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Pistoia, a city of Tuscany, and a bishop’s see,
with a citadel. There are several fine churches,
magnificent palaces, and handsome streets; but
it is almost deserted, in comparison to what it was
formerly. The Austrians defeated the Neapolitans
here in 1815. It is seated near the river Stella,
20 miles N. W. of Florence. Long. 11. 29. E.,
lat. 43. 55. N.

Pitcairn's Island, an island in the S. Pacific
Ocean in lat. 25. 2. S. Long. 130. 21. W. It is
surrounded by rocks and difficult of access, yet
is fertile and pleasant. Here the mutineers of
the Bounty formed a settlement which has since
been visited by British and American ships. The
inhabitants are about 50 or 60, a mixture of Eu-
ropeans and Otaheitans ; their manners are civil-
ized, and they speak English.

Pitcaithly, a village of Scotland, seated in a se-
questered vale, 5 miles S. of Perth. Its mineral
waters have been long famed in scorbutic com-
plaints, and it has good accommodations for in-

Pitha, a seaport of Sweden, in W. Bothnia,
seated on a small island, at the mouth of a river
of its name, in the gulf of Bothnia. It is joined
to the continent by a wooden bridge, and is 95
miles N. X. E. c.f Uina. Long. 20. 58. E. lat.
65. 15. N.

Pitschen. a town of Prussian Silesia, in the gov-
ernment of Breslau, on the frontiers of Poland,
50 miles E. of BresI.i'i.

Pitt, a county of X. Carolina. Pop. 12.171.
Greenville is the Capital.

Piltcnimem, a borough of Scotland, in Fife shire,
with a harbour on the frith of Forth. In the vi-
cinity are coal mines and salt-works. 10 miles S.
by E. of St. Andrew and 21 N. E. of Edinburgh.

Piltsborough, p.v. Chatham Co. N. C. 26 m. W.

Pittsburg, city, Alleghany Co. Pa. the chief
town in the western part of the state. It stands
upon a point of land at the junction of the Alle-
ghany and Monongahela rivers, which here take
the name of Ohio. It is built on a regular plan
upfon the slope of an eminence, and a level plain
at its foot. It is finely situated for trade, and en-
joys a communication by steamboats with all the
great towns on the Ohio and Mississippi; but it
is most distinguished for its large and flourishing
manufactures >f glass, iron, woolen and cotton,
for which srre
Pen sis hania. The surrounding
rountrv is exceedinglr rich in bituminous coal,
which ;s delivered a: the 'i /nses for three cents
the bushel. The c inst-ant use of this fuel causes
a perpetual -’l ui >f black smake to hang over
the p!a~e. Tne suburbs. Birmingham and Alle-
ghanv. lie on the -.-.o.->site sides of the two rivers
and comm ini’ hr wih the city bv bridges. Pitts-
burg is a v -rr d xe2x96xa0arfe.iing place ; it is not a hand-
soinelv o i l: :    . yet it contains some neat edi-

fices. Po 12.542.

PitisfA?.*. Berkshire Co. Mass. 125 m. AV.
Boston. P o 357c. It i* a pleasant town and has
manufito .res -f ri -ta. mu-kets and drums. Here
are barracks me am-sprtil of the United States,
ph. Merrimack Co -N. H. 15 m. X. W. Concord.
Pop. 1.271 : rot Rr'dau
i C-v Vt. Pop. 505; ph.
Otsego Co. X. T. Pep. lb'W

Pittsfurd, p t, Ra'lanl C*>. Vt- Pop. 2,005 ph.
Monroe Co. X. Y. P *p. 1.841

Pittsgrore, ph. Salem Co. X. J.

Pittston, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. Pop. 1,804 ;
p t. Hunterdon Co. N. J. : p t. Lua^rne Co. Pa.

Pittstown, ph. Rensselaer Co. X. Y. Pop. 3,702.

Pittsylvania, a county ofthe E. District ofVu
ginia. Pop. 26,022.

Piura, a town of Pern, capital of a province of
the same name. This was the first Spanish set
tlement in Peru, being founded by Pizarro in
1531. It is 25 m. S. E ofPaita. Long. 80. 29.
W., lat. 5. 15. S.

Pizzighitone, a town of Austrian Italy, with a
strong castle, in which Francis I. of France was
kept prisoner. It was taken by the French in 1733,
again in 1796, and retaken by the Austrians and
Russians in 1799. It is situate on the Adda, 10 m
N.W7. of Cremona and 30 S. E. of Milan.

Pizzo, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra, on
the gulf of St. Euphemia 4 m. W. by N. of Monte

Placentia, a town of Spain in Estremadura, and
a bishop’s see, with a castle. It is seated in a
plain, almost surrounded by mountains, 50 m. N.
E. of Alcantara and 110 W. S. W. of Madrid.
Long. 5. 55. W., lat. 40. 6. N.

Placentia, a town of Spain, in Biscay, seated on
the Deva, 25 m. E. by S. of Bilbao.

PUtcentia, a sea-port of Newfondland, on the
E. side of a large bay on the S. part of the island.
The harhour is capacious, and defended by a fort,
called St. Louis. It is 60 m. AV. S. W. of St.
Joim. Long. 53. 43. AV., lat. 47. 15. N.

Piacenza, a fortified town of Italy, capital of a
duehv, included in that of Parma, and a bishop’s
see, with a good citadel, and a celebrated universi-
ty. The churches, squares, streets, and fountains
are beautiful. The inhabitants, about 30,000, have
scarcdv anv other employment than the manu-
o: >ilk stuffs. At this place the Austrians
gained a decisive victory over the Spaniards and
French in 1746. In 1796 it was taken by the
French, who were forced to evacuate it in 1799.
In 1800 it again fell into the hands ofthe French,
and was retained till 1814. It is of greater ex-
tent than Parma, and is seated in a well cultivated
country, near the river Po, 38 m. W. N. W. of
Parma. Long. 9. 33. E., lat. 45. 5. N. See

Plain, townships in Stark, Wayne and ..Frank-
lin Cos. Ohio.

V Plainfield, ph. Washington Co. Vt. Pop. 874;
ph. Sullivan Co. N. H. Pop. 1,581 ; ph. Hamp-
shire Co. Mass. 110 m. W. Boston, Pop. 983;
ph. Otsegd Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,626; ph. Essex
Co. N. J. Northampton Co. Pa. and Coshocton
Co. Ohio.

Plaistow, ph. Rockingham Co. N. H. Pop.

Plan, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of*Pil-
sen. with a castle, 20 m. S. E. of Egra.

Plaquemines, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop.
4.489. Fort Jackson is the capital; also the
name of a bend in the Mississippi, 70 m. below
New Orleans.

Platte rirer, a branch of the Missouri, from the
west; it is 400 m. long and joins the Missouri in
lat. 41. N.

Plassey, a town of Bengal, in the district of
Nuddeah, memorable for a great victory obtain-
ed bv colonel Clive in 1757 over the nabob Sura-
jah Dowlah. It is 25 m. S. of Moorshedabad.

Plata or Chuquisaca, a rich and populous city
of Peru, capital of the province of Las Charcas,
and an archbishop’s see, with a university. The
cathedral is large, and finely adorned with paint-
ings and gildings. It is seated on the Ciiimao,
600 in. S. E. of Cusco. Long. 66. 34. W., lat.

19. 16. S.

3 E

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