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battering-ram; and in the vicinity are many pa-
per and powder mills. It is seated on the Echetz.
near the Neckar, 17 m. S. of Stutgard.

Revel, a town of France, department of Upper
Garonne, near the canal of Languedoc, 27 m. S.
E. of Toulouse.

Revel, a government of Russia. See Esthonia.

Revel, a sea-port of Russia, capital of the gov-
ernment of Esthonia, and a bishop’s see. It is
surrounded by high walls and deep ditches, and
defended by a castle and good bastions. The
houses are well built, and have fine gardens. It
is become a place of great trade, since the Rus-
sians obtained possession of it in 1710; and
there are two great fairs, in May and September,
frequented by English and Dutch merchants. It
is seated on the gulf of Finland, partly in a
pleasant plain and partly on a mountain, 160 m.
N. by E. of Riga and 220 W. by S. of Peters-
burgh. Long. 24. 17. E., lat. 59. 18. N.

Revello, a town of the Sardinian states, in Pied-
mont, seated near the Po, on the top of a moun-
tain, fortified by nature and art, 8 m. N. W. of

Revero, a town of Austrian Italy, in the Man-
tuan, seated on the Po, opposite Ostiglia, 20 m.
S. E. of Mantua.

Revin, a town of France, department of Ar-
dennes, seated on the river Meuse, 6 m. E. of

Revolution Isle, a group of islands in the Pacific
Ocean, to the N. W. of the Marquesas, of which
they may be deemed a continuation. They were
discovered in 1791. The most considerable are
Baux and Marchand. The latter is about 15 m.
in circuit, and was taken possession of, in the
name of the French nation, by captain Marchand.
Long. 140. 5. W., lat. 0. 21. S.

Reivah, a town of Hindoostan, in the province
of Allahabadk the residence of a Hindoo chief,
tributary to the British, 57 m. S. S. W. of Alla-

Reioari, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a dis-
trict in the province of Dehli. It is the residence
of a chief, tributary to the British, and is seated
on the Sadi, 55 m. S. W. of Dehli. Long. 76.

52. E., lat. 28. 13. N.

Reynoldsburgh, p.v. Humphreys Co. Ten. on the
Tennessee, 83 m. W. Nashville.

Rhamanie, a town and fort of Egypt, on the
VV. branch of the Nile, where the canal of Alex-
andria enters that river. It is 25 m. above Ro-
setta and 58 E. S. E. of Alexandria.

Rhayadergwy, a town of Wales, in Radnor-
shire. It is situate on the Wye, where there was
formerly a cataract, which is now destroyed, and
a neat bridge erected ; and an eminence near it
is the site of an ancient castle, of which no ruins
remain. In the neighbourhood are lead and cop-
per mines. 19 m. W. N. W. of New Radnor and
178 of London.

Rhea, a county of E. Tennessee. Pop. 8,182.
Washington is {he capital.

Rheatoicn, p.v. Green Co. Ten.

Rkeda a town of Prussian Westphalia, 10 m. N.
of Lipstadt.

Rheims, a city ofFrance, department of Marne,
and an archbishop’s see. The inhabitants are es-
timated at 40,000. The principal church, built
before the year406, is a very beautiful structure;
and that of St. Nicaise is remarkable for its fine
architecture. Behind the high altar of the church
of St. Remy, the corpse of that archbishop is pre-
served in a magnificent shrine. The kings of

France have been successively crowned at
Rheims ; probably because Clovis, the founder
of the French monarchy, when converted from
paganism, was baptized in the cathedral here, in
the year 496. The remains of an amphitheatre,
a castle, and a triumphal arch, are among the
ancient monuments of the Romans. Rheims is
long and narrow, and the houses are low. Here
are manufactures of flannel, coverlets, and other
wofleh stuffs. The city was taken and retaken
several times, by the French and allied armies,
in 1814. It is seated in a plain, surrounded by
hills that produce excellent wine, on the river
Vesse, 62 m. N. of Troyes and 75 N. E. of Paris.
Long. 4. 2. E., lat. 49. 15. N.

Rhein, a town of Prussia, with a large fortified
castle, seated on a lake, 75 m. S. E. of Konigs-
berg. Long. 21.38. E., lat. 53. 48. N.

Rheinau, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Thurgau, with an abbey, on an island formed
by the Rhine, 5 m. S. S. W. of Schaffhausen.

Rkeinbaeh, or Rhynbach, a town of the Prussian
states, in the province of Cleves and Berg, 20
m. S. of Cologne.

Rheinberg, a town of the Prussian states in the
government of Cleves, seated near the Rhine,
13 m. E. of Gelders, and 4 N. by W of Cologne.

Rkeine. a town of Prussian Westphalia, seat-
ed on the Ems, 18 m. W. N. W. of Osnaburg.

Rheineck, a town of Germany, seated on the
Rhine, 16 m. N. W. of Coblentz.

Rheineck, a town of Franconia, capital of a
county of the same name, with a castle on the
river Sinn, 25 m. N. by W. ot Wurtzburg.

Rheineck, a town of Switzerland, capital of the
Rheinthal, in the canton of St. Gall, with a cas-
tle, seated on the Rhine, 25 m. S. E. of Con

Rheinfelden, a town of Germany, in Baden, the
best of the four Forest-towns; seated on the
Rhine, over which is a bridge, 8 m. E. of Basel.

Rheinfels, a strong fortress of Germany, in the
Prussian states. It is one of the most important
places on the Rhine, and stands on a stupendous
craggy rock, at the foot of which is the fortified
town of St. Goar. It was taken by the French
in 1794.16 m. S. of Coblentz.

Rheinmagen, a town of the Prussian states, in
the government of Coblentz, situate on the Rhine
19 m. N. W. of Coblentz.

Rheinthal, a district of Switzerland, in the can-
ton of St. Gall, lying along the Rhine. It is a
fertile valley, 30 m. long and from 3 to 8 broad,
and produces excellent wine. Rheineck is the

Rheinzaburn, a town ofFrance, department of
Lower Rhine, seated on the Erlbach, 10 m. S. E.
of Landau.

Rhena, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Mecklenburg, on the river Radegast, 14 m. E. S
E. of Lubec.

Rhenen, a town of the Netherlands, in the prov-
ince of Utrecht, seated on the Rhine, 20 m. S .E.
of Utrecht.

Rhine, a great and remarkable river of Europe,
which rises in Switzerland, in the canton of Gri-
sons. It is formed of three streams, the Further
Rhine from the head of the valley of Disentis ; the
Middle Rhine from the valley Medelo, and ap-
pendage of St. Gothard ; and the Hither or L"p-
per Rhine from the mount Avicula. The first two
torrents united take the name of Lower Rhine
which receives the Upper Rhine at Richenau ; ana
the height is here about 6,180 feet above the sea.
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