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ment of Calvados. It is a trading place, seated
on the Touque, 4 m. from the sea, and 40 W. S.
W. of Rouen. Long. 0. 10. E., lat. 49. 17. N.

Pont de Vaux, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Ain, seated on the Resouze, near its con-
flux with the Saone, 8 m. S. of Macon.

Pont de Vesle, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Ain, with manufactures of stuffs and
tapestry; seated on the Vesle,12 m. W. ofBourg.

Pont Gibaat, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Puy de Dome, 10 m. W. N. W. of Cler-

Pont St. Esprit, a town of France in the de-
partment of Gard, on the river Rhone, over which
is one of the finest bridges in Europe, consisting
of 19 great and four small arches. To facilitate
the passage of the water, in time of floods, aper-
tures are made through each pier, six feet above
the common level of the river; and, to stem the
rapidity of the river, the bridge is not built in a
right line, but in a curve. Here are manufac-
tures of silk, and a good trade in wine, oil, and
fruits. 17 m. S. of v iviers and 55 N. E. of Mont-
pelier. Long. 4. 40. E., lat. 44. 15. N.

Pont St. Maxence, a town of France in the de-
partment of Seine-ct-Oise, 5 m. N. of Senlis.

Pont sur Seine, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Aube, with a castle, seated on the Seine,
20 m. N. AV. of Troyes and 55 S. E. of Paris.

Pont sur Yonne, a town of France in the de-
partment of Yonne, seated on the Yonne, 8 m. N.
W. of Sens.

Ponta Delgada, a sea-port of St. Michael, one
of the Azores. It is defended by a citadel, and
contains about 8,000 inhabitants. Long. 25. 40.
W., lat. 37 45. N.

Pontwrlier, a town of France, department of
Doubs, with a strong castle on a mountain. It is
seated on the Doubs, and the frontiers of Swit-
zerland, 22 m. W. of Neufchatel and 35 S. E. of
Besanqon. Long. 6. 26. E., lat. 46. 55. N.

Ponte, a town of the Sardinian states; in Pied-
mont, seated at the conflux of the Saono and Or-
eo, 19 m. N. N. W. of Turin.

Ponte de Lima, a town of Portugal, in Entre
Douro e Minho, seated on the Lima, over which
is a magnificent bridge, 13 m. N. W. of Braga.

Ponte Stura, a town of the Sardinian states, in
the duchy of Montferrat, seated at the conflux of
the Stura and Po, 5 m. W. S. W. of Casal.

Ponta Veta, a town of Spain, in Galicia, near
the mouth of the Leris, 29 m. N. of Tuv.

Ponteharbrain, a lake of Louisiana 35 m. loEg
and 25 broad. It lies in the S. E. part of the
state and discharges its waters into the Gulf of
Mexico through Lake Borgne. It receives the
waters of Lake Maurepas and is connected with
the Mississippi at New Orleans by a canal. The
lake is navigable for small vessels.

Ponteba or Ponte Imperiale, a town of the Aus-
trian states, in Carinthia, seated on the Fella,
over wbich it has a bridge to Ponteba Veneta, a
small town of the province of Friuli. It is 20 m.
N. N. W. of Friuli and 25 S. W. of Villach.

Pontefract, a borough in W. Yorkshire, Eng.
It is situate in a very rich soil, noted for its gar-
dens and nurseries. Its castle, now in ruins, has
been the scene of various tragical events in the
English history, particularly the murder of
Richard II. 22'm. S. W. of York and 175 N. N.
W of London.

Ponteland, a village jn Northumberland, Eng.,
on the river Pont, 7 m. N. E. of Newcastle. It
appears to have been the Roman station called

Pons lElii; and here, in 1244, a peace was con-
cluded between Henry III. and the King of Scot

Pontian, p v. Oakland Co. Michigan of Huron
river, flowing into L. St. Clair.

Pontian Islands, a cluster of small islands in
the Mediterranean, opposite to the coast of Terra
di Lavoro.

Pontiana, a river of Borneo, which enters the
ocean by several mouths, at the W. side of the
island, under the equinoctial line, where the
Dutch have a factory.

Pontivy, a town of France, department of
Morbihan, with a linen manufacture ; seated oxc2xbb
the river Blavet, 25 m. N. of Vannes.

Pontoise, a town in the department of Seine-et
Oise, with a castle. The parliament of Paris was
transferred to this place in 1652,1720, and 1753.
It is seated on an eminence, near the Oise, 20 m
N. W. of Paris. Long. 2. 6. E., lat. 49. 3. N.

Pontorson, a town of France in the department
of Manche, on the Coesnon, with a tide harbour,
10 m. S. S. W. of Avranches.

Pontremoli, a town of Tuscany, with a strong
castle; seated at the foot of the Apennines, on
the river Magra, 40 m. S. W. of Parma. Long.

9. 40. E., lat. 44. 25. N.

Pontrieux, a town of France, department of
Cotes du Nord, on the river Trieux, 10 m. N. W.
of St. Brieux.

Pontypool, a town in Monmouthshire, Eng.
with extensive iron works, and a manufacture of
japanned ware. It is seated between two hills,
on the river Avon, 15 m. N. W. of Monmouth
and 148 W. by N. of London.

Ponza, one of the Pontian Islands, in the Medit-
erranean, containing a town, harbour, and con-
siderable salt works. It was taken by the British
in 1813. Long. 13.10. E., lat. 40. 53. N.

Ponzone, a town cf the Sardian states, in the
duchy of Montferrat, 20 m. W. N. W7. of Genoa.

Poole, a borough and sea-port in Dorsetshire,
Eng. It is a county of itself, and situate on a
peninsula projecting into a capacious bay. The
principal branch of business here is the New-
foundland fishery. It has also a large importa-
tion of deals from Norway, a general commerce
with America and various parts of Europe, and a
fine coasting trade, particularly in corn and coal
Near the mouth of the harbour is an oyster bank,
from which vast quantities are carried to be fat-
tened in the creeks of Essex and the Thames.
Poole is 40 m. W. S. W. of Winchester and 105
N. by S. of London. Long. 1, 59. W., lat 50.
43. N.

Pooloroon, or Poleron, one of the Banda Isl-
ands, 100 m. S. E. of Amboyna. Long. 130. 0.
E,, lat. 4. 20. S.

Poolowoy, one of the Banda Islands, on which
the Dutch have a regular pentagon, called Fort

Poolsville, p. v. Montgomery Co. Maryland 33 m.
N. W. Washington ; p.v. Spartanburg Dis. S. C.

Poona, a city of Hindoostan, the modern capi-
tal of the Mahratta empire. At the bottom of
Parvate Hill, in the vicinity, is a large square field
enclosed with high brick walls, where the Peishwa
used to assemble the Brahmins, to whom he gave
alms at the great feast, when the rainy season ter
minated. The view from this hill commands the
town with all its gardens and plantations, the
cantonments, and the British residency at the
Sungum. The town is entirely defenceless, the
streets long and narrow, and the houses very ir












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