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RAT    025    *    RAV

Rapallo, a town of the Sardinian states, in the
province of Genoa, seated on a bay of its name,
16 m. E. S. E. of Genoa.    

Raphoe, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Donegal, and a bishop’s see. The cathedral serves
as a parish church. 11 m. S. W. of Londonderry
and 21 N. E. of Donegal.

Rapid Ann, a river of Virginia flowing into the
Rappahanoc 10 m. above Fredericksburg.

Rapides, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 7,559.
Alexandria is the capital.

Raphoe, t. Lancaster Co. Pa.

RapoUa, a town of Naples, in Basilicata 5 m.
W. of Venosa.

Rappahannoe, a river of Virginia, which rises
in the mountains called the Blue Ridge, and flows
bv Falmouth, Fredericsburg, Portroyal, Leeds.
Tappahannoc, and Urbanna, into Chesapeak Bay.

Rappersehweil, a town of Switzerland, in the
canton of Zurich, seated on a neck of land that
advances into the lake of Zurich, over which is
a wooden bridge, 1,850 feet long It is 18 m. S.
E. of Zurich and 20 N. AV. of Glaris.

Rapps, a town of Austria, on the river Teya, 8
m. N. by W. ofHorn.

Raritan, a river of New Jersey, which runs by
Brunswick and Amboy into Arthur Kull Sound,
and helps to form the fine harbour of Amboy. A
canal is in progress from this river to the Del-
aware at Lamberton. It will be 38 m. long, 75
feet wide and 7 feet deep.

Rxiscia, the eastern division of Sclavonia, water-
ed by the river Rasca, which runs into the Mo-
rave. The inhabitants are called Rascians.

Raseborg, a seaport of Sweden, capital of a can-
ton in Nyland. It is seated on the gulf of Fin-
land, 37 m. S. E. of Abo. Long. 23. 18. E.. lat,
60. 16. N.

Rastadt, a town of Germany, in Baden, with a
noble castle. In 1714 a treaty was negociated
here between the French and Austrians ; and in
1796 the former defeated the latter near this place.
It is seated on the Merg, near the Rhme, 5. m. N.
E. of Baden and 24 S. W. of Philipsburg.

Rastenburg, a fortified town of E. Prussia, with
a castle, seated on the small river Guber, 50 m.
S. E. of Konigsberg.

Ratenau, a town of Prussia, in Brandenburg,
seated on the Havel, 15 m. N. by W. of Branden-

Rotibor, a town of Prussian Silesia, formerly
the capital of a principality of the same name,
a castle. The cathedral and town-house
are worthy of notice. It is seated in the Oder,
15 m. N. E. of Troppau and So S. S. E. of Breslau.

Rntisbon. a strong city of Bavaria, and the see
xc2xbbf an archbishop, transferred from Mentz to this
place in 1795. The abbey of St. Emmeran con-
the relies of St. Denys, a valuable library,
and a
fine collection of mathematical instruments,
town-house is magnificent, and in its hall
general diets of the empire used to meet.
Ralisbos has a great trade in salt, for which it is
a depot, anil sends large quantities of corn and
to Vsertu*. In 1509 a battle was fought in
the vicinity between the Austrians and French, in
the latter were victorious. It has an an-
cient bridge
of 15 arches over the Danube, and
on the S. side of that river, at the influx
of the
Regen, 6 m. N. bv E. of Munich and 195
W. by N.
of Vienna. Ldh. 12. 6. E., lat. 48.58. N.

Rat oath, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Meath, 12 m. E.
of Trim and 12 N. W. of Dub-

















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Ratmansdwf, a town of the Austrian states ra
Carniola with a castle, 20 m. S. by W. of Clag-

Ratsha, or Ratska, a town and fortress of Scla-
vonia on the N. side of the Save, opposite the in-
flux of the Drin, 30 m. S. W. of Peterwaradin.

Rattan. See Ruatan.

R'lttenberg, a fortified town of the Austrian
states, in Tyrol, with a citadel. In its vicinity
are copper mines, which also yield some silver.
It is situate on the Inn, 26 m. E. N. E. of In-
spruck and 44 S.W. of Salzburg.

Ratzeburg, a fortified town of Germany, capi-
tal of a principality, subject to the duke of Meck-
lenburg-Strelitz. It is seated on an island, in
the midst of a lake, 30 m. in circumference. The
buildings are of brick, and almost every house is
shaded with a tree. From the lake of Ratzeburg
issues the river Waknitz, which joins the Trave
near Lubec. Ratzeburg is noted for its excellent
beer, and is 14 m. S. by E. of Lubec and 22 S. of
Lauenburg. Lon. 10. 52. E.. lat 53. 43. N.

Raubsville, p. v. Northampton Co. Pa.

Raudnitz, a town and castle of Bohemia, seated
on the Elbe, 20 m. N. of Prague.

Raumo, a town of Russia, in Finland, 20 m. S.
of Biorneburg and 55 N. by W. of Abo.

Rauschenberg, a town of Germany, in Hesse-
Casseh 7 m. N. N. E, of Marburg and 32 S. S.
W. of Cassel.

Rauvee. or Ravey, a river of Hindoostan, one of
the five E. branches of the Indus. It rises in La-
hore, on the borders of Thibet, flows by the city of
Lahore to Touloinba, in the country of Moultan,
and 25 m. below joins the Chunaub. The Rauvee
is the Hydraotes of Alexander.

Ravd-'o. a town of Naples, in Principato Citra,
and a bishop’s see, 10 m. W. of Salerno and 25 S.
E. of Naples.

Ravcngiass, a sea-port in Cumberland, Eng. It
stands on an inlet of the Irish Sea, between the
Mite and Esk, which, with the Irt, run into this
inlet, and form a good harbour ; but, the adjacent
country furnishing little for exportation, its chief
trade is in oysters. 2 m. from the town, on the
S. side of the Esk, are ruins of 3 m- in circumfer-
ence, called the city of Burnscar, of which no
historical documents appear to exist. Raven-
glass is 16 m. S. S. E. of Whitehaven, and 279
N. N. W. London. Lon. 3. 30. W., lat. 64.

22. N.

Ravenna, a city of Italy, in the states of t.'e
church, and an archbishop’s see, with several
colleges, a great number of religious houses, and
a ruinous citadel. It has a celebrated harbour,
but the sea has gradually withdrawn 4 tn. from
the town. Theodoric, king of the Goths, resid-
ed here, and afterwards the exarchs of the
Greek emperors. The mausoleum of Theodoric
is still to be seen, and is covered by a single
stone, 21 feet in diameter and 15 thick. Ra-
venna is seated on the river Mantone, 37 m. S. E.
of Ferrara and 162 N. of Rome. Long. 12. 5
E., lat. 44. 25. N.

Ravenna, ph. Portage Co. Ohio 135 m. N. E
Columbus. Pop. 806.

Ruvensberg, a town of Prussian Westphalia,
capital of a county of its name, now included In
the government of Minden. 36 m. S. W. of

Rwvensburg, a town of Germany, in Wirtem-
burg, with a considerable trade, particularly in pa-
per; seated on the Cheus, 18 m. N. of Lindau.

, Ravenstein, a town of the Netherlands, in N
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