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Oropesa, a town of Spain, in Valencia, on a
cape of its name, in the Mediterranean, 55 m.
E. N. E. of Valencia. Long. 0. 5. E., lat. 40.

Orr, a river of Scotland,in Kirkcudbrightshire,
which issues from a small lake to the E. of New
Galloway, and flows into the Solway Frith at

Orrington, ph. Penobscot Co. Me. 30 m. N.
Castine. Pop. 1,234.

Orsville, a village of Pendleton Dis. S. C.

Orsota, a town and fortress of Hungary, on
the confines of Servia, seated on the N. side of
the Danube, 60 m. S. E. of Temeswar, and 75
E. of Belgrade. Long. 22. 40. E., lat. 45. 10. N.

Orsoy. a town of the Prussian states, seated on
the Rhine, 20 m. S. E. of Cleves.

Orsza, a town of European Russia, in the gov-
ernment of Mohilef, with a castle, seated on the
Dnieper, 38 m. N. of Mohilef.

Orta, a town of Italy, in the ecclesiastical
states, seated near the Tiber, 10 m. E. of Viterbo.

Orta, a town of the Sardinian states, in the
province of Novara, seated on a lake of its name,
21 m. N. N. W. of Novara.

Ortegal, a cape and castle of Spain, on the N.
coast of Galicia, 30 m. N. N. E. of Ferrol. Long.
7. 50. W., lat. 43. 46. N.

Ortenberg, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Darm-
stadt, with a castle; situate on the Nidder, 17 m.
S. E. of Giesen.

Ortenburg, a town and citadel of Bavaria, in a
county of the same name ; seated near the river
Vills, 10 m. W. of Passau.

Ortenburg, a town of the Austrian states, in
Carinthia^on the S. bank of the Drave, opposite
the influx of the Liser, 32 m. W. of Clagenfurt.

Orthes, a town ofFrance department of Lower
Pyrenees, celebrated for a victory gained here by
the allied army over the French in 1814. It is
seated on the side of a hill, by the river Pau, 20
m. N. W. of Pau.

Orton, a town in Westmoreland, Eng. 276 m. N.
N. W. of London.

Ortona a Mare, a town of Naples, in Abruzzo
Citra, on the gulf of Venice, 13 m. E. of Civita
di Chieti.

Ortrand, a town of Saxony, in the circle of
Meissen, situate on the borders of Lusatia, 16 m.
N. E. of Meissen.

Oruro, a town of Peru, capital of a jurisdiction
of the same name, in the audience of Charcas.
The country abounds in cattle, and has many
gold and silver mines. It is 150 m. N. W. of
Plata. Long.
68. 30. W., lat. 18. 10. S.

Orvieto, a fortified town of Italy, in the papal
stales, capital of a territory of the same name, and
a bishop’s see, with a magnificent palace and a
fine Gothic cathedral. It is seated on a Craggy
rock, near the conflux of the Paglia and Chiana,
50 m N. N. W. of Rome. Long. 12. 20. E., lat.

42. 42. N.

Oreille, p.v. Onondaga Co. N. Y.

Oricdl, a river in Suffolk, Eng. which runs S.
E. by Ipswich, and. uniting with the Stour, forms
the fine harbour of Harwich. Above Ipswich it
is called the Gipping.

Orwell, ph. Rutland Co. Vt. on L. Champlain,
35 m. N. W, Rutland. Pop. 1,598; a township of
Oswego Co. N. Y. Pop. 501 ; p.v. Bradford Co.

Oricigsburg, ph. Schuylkill Co. Pa. 26 m. N.
W. Reading.

Osaca, a city of Japan, in the island of Niphon,
defended by a magnificent castle. It has a har
hour, and is one of the most commercial places
of the empire. It stands on the Jedogawa, over
which are several bridges of cedar, 3(f m. S. by
W. of Miaco. Long. 136. 5. E., lat. 35. 5. N.

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Osage, a river of the United States flowing
easterly between the Kansas and Arkansas and
joining the Missouri in the centre of the State of
that name. It is 300 m. in length.

Osages, a tribe of Indians in Missouri and Ar-
kansas. comprising about 6,000 souls. They are
divided into the great and little Osages, and have
two or three villages, but live in a scattered,
wandering state. They raise some corn but are
half the year occupied in hunting.

Oschatz, a town of Saxony, in the circle of
Meissen, with a college and some manufactures
of cloth; seated on the Chemnitz, 16 m N. W
of Meissen.

Oscro, an island in the gulf of Venice, havinw
on the N. that of Cherso, to which it is joined by
a bridge. The capital is of the same name
Long. 15. 30. E., lat. 44. 56. N.

Osiot. See Siout.

Osma, a town of Spain, in Old Castile, and a
bishop’s see, with a university. The cathedral
and the episcopal palace are at Brogo d’Osma, a
little to the E. It stands on the Donero, 48 m.
S. E. of Burgos. Long. 2. 52. W., lat. 41. 50.

Osnaburg, or Osnabruck, a province of Hano-
ver, lying between the grand duchy of Oldenberg
and Prussian Westphalia. It is 40 m. long and
20 broad; produces much corn and flax, and
plenty of turf, coal, and marble. The most ben-
eficial manufacture is a coarse kind of iinen,
which is exported to distant parts.

Osnaburg, the capital of the above province,
with a castle and a university. It is cehbrated
for the peace of Westphalia, concluded .lere in
1648. The Catholics and Protestants hare each
two churches and a gymnasium. It is seated on
the Hase, 25 m. N. bv E. of Munster. Lono-.

54. E., lat. 52. 18. N.'

Osomo, a town of Chile, seated on R'o Bueno
in a territory where there are mines of gold, 80
m. S. of Valdivia. Long. 73. 20. W, lat. 40.

58. S.

Osrushna, a town of Western Tartar/, in Tur
kestan, capital of a province of the same name.
It is 80 m. N. N. E. of Samarcand, and 261 S. of
Taras. Long.
66. 20. E., lat. 40. 40. N.

Ossetia, the country of the Ossi, or Ossei, one
of the seven Caucasian nations, betweei the
Black Sea and the Caspian ; bounded on tie N.
by Great Cabarda, E. by the Lesguis Tirtars,
and S. and W. by Imeritia. It is divided iito 19
districts of very unequal size; some containing
only five, and others 50 villages, each of rhich
comprises from 20 to 100 families. Thei lan-
guage has some analogy with that ofthe Pesians.
Their history is entirely unknown. The Grcas-
sians and Tartars call them Knsha.

Ossian, a township of Alleghany Co. L Y.
Pop. 812.

Ossipee, a lake in N. Hampshire, in Stafford
county : it covers a space of 7,000 acres, (n the
western shore is an Indian mound from vhich
have been taken skeletons, tomahawks, &c
pee Mountain
is on the N. W.

Ossipee, ph. Strafford Co. N. H. lyingupon
the above lake, 32 m. N. E. Concord. Pop.',

Ossory, the western division of Queen’s cunty,
in Ireland. It gives name to a bisboDrie, bt thxc2xab


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