheim, a town of Norway, in the province of
Bergen, 45 m. N. N. E. of Bergen.

Oporto, or Porto, a city and sea-port of Portugal,
in Entre Douro e Minho, and a bishop’s see.
It is by nature almost impregnable ; and is no-
ted for its strong wines, of which large quantities
are exported to England ; whence all red wines
from Spain and Portugal are called Port wines.
The other chief exports are oranges, lemons, oil,
sumach, and linen cloth. Its commerce greatly
increased after the earthquake at Lisbon, in 1755 ;
before that time the population was estimated at

20,000, and it is now said to be 70,000. It is seat-
ed on the side of a mountain, near the river
Douro, which forms an excellent harbour, 172
m. N. by E. of Lisbon. Long.
8. 22. W7.. lat. 41
10. N.

Oppeln, a province of the Prussian states, com-
prising the greater part of Upper Silesia. It con-
sists chiefly of hills and mountains abounding
with extensive forests, and containing a large
store of valuable minerals. The district called
the principality of Oppeln, including more than
half this province, was formerly governed by its
own duke.

Oppeln, the capital of the above province, with
a Cathcdic collegiate church. It has a great trade
in wool, and stands on the Oder. 150 m. S. E. of
Breslau. Long. 18. 0. E.. lat. 50. 39. N.

Oppenheim. a town of Germany, in Hesse
Darmstadt. The vicinity produces excellent wine.
It is seated on the side of a hill, near the Rhine,
12 m. S. S. E. ofVIentz.

Oppenheim, a township of Montgomery Co. N.
Y. on the Mohawk. Pop. 3,650.

Oppido, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra, at
the foot of the Apennines, 25 m. N. E. of Reg-

Oppido, a town of Naples, in Basilicata, 5 m.
S. S. E. of Acerenza.

Oppurg, a town of Saxony, in the circle of
Meissen, with a castle, 4 m. W. S. W. of Neu-

Orach, a town of European Turkey, in Bosnia,
near the river Drino, 60 m. S. W. of Belgrade.

Oran, a city and sea-port of Algiers, in the
province of Tremecen, with an excellent harbour,
almost opposite Carthagena in Spain. It was
taken by the Spaniards in 1509, and re-taken in
1708. In 1732 the Spaniards became masters of
it again. In 1790 it was destroyed by an earth-
quake, little besides the exterior walls being left
standing, when 2,000 persons perished. 225 in.
W. N. W. of Algiers. Long. 0. 5. W., lat. 35.
58. N.

Oran, p.v. Onondaga Co. N. Y.

Orange, a city of France, in the department of
Vancluse, and a bishop’s see. It was an impor-
tant place in the time of the Romans, but at pre-
sent is remarkable only for its antiquities. A
triumphal arch,
200 paces from the town, was


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