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and on the W. that of St. Jago, together with
the capital.




Rio Janeiro, one of the richest provinces of
Brazil, lying near the tropic of Capricorn, on a
river of the same name. It produces cotton
sugar, coffee, cocoa, pepper, indigo, and tobacco,
with abundance of fruit and garden-stuff, but no
bread-corn ; so that the people here have no
wheat-flour but what is brought from Portugal.
As a suceedaneum for bread, there are yams and
cassada in plenty. The riches of the country
consist in its mines of gold, and in precious stones.
The latter are found in such plenty that a cer-
tain quantity only is allowed to be collected in
a year, which is sometimes obtained in less than
a month. St. Sebastian is the capital.

Riobamba, a province of Quito, 9 m. long and
4 broad, adjoining that of Latacunga, on the N.
It produces abundance of sugar-cane, wheat,
maize, bnley, and various fruits. Cattle are nu-
merous, and from the wool of the lama the in-
habitants manufacture stockings, cloth. &c.

Riobamba, the capital of the foregoing province,
is situate at the extremity of an extensive valley.
The productions and manufactures of its district
are superior to any other in Quito; and in some
parts of it are very rich mines of gold and silver.
It is 98 m. S. by W. of Quito. Long. 77. 20. W.,
lat. 1. 33. S.

Riom, a town of France, department of Puy de
Dome, seated on a hill, 8 m. N. E. of Clermont and
115 S. of Paris.

Rioni, or Phasis, a considerable river of Asia
which rises in Georgia, forms the S. boundary of
Mingrelia, and enters the Black Sea.

Rions, a town of France department of Gironde,
seated on the Garonne, 13 m. S. E. ofBourdeaux.

Ripa Transone, a town of Italy, in the papal
states, 8 m. S. of Fermo.

Ripen, a sea-port of Denmark, in N. Jutland,
capital of a diocese of the same name, with a cas-
tle, two colleges, and a public library. The tombs
of several kings of Denmark are in the cathedral,
which is a verv handsome structure. The harbour
is at a small distance, at the mouth of the Gram,
in a country which supplies the best beeves in
Denmark. It is Go m. N. W. of Sleswick and 78
S. by W. of Wiburg. Long. 3. 40. E., lat. 55.23.

Ripley, a town in W. Yorkshire, Engjprincipally
noted for its castle, the ancient seat ofuhe Ingilby
family ; seated on the river Nyd,23 m. W. N. W
of York and 211 N. by W. ofLondon.

Ripley, a county of Indiana. Pop. 3,957. Ver-
sailles is the capital.

Ripley, ph. Somerset Co. Me. Pop. 044 ; ph.
Chatauque Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,647; ph. Brown
Co. Ohio on the Ohio. 50 m. amove Cincinnati;
ph. Bond Co. Illinois, 20 nl E. Edwardsville.

Rippon.a borough in W. Yorkshire, Eng. In its
neighbourhood is the celebrated park of Studley,
including the venerable remains of Fountain Ab-
bey. Rippon was once famous for its religious
houses ; it has a collegiate church, a new church
erected in 1827, four meeting-houses, a free school
and several other excellent charitable institutions.
Its noted manufacture of spurs has long since de-
clined, and at present the principal manufactures
are linens snd saddle-trees, and a considerable var-
nish manufacture. The market-place is one of the
finest squares ofthe kind in England. It is seated
near the Ure, over which is a handsome bridge of
17 arches, 28 m. N. N. W. of York and 209 N. N.
W. of London.

Ripraps, a shoal at the mouth of James’s river
at its entrance into the Chesapeak. An island
has been formed here by sinking stones in the
water, and a strong fort erected upon it which
commands the entrance of the river.

Riquier, St,' a town of- France, department of
Somme, seated on the Cardon, 24 m. N. W. of

Risbroug, a town in Buckinghamshire, Eng.
20 m.S. of Aylesbury and 37 W. N. W. of London

Rising Sun, p.v. Cecil Co. Maryl. 18 m. S.
W. Washington; p.v. Dearborn Co. Ind. on the
/Ohio, 13 m. below tho Great Miami.

Risonville, p.v. Nottaway Co. Va. 76 m. S. W.

Ristigouche, a river of New Brunswick, falling
into Chaleur Bay, in the gulf of St. Lawrence.

Rittenbouse, p.v. Lancaster Co. Pa.

RltzeneuWe, the chief place of a bailiwic of the
same name belonging to the city of Hamburg,
witb a castle ; seated half a mile S. of Cuxhaven
and 54 m. W. N. W. of Hamburg.

Riva, a town of Germany, in the principality
of Trent, on the river Riva, at its entrance into
the lake Garda, 17 m. S. W. of Trent.

Rita, a town of Austrian Italy, in the Valte-
line, seated on the N. end of the lake Como, 8 m.
S. of Chiavenna.

Rivalla, a town of Piedmont, situate on the
Sangeon, 8 rn. N. N. E. of Turin.

Rivalta, a town of Austrian Italy, situate on
the lake of Mantua, 5 m. W. of Mantua.

Rivannn, a river of Virginia flowing into Jame?
River near Columbia.

Rivarolo, a town of Piedmont, situate on the
Oreo, 15 m. N. ofTurin.

River Bank, pv. Orange Co. Va. 100 m. N.

River Head, p.v. New London Co. Conn. also
a township of Suffolk Co. N. Y. on Long Island
Pop. 2,016.

Rivesaltes, a town of France, department of
Eastern Pyrenees, seated on the Egly, 3 m. N. ol
Perpignan.    *

Ricoli, a town of Piedmont, with a magnifi-
cent castle, 9 m. AV. ofTurin.

Rirali, a small town of Austrian Italy, near
which Bonaparte obtained one of the most re-
markable of bis victories in January, 1797. It is
seated on the Adige, 12 m. N. W. Verona.

Rivolo, or Rolo, a town of Italy, in Modena
between Novellara and Mirandola.

Rixeyville, p.v. Culpeper Co. Va. 67 m. S
W. Washington.

Roa, a town of Spain in the province of Burgos
with a castle, and a splendid mansion belonging
to the counts of Sizuela. It is situate on the
Duero, 25 m. N. by E. of Segovia.

Roane, a county of E. Tennessee. Pop. 7,89c
Kingston is the capital.

Roanne, a town of France, department of Loire
seated on the Loire, where it begins to be navi
gable for barks. Hence the merchandise of Ly-
ons is conveyed to Paris, Orleans, Nantes, &e
45 m. W. N. W. of Lyons and 210 S. S. E. ol
Paris. Lon. 3. 58. E., lat. 46. 4. N.

Roanoke, an island of N. Carolina, on the S.
side of Albermarle Sourd, famous as the place
where Sir Walter Raleigh made the first Brit-
ish settlement in N. America.

Roanoke, a river of the United States, formed
by the junction ofthe Staunton and Dan, in the
S. part of Virginia. It is subject to inundations,
and on account of the falls is navigable for smal.

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