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RAM    624    RAO

Rambert, St., a town of France, department of
Ain, with a linen manufacture and considerable
iron works ; seated near the river Albeline, 24
m. S. S. E. of Bourg en Bresse

Rambert, St., a town in the de -artment of Loire,
12 rn. S. E. of Montbrison.

Ramberviller, a town in the d partment of Vos-
ges, 30 m. S. E. of Nancy.

Rambouillct, a town in the department.of Seine-
ef.-Oise. Here was a royal palace, which was de-
molished in 1703. 27 m. S. W. of Paris.

Ramery.a town of France, department of Aube,
seated on the river Aube, 13 m. N. E. of Troyes.

Ramillies, a town of the Netherlands, in S. Bra-
bant, memorable for a signal victory obtained by
the duke of Marlborough over the French in
170(5. It is seated at the source of the Geete,
10 m. N. of Natnur and 24 S. E. of Brussels.

Ramiseram, an island in the gulf of Manara, at
the W. end of Adam’s Bridge, and separated from
Marawar, on the continent of Hindoostan by a nar-
row channel. It is 30 m. in circuit; and contains
some beautiful trees, a few villages, and a cela-
farated temple, to which a vast concourse of pil-
grims resort. Long. 79. 22. E., lat. 9. 18. N.

Ramla, a town of Palestine the ancient Arima-
thea, now in a ruinous state. Here is a manufac-
ture of soap, which is sent into all parts of Egypt.
18 m. N. W. of Jerusalem.

Rammekens, a sea-port of Zealand, in the isle of
Walcheren. It was one of the towns put into the
hands of the English as a security for a loan in
xe2x80xa2the reign of queen Elizabeth. 4 m. S. of Middle-
burg. Long. 3. 40. E. lat. 51'. 29. N.

Rammelberg, a lofty and extensive mountain of
Germany, in that part of the Hartz Forest which
lies within the principality of Grubenhagen. On
this mountain are several silver mines ; and at the
foot of it is the city of Goslar.

RamnaA, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a dis-
trict of its name, in the province of Marawar.
Long. 78. 49. E., lat. 21. 28. N.

Ramoo, a town of Bengal, in the district of
Chittagong. Long. 92. 15. E., lat. 6. 26. N.

Rampour, a town of Hindoostan in Dehli, 32 m.
S. of Cossipour and 105 E. of Dehli.

Ramsay, a town of the isle of Man, situate on a
large bay, on the N. E. Coast. The bay affords
good anchorage, but the harbour will only admit
small vessels. Near it is a lighthouse ; and the
entrance of the town is defended by a fort. It is
15 m. N. by E. of Douglas. Lon*. 4. 26. W*. lat.

54. 18. N.

Ramsaysburg, p.v. Sussex Co. N. J.

Ramsey, a town in Huntingdonshire, En*. It
had formerly an extensive abbey, of which only
the ruins of a gateway remain. It is seated in the
fens, near the meres of Ramsay and Wittlesey,
12 m. N. E. of Huntingdon and 69 N. of London.

Ramsey, an island on the coast of Wales, separ-
ated from Pembrokeshire by a narrow channel,
called Ramsey Sound. Near it is a group of dan-
gerous rocks known by the name of the Bishop and
his Clerks, frequented in the breeding season by
vast multitudes of sea-fowls. The island is 2
m. long and one and a quarter broad. 4 m. W.
hy S. of St. David. Lon*. 5. 20. W., lat. 51. 55.


Ramsgate, a sea-port in Kent, En*. in the isle
of Thanet, near the Downs. It was formerly an ob-
scure fishing town, and in the reign of Queen Eliz-
abeth contained only 25 inhabited houses, it has
of late years greJltly increased in size and popula-
tion. The harbour is nearly circular, and has 2
fine stone piers, a dry dock, and a lighthouse.
Ramsgate is a member of the port of Sandwich,
and is much frequented as a bathing place. 17
m. W. by N. of Canterbury and 72 E. S. E. of
London. Long. 1. 24. E., lat 51. 20. N.

Ramteak, a town of Hindoostan, in Berar, held
sacred to Ram, by the Hindoos, who have a tem-
ple here. 18 m. N. N. E. of Nagpour.

Ranai, one of the Sandwich Islands, in the Pa-
cific Ocean, about three leagues W. of Mowee.
The S. part is high and craggy; but the other
parts have a better aspect, and are well inhabited.
It produces very few plantains and bread fruit trees
but abounds in yams, sweet potatoes, and taro.

Randallstoicn, p.v. Baltimore Co. Maryland.

Randallsville, p.v. Robeson Co. N. C.

Randatstoicn, a town of Ireland, in the county
of Antrim, 4 m. W. N. W. of Antrim.

Randeradt, a town of Prussia, province of
Lower Rhine, seated on the River Worm, 10
in. N. VV. of Juliers.

Randers, a town of Denmark, in N. Jutland,
near the mouth of the Gude, 25 m. E. of Wi-

Randolph, a county of the W. District, of Vir-
ginia. Pop. 5,000. Beverly is the capital; a coun-
ty of N. Carolinia. Pop. 12,400. Ashborough is
the capital ; a county of Indiana. Pop. 3,912.
Winchester is the capital; a county of Illinois.
Pop. 4,436. Kaskaskia is the capital.

Randolph, ph. Orange Co. Vt. 35 in. N. Wind
sor. Pop. 2,743; ph. Norfolk Co. Mass. 15 m. S.
Boston. Pop. 2,200; and townships in Morris Co.
N. J. Portage and Montgomery Cos. Ohio.

Rangamatty, a town of Bengal, capital of a dis-
trict of its name, in the collectorsbip of Rungpore.
It has a celebrated pagoda, and stands near the
Burrampootar, on the confines of Assam, and Boo-
tan, 170 m. N. E. of Moorshedabad. Lon*. 90.
8. E., lat. 26. 10. N.

Rangoon, a sea port of Pegu, and the principal
mart for teak timber in the Birman Empire. It
was founded by Alompro, kin* of Birmah, in 1755;
and is the residence of a governor, who lives with-
in the fort. Here is a custom-house, built of
brick, but the wharfs and dwelling-houses are
all constructed of wood. In its neighbourhood
are numerous convents; and 2 m. N. ofthe town,
on a rocky eminence, is a very grand temple,
which is a splendid object at the distance of many
m. Rangoon surrendered to the British,February
1, 1825. It is seated on the most eastern branch of
the Irrawaddy (which hence to the sea is called
the Rangoon, or Syriam River) 18 m. N. of its
mouth and 60 S. of Pegu. Long. 96. 10. E., lat.

26. 48. N.

Rannoch, Loch, a lake of Scotland, in the N.
part of Perthshire, 11 m. in length. It receives
the waters of Loch Ericht from the N., and com-
municates with Loch Tumel on the E. and Loch
Lidoch on the W. On its S. side is a forest of
birch and pine.

Rantampour, a town and fortress of Hindoostan,
capital of a district of its name, in the province of
A*imere. 96. m. E. of Agimere. Long. 76. 57
E” lat. 26. 35. N.

Rantzoic, a town of Denmark, in the duchy of
Holstein, 24 m. N. by W. of Lubec.

Raoleonda, a town of Hindostan, in Visiapour,
near which is a rich diamond mine. 20 m. N. N.
W. of Sollapour.

Raon l, Etape, a town of France, department of
Meurthe, seated at the conflux of the Etape and
Meurthe, 30 m. S. E. of Nancy.


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