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Prerau, a town of Moravia capital of a circle
of the same name. It is seated on the Beczwa,
13 m. S. E. of Olmutz. Long. 17. 29. E., lat. 49.

23. N.

Presburg, a city of Hungary. It is seated on
the Danube, which is here very rapid, and about
250 yards in breadth. The inhabitants are estimat-
ed at 30,000. Its castle, a noble Gothic struc-
ture, was burned down in the commencement of
the present century. This town was declared by
a royal decree of 1536, the capital of Hungary,
on account of its vicinity to Vienna, and the sov-
ereigns are still crowned in its cathedral; but the
principal officers of government reside at Buda,
and the diets and supreme courts of judicature
meet at Perth. In December,' 1305, a treaty of
peace was concluded here between Austria and
France. 33 m. E. by S. of Vienna and 95 W. N.
W. of Buda. Long 17. 9. E., lat. 48. 9. N.

Prescat, a town of Lancashire, Eng. It is a
long straggling town, and may be said to be
built almost over coal pits, several being worked
close to its extremities. It is estimated that 2,000
persons are employed in the collieries of Prescot;
whence Liverpool is chiefly supplied with fuel.
Here are manufactures of watch movements, pin-
ion wire, small files, and coarse earthen ware ;
and also some manufactories of cotton, hats, &c.
8 m. E. of Liverpool and 197 N. N. W. ofLondon.

Prcsr.ot, ph. Hampshire Co. Mass. 76 m. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 158; also a village of Upper Canada,
on the St. Lawrence nearly opposite Ogdensburg.

Presenzano, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavo-
ro. It appears by an inscription to be the ancient
Rufae, and its territory has the name of Costa Ru-
fraria. It is 23. m N. of Naples.

Presidii, Stato delli, formerly the name- of a
small territory of Italy, on the coast of the Sien-
nese. It includes 5 fortresses, which were re-
tained by Spain when the territory of Sienna was
ceded* to the duke of Tuscany in 1557. In 1735
it was ceded to the king of the Two Sicilies ; and
now belongs to tiie grand duchy of Tuscany.

Prestdgn, a town of Wales, in Radnorshire.
The site of its castle is now laid out in public
walks. It is sealed near the source of the Lug,
in a rich valley, 23 m. N. N. W. of Hereford
and 151 N. N. W. of London. Lon*. 2 58.
W. lat. 52. 15. N.

Prestima, a town of Portugal, in Beira, 11 m.
N. of Coimbra.

Presto, a sea-port of Denmark, in Zealand, with
a good harbour in a bay of the Baltic, 42 m. S.

S W of Copenhagen. Long. 12. 6. E.,lat. 55. 9. N.

Preston, a borougli in Lancashire, En*. The
chief manufactures are the various branches of
cotton and muslin, which are now carried on to a
considerable extent. Preston exhibits a nearer ap-
proach than any other town in the kingdom to
universal suffrage, the right, of voting being in'
the male inhabitants at large. It is noted for the
defeat of the pretender’s adherents in 1715, when
most of them were made prisoners; also for a
kind of public carnival, or jubilee, held every 20
years, the last of which was in 1822. It is seated
near the river Ribble and the Lancaster Canal,22
in. S. S. E. of Lancaster and 217 N. N. W. of
London. Long. 2. 53. W7.. lat. 53. 46. N.

Preston, ph. New London Co. Conn. on the
Thames 15 m. above New London. Pop. 1,935;
ph. Chenango Co. N. Y. 106 m. W. Albany. Pop.

Preston, a county of the W. District of Virgin-
ia. Pop. 5,099 Kingwood is the capital.













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Prestonpans, a town of Scotland, in Hadding-
tonshire, with a safe harbour, called Morrison’s
Haven, on the frith of Forth. It has manufac-
tures of salt, stone and earthern ware, and bricks
and tiles. At this place the royal army was de-
feated by the Pretender’s adherents in 1745. 8
m. E. by N. of Edinburgh.

Prestonsburg, p.v. Floyd Co. Ken.

Prestonsville, p v. Rhea Co. Tenn.

Preston Hollow, p.v. Albany Co. N. Y.

Prestch, a town of Prussian Saxony with a fine
castle, seated on the Elbe, 10 m. S. by E. of Brit
ten, a town of Saxony on the Elbe, 18 rn. S. by E
of Wittenberg.

Prevesa, a town of Greece, in Albania, and n
bishop’s see. It stands on the ruins of the avxc2xbb-
cient Nicopolis, built by the emperor Augustas,
in memory of his victory over Anthony. It was ta-
ken by the Venetians in 1684, was ceded to the
Turks in 1718, taken by the French in 1718, and
retaken the following year by the Turks in whose
hands it remained till the recent liberation of
Greece. It is seated on a mountain, on the gulf
of Larta, 70 m. N. W. of Lepanto. Long. 21. 5.
E., lat. 39. 14. N.

Preuilly, a town of France, department of In
dre-et-Loire. Near it are mines of iron ; and
it stands on the Claise, 13 m. S. of Loches.

Priarnan, a town on the W. coast of the island
of Sumatra, where the Dutch had formerly a fac-
tory. The environs produce but little pepper;
but the air is healthy, and it stands on a small
river in which gold is found. The English E.
India company formed a settlement here in 1685.
Lon*. 98. 0. E., lat. 1. 0. S.

Priestford, p.v. Hartford Co. Maryland.

Primkenuu, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
government of Leignitz, with an iron forge and a
manufacture of paper, 16 m. S. AV. of Glogau.

Prince Edward, a county of the E. District
of Virginia. Pop. 14,107. Hampden and Syd-
ney college in this Co. was founded in 1774. It
has 6 instructors and 54 students.

Prince Frederick, p.v. Calvert Co. Maryland 40
m. S. Annapolis.

Prince George, a county of the E. District of
Virginia. Pop. 3,303. City Point is the capital.

Prince Georges, a county of Maryland. Pop
20,473. Upper Marlborough i3 the capital.

Prince William, a county of the E. District of
Virginia. Pop. 9,320. Brentsville is the capi-

Prince William, a township of York Co. N. B.

Princess Anne, a county of the E. District of
Virginia. Pop. 9,102.

Prince of WalesCape, the north-western extrem-
ity of America, discovered by captain Cook, in
1773. It is on the E. side of Bhering's Strait.

Prince of Wales Fort., the most northern settle-
ment of the Hudson Bay Company, on the west
side of Hudson’s Bay, at the mouth of Church
hill River. Long. 94. 7. VV., lat. 58. 47. N,

Prince of Wales Island, or Penang, an island 2
m. from the W7. coast of Malacca, 18 m long
and 8 broad, divided longitudinally by a ridge of
mountains. The channel to the mainland is a
safe road for ships. This island was purchased of
the king of Queda by the English E. India Com-
pany, who formed a settlement here in 1786 , and,
in five years after, Georgetown, its capital, was
established as a sea-port. The inhabitants were
estimated in 1805 at 14,000, since which time
they have considerably increased. Long, 98. 50
E., lat. 5. 36. N.


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