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ROC    635    ROC

Craft only, about 60 or 70 m. It enters, by sever-
al mouths, into the S. W. part of Albermarle

Roanoke, p.v. Mecklenburg Co. Va. 150 m. S.
W”. Richmond.

Robben Island, sometimes called Penguin Island
ft barren sandy island, near the Cape of Good
Hope, at the entrance into False Bay Long. 18.

22. Fi., lat. 33. 50. S.

Ribbinstown, ph. Washington Co. Me. on Pas-
samaquoddy Bay, opposite St. Andrews. Pop. 616.

Robestoicn, p.v. Westmoreland Co. Pa.

Robel, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Meeklenburg-Strelitz, seated on the lake Muritz,
24 m. W. of Strelitz.

> Robert Bay, a capacious bay of the island of
Martinico, formed by two points called that of
the E. part of La Rosa, and that of the W. part
of Los Galeones.

Robertson, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop.
13,302. Springfield is the capital.

Robertson’s Fork, p.v. Giles Co. Ten.

RohertsviUe,p.v. Bennington Co. Vt. Ill m. S.
W. Montpelier; p.v. Beaufort Co, S. C.

Robeson, a county of N. Carolina. Pop. 9,355.
Lumberton is the capital; also townships in
Washington and Berks Cos. Pa.

Robin Hood, p.v. Philadelphia Co. Pa.

Robin Hood Bay , a bay on the coast of York-
shire, Eng. between Scarborough and Whitby,
about one mile broad. Here is a village of fish-
ermen, who supply the city of York, and the
adjacent country, with all sorts of fish in their
season. 6 in. S. E. of Whitbv. Long. 0. 10.
lat. 54.25. N.

Robinson, a township of Alleghany Co. Pa.

Roca Cape, a cape of Portugal, the most west-
ern extremity of Europe. On its summit is a
remarkable monastery, said to be 3,000 feet above
the sea ; and on the E. of the mountain is a sum-
mer palace, of Moorish architecture. Here is al-
so a small vineyard, that of Carcavella, yielding
a peculiar grape ; and the environs supply most
of the fruits and greens used at Lisbon. This
cape is called generally, by the English sailors,
the rock of Lisbon. Long. 9. 36. W., lat. 38.

42. N.

Rocamadour, a town of France, department of
Lot, 23 in. N. of Cahors.

Rocella, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ul-
tra, near which is a coral fishery, 10 m. N. E. of

Rochdale, a town in Lancashire, Eng. with
considerable manufactures of baize, flannels,
sereins, and other woolen goods; also calicoes,
strong cotton goods, and hats. A canal from
Manchester passes hence to the Calder naviga-
tion, near Halifax. The manor of Rochdale was
held for the last three centuries by the Byrons,
but in 1823 was sold by lord Byron, the celebrat-
ed poet, to James Dearden, Esq. The town is
seated on the river Roch, at the foot of the York-
shire hills, 11 m. N. by E. of Manchester and 197
N. N. W. of London.

Roche, a town of the Sardinian states, in Savoy
seated near a large rock on the river Borne, 12
m. N. E. of Annecy.

Roche, or Rochefort en Ardennes, a town of the
Netherlands, in the province of Luxemburg, with
a strong castle- seated on a rock, near the river Our-
te, 22 m. S. of Liege and 32 N Wr. of Luxem-

Rocee Beaueour, a town of France, department
of Dordogne 22 m. N. W. of Perigueux.

Roche Bernard, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Morbihan, on the ^ilaine, 22 m. S.
E. of Vannes.

Roche Guyon, a town of France, department of
Seine-et Oise, on the river Seine, 21 m. W. of

Roche Posay, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Vienne, with a mineral spring, seated on
the Creuse, 32 m. E. N. E. of Poitiers.

Roche sur Yonne, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Vendee, 20 m. N. W. of Lucon.

Rocheehouaxt,a town of France, m the depart-
ment of Upper Vienne, with a castle on a moun-
tain, 18 m. VV. of Limoges.

Rochefort, a sea-port of France, department of
Lower Charente, with a commodious harbour,
one of the most famous in France. The streets
are broad and straight; and the houses low, but
regular. It has a magnificent hospital, the finest
hall of arms in France, a noble arsenal, a foundry
for cannon, and all the other magazines necessa-
ry for the construction and equipment of ships of
war. It stands on the Charente, 15 m. from its
mouth, which is defended by several forts. 18
m. S. S. E. of Rochelle and 127 S. W. of Paris.
Long. 0.58. W. lat. 45. 56. N.

Rochefort, a town of France, in the department
of Jura, on the river Doubs, 6 m. N. E. of Dole
and 22 W. S. W. of Besancon.

Rochefort, a town of France, in department of
Maine-et-Loire, on the river Loiret, 10 m. S. S.
W. of Arigers.

Rochefort, a town of France in the department
of Puy de Dome, 17 m. S. W. of Clermont.

Rochefoucault, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Charente, seated on the Tardoire, 12 rn.
N. E. of Angouleme.

Rochelle, a fortified sea-port of France, capital
of the department-*of Lower Charente, and a
bishop’s see. The houses are supported by piaz
zas, and the haven is surrounded by a prodigious
mole, 4,482 feet in extent. The inhabitants carry
on a considerable trade, especially in wine, bran-
dy, sugar, salt paper, linen, and serges. Rochelle
was the birth-place of Reaumur, the celebrated
naturalist. It is seated in a plain at the bottom
of a small gulf of the Atlantic, 78 m. S. by E. of
Nantes and 330 S. W. of Paris. Long. 1 10. W.,
lat. 46. 9. N.

Rochemaurj a town of France in the depart
ment of Ardeche, seated on the Rhone, 8 m. N.
N. E. of Viviers.

Roche Pereee, a town in Howard Co. Missouri.

Rochester, a city in Kent, Eng its castle, now
in ruins, once rendered it of great importance;
and here also are some remains of a priory.
Rochester is a bishop s see and has, besides the
cathedral, two parish-churches.

Rochester, ph. Strafford Co. N. H. 25 m. N. W,
Portsmouth. Pop. 2,155 ; ph. Windsor Co. Vt.
35 m. N. W. Windsor. Pop. 1,392; ph. Plymouth
Co. Mass. 48 m. S. Boston. Pop. 3,556; ph. Uls-
ter Co. N. Y. 84 m. S. W. Albany. Pop. 2,440.

Rochester, ph. Monroe Co. N. Y. on the Gene-
see river, is a place of great trade and opulence,
and astonishingly rapid growth. It was founded
in 1812, and is already the fourth town in the
state in point of numbers; it is also the empori-
um of the western parts. It stands upon the
great canal, 7 m. from Lake Ontario, with a ship
navigation by Genesee river within 2 m. of the
town, communication with New York, Quebec
and'the great lakes. Rochester contains 2,000
buildings, and the streets are handsome and regu*


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