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Radimpour, or Radunpour, a town of Hindoos-
tan, in the province of Agimere, situate on the
Puddar, 175 m. N. of Surat and 250 S. W. of
Agimere. Long. 71. 48. E., lat. 23. 58. N.



| Radnor, New, a borough of Wales, in Radnor-
shire. New Radnor is, seated near the source of
the Somergil, at the foot of a hill, on which a cas-
tle formerly stood. 24 m. N. VV. of Hereford and
159 W. N. W. of London.


Radnorshire, a county of Wales, 30 m. long
and 25 broad. The number of inhabitants in 1.821
was 22,459. Its principal rivers are the Wye
and Tend, the former divided it from Brecknock-
shire, and the latter from Shropshire. The E.
and S. parts are tolerably level and productive of
corn. The other parts are rude and mountainous
devoted chiefly to the rearinnr of cattle and

Radnor, a township of Delaware Co. Pa.

Radorn, a town of Poland, in the palatinate of
Sandornir, 60 m. N. N. W. of Sandomir.

Radomsk, a town of Poland, in the palatinate
of Siradia, 50 m. S. E. of Siradia.

Radstadt, a town of Bavaria, near the source of
the Ens, 35 m. E. S. E. of Salzburg. Long. 13.
26. E., lat. 47. 18. N.

Ragivolo, a town of Austrian Italy, in the prov-
ince of Mantua, 19 m. S. of Mantua.

Ragland, a village in Monmouthshire, Eng.
famous for its castle, where Charles 1. passed
much of his time, and iived in a magnificent style.
This castle was the last in Cromwell’s time which
surrendered to general Fairfax. 5 m. N. E. of
Usk and 8 xc2xa3. of Monmouth.

Ragnit, a town of Russian Lithuania, with a
very ancient castle, in which is a large royal mag-
azine for provisions, &c. It is situate on the Nie-
men,56 m. E. N. E. of Konigsberg. Long. 21. 30.
E., lat. 55. 30. N.

Ragoogur, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Malwa, 116 m. N. E. of Ougein and 256
S. of Dehli. Long. 77. 30. E., lat. 24. 23. N.

Ragusa, a district of Austrian Dalmatia, con-
taining the territory of the ancient republic of
Ragusa and several islands. It lias an area of
700 square miles, with 55,000 inhabitants. The
soil is so barren that the inhabitants receive the
greatest part of their necessaries from the neigh-
bouring islands and Turkish provinces. The chief
rivers are the Drino Gliuta, and Ombla

Ragusa, the capital of the above district, and an
archbishop’s see. It is 2 miles in circumference,
and strong by situation, having an inaccessible
mountain on the land side, and a strong fort on
the gulf of Venice. It has a considerable trade
with the Levant and Italy, and is 66 m. W. of
Scutari. Long. 17. 55. E., lat. 42. 32. N.

Ragusa, a populous town of Sicily, in Val di
Noto near the river Maulo, 18 m. W. N. W. of

Rahway, p.t. Middlesex Co. N. J. 5 in. S. W.

Raiatca, orloretea. the Ulietea of captain Cook,
the largest of the Society Isles, in the S. Pacific,
about 40 m. in circumference. The mountains
are lofty, and picturesque. The lowland is ex-
tensive, and the valleys, which are capable of the
highest cultivation, are not only spacious, but
conveniently situated for affording to the inhabit-
ants an intercourse with other parts of the island.
It is well supplied with rivers and streams of ex-
cellent water. On the N. VV. is a small but very
secure harbour, called Hamanino, which is shel-
tered from the strong E. and S. winds by the
mountains of the interior. Long. 151. 38. W.
lat. 16. 45. S.

Rain, a fortified town of Bavaria, seated on the
Acha, 12 m. W. xe2x80xa2 f Neuberg.

Rain, or Old R in, a town of Scotland, in Ab-
erdeenshire, near the river Ury, 23 m. N. W.
of Aberdeen.

Rain Lake, a laxe of N. America, lying E. of
Lake of the Woods, and W. of Lake Superior
It is nearly 100 m. long, but in no part more than
20 wide.

Raisin, a river of Michigan Territory flowing
into Lake Erie. 20 m. S. W. of Detroit river.

Raisin Market, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng.
near the source of the Ancholm, 16 m. N. E. of
Lincoln and 147 N. of London.

Rajamundry, a town of Hindoostan, capital of
an extensive and fertile district of its name, in the
province of the Circars. The principal riches
consist in teak timber. It is the residence of the
British civil establishment, and is seated on the
Godavery, 35 m. from its mouth and 170 S. W.
of Cicacole. Long. 81. 57. E., lat. 17. 0. N.

Rajapour, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Bejapore, seated at the mouth of a river of
the same name, 6 in. N. of Geriah.

Rajemal, a district of Bengal, separated by a
range of hills from Bahar. It is now annexed to
the collectorship of Boglipore.

Rajemal, a decayed town of Bengal, seated on
the W. bank of the Ganges, 68 m. N. N. W. of

Rakdsburg, a town of tbe Austrian states, in
Stiria, with a considerable trade in wine and
iron. It is a frontier fortress towards Hungary,
and is situate on an island in the river Muer, 36
m. S. E. of Gratz. Long. 15. 58. E., lat. 46. 45.

Rakonitz, a town of Bohemia, capital of a circle
of the same name. Very good beer is brewed
here, and forms the principal article of trade. It
is seated on the Miza, 30 m. W. of Prague.
Long. 14. 0. E., lat. 50.5. N.

Raleigh, the capital of N. Carolina, in Wake
county. It was named after the celebrated Sir
Walter Raleigh, under whose direction the first
settlement in N. America was made at Roanoke
Island. It stands on the Neuse, near the centre
of the state. Here is a large and handsome
statehouse, with several other public buildings.
The remoteness from navigation is its greatest
disadvantage. It is 95 in. W. N. W. of Neubern,
the former capital, and 145 W. S. VV. of Peters-
burg, in Virginia. Long. 78. 52. W., lat. 35. 40.
N. Pop. 1,700.

Raleigh, p.v. Union Co. Ken. on the Ohio.

Ralphsville, a township of Ashtabula Co. Ohio.

Rama, or Ramuia, a decayed town of Palestine,
with many fine ruins of Christian churches, and
other buildings, which attest its former magnifi-
cence. 20 m. W. by N. of Jerusalem.

Ramada, a town of Colombia, in New Granada,
100 m. E. of St. Martha. Long. 72. 20. W., lat.
11.10. N.

Ramagiri, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore,
seated on the W. side of the Arkavvati, with a
strong fort on the opposite bank, on a large rocky
hill, 50 m. N. E. of Seringapatam.

Ramah, p.v. Wilkinson Co. Geo. 33 m. S. Mil

Ramapo, ph. Rockland Co. N. Y. on a small
stream of the same name, running into the Hud-
son, 35 m. N. New York. Pop. 2,337. Here arc
large manufactures of cotton and iron.

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