Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 582 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 582 Left Column
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    Bacchus (Temple)
    Livadia (directional)
Paro, Paro, Bootan, Hindoostan (main entry)
    Porrogong (synonym for Paro, Paro, Bootan, Hindoostan)
    Patchieu River
    Tassasudon (directional)
Paros (Island), Cyclades (Islands), Grecian Archipelago (main entry)
Paros, Isle of Paros (main entry)
    Parechia (synonym for Paros, Isle of Paros)
Parishville, St. Lawrence County, New York, United States (main entry)
    Ogdensburg (directional)
Parret River, Somerset, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Odered River
    Ivel River
    Throne River
    Bristol Channel
    Bridgewater Bay
Parramatta, Parramatta, New South Wales (main entry)
    Port Jackson (directional)
    Sydney (directional)
Parsippany, Morris County, New Jersey, United States (main entry)
    Newark (directional)
Parsonsfield, York County, Maine, United States (main entry)
Partenkirch, Bavaria (main entry)
    Munich (directional)
Parthenay, Deux-Sèvres, France (main entry)
    Thoue River
    Thours (directional)
    Niort (directional)
Partoncraig, Fifeshire, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Frith of Tay
    St. Andrew (directional)
Paru, Para, Brazil (main entry)
    Amazon River
Parys (Mountain) (main entry)
    Isle of Anglesey
Pas, Pas-de-Calais, France (main entry)
    Arras (directional)
Pascagoula River (main entry)
    Mississippi, United States
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