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Penzance, a sea-port in Cornwall, Eng. It was
burnt by the Spaniards in 1593, but soon rebuilt,
and made one of the tin-coinage towns. Its trade
is considerable, and consists chiefly in pilchards
and other fish, and in shipping lead, tin, and cop-
per, which abound in the vicinity. In conse-
quence of the mildness and salubrity of the air,
and the agreeableness of its situation, Penzance
is much frequented by invalids, for whose accom-
modation there are cold and hot sea-water baths,
&c. It is seated on a creek of Mount Bay, 10
m. N. E. of the Land’s End and 280 W. by S. of

Peoria Lake, in Illinois, an expansion of the
river Illinois, 20 m. in length and 2 in breadth.
It is vtry deep and has no perceptible current.
Here is a settlement called Peoria, on its banks.

Pepin Lake, an expansion of the Mississippi,
100 m. below the falls of St. Anthony. 24 m.
long and from 2 to 4 broad.

Pepperell, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 40 m. N.
IV. Boston. Pop. 1,440.

Pequigny, a town of France, department of
Somme; memorable for an interview and treaty
between Louis XI. of France and Edward IV. of
England, in 1475, on a bridge built for that pur-
pose. It is seated on the river Somme, 15 m. S
E. of Abbeville

Perak, a sea-port of Malaya, capital of a king-
dom on the W. coast. It is seated on a river of
the same name, 180 m. N. W. of Malacca. Long.

100. 0. E., lat. 4. 23. N.

Pcray, St., a town of France,'department of
Ardeche, noted for its wines. It is seated on the
Rhone opposite Valence, 32 m. N. of Viviers.

Perdido, a river separating Florida from Ala-
bama and flowing into the Gulf ofxe2x80x98Mexico.

Perdu Mount, a lofty mountain of the Pyrenees,
with a double summit, of which the higher is
computed at
11,000 feet above the sea. It is of
very difficult access, as the calcareous rock often
assumes the form of perpendicular walls, from
to 600 feet in height; and glaciers increase the
difficulty. About 2,000 feet from the summit is a
lake, which throws its waters to the E., into the
Spanish valley of Beoussa.

Perga, a town of Albania, on the gulf of Ven-
ice. 25 m. AV. N. AV. of Arta.

Pergamar, a town of Romania, and a bishop’s
see, 60 m. S. W. of Adrianople. Long. 25. 55.
E., lat. 41. 10. N.

Peraramo, a town of Natolia, and a bishop’s
see, with a palace and a castle. It is not so con-
siderable as formerly, but has nine mosques, and
occupies an oblong circumference of 3 m. at the
foot of a mountain. Here parchment was inven-
ted. It is seated on the Germasti, 15 m. from its
mouth and 37 N. of Smyrna. Long. 27. 27. E.,
.at. 39. 5. N.

Peria. a town of Persia, in the province of Irac,
90 in. AA7. of Ispahan. Long. 51. 25. E., lat. 32.
20. X.

Periac. a town of France, department of Aude,
celebrated for its salt works. It is seated on a
lake of its name,
6 m. S. W. of Narbonne.

Periapatam, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore.
The environs are rich and beautiful, and abound
in sandal wood. It is 40 m. W. by S. of Serin-
gapatam.    ,

Ptriers, a town ofFrance, department of Man-
che, 9 m. N. of Coutances.

Perigcrd, a former province of France, now
forming the department of Dordogne.

Perigueux, a town of France, capital of the de-
partment of Dordogne, and a bishop’s see. Here
are the ruins of a temple of Venus, an amphithea
tre, &c. It is seated on the river Ule, 50 m. S
W. of Limoges. Long. 0. 43. E., lat. 45. 11























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Perinda, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
district of its name, in the province of Dowlatabad,
188 m. N. W. of Hydrabad. Long. 75. 50. E.,
lat. 18. 33. N.

Perindura, a town of Hindoostan, in the pro-
vince of Coimbetore, 12 m. S. S. W. of Bhawani-

Perleberg, a town of Prussia, in Brandenburg
with considerable cloth manufactures. It is seat
ed on the Stepenitz, 42 m. AV. N. W. of Ruppin.
Long. 12. 3. E., lat. 53.
8. N.

Perkinsonsville, a village of Amelia Co. Va.

Perkiomen, a township of Montgomery Co. Pa.
on a river of the same name, 25 m N. Fhiladel.

Perm, a government of Russia, formerly a prov
inceofKasan. It is divided into two pi evinces,
Perm and Catharinenburg, the capitals of which
are ofthe same name.

Perm, a town Russia, capital of a government
and province of the same name. It is seated on
the Kama, at the influx of the Zegochekha, 620
m. E. by N. of Moscow and 810 E. by S. of Pe
tersburg. Long. 55. 10. E., lat. 57. 55. N.

Permacoil, a town ofxe2x80xa2 Hindoostan, in the Car
natic, situate on a mountain,
20 m. N. N. W. of

Pernxilla, a town of Hindoostan, in Guzerat, 38
m. S. of Surat.

Pernambuco, or Fernamhuco, a province of Bra
zil, bounded N. and E. by the Atlantic Ocean, S.
by Bahia, and E. by the desert territory. It is
about 470 m. from N. to S. and 370 from E. to W.
and abounds in sugar-cane, cotton, and Brazil

Pernambuco, the capital of the above province,
consists of three divisions. Recife, St. Antonio,
and Boa
7ista. The two former are situated on two
flat sand banks, surrounded by the sea, and con-
nected together by a bridge, partly of stone and
partly of wood ; the other division is connected,
with Boa AYsta, situated on the continent, by a
narrow wooden bridge. The greatest part of the
extent of sand between Olinda, a town about a
league distant, on the same sand bank as Recife,
and the lattef, remains uncovered, is open to the
sea, and the surf there is very violent. The tide
enters between the bridges, and encircles the mid-
dle compartment. The first division of the town is
composed of brick houses, of three, four, and even
five stories in height: most of the streets are nar-
row and there are no public buildings that require
notice. St. Antonio, the principal division of
the town, is composed chiefly of large houses and
broad streets. It contains the governor’s palace
(formerly the Jesuits’ convent), the treasury, the
town hall and prison, the barracks, and the Fran
ciscan, Carmelite, and Penha convents. It com
prises several squares, and has to a certain degree
a gay and lively appearance. The river Capibar
ibe discharges its waters into the channel between
St. Antonia and Boa Vista. The harbour belong
ing to Recife, called the Mosqueiro, situated on
flie outward bank, is formed by a reef of rocks,
which runs parallel with the town, at a very small
distance. Pernambuco is daily increasing in opu-
lence and importance, and European fashions pre-
vail. Long. 35. 20. AV., lat.
8. 13. S.

Pernau, a fortified town of Russia, in Livonia
with a castle ; seated near the mouth of a river of


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