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was opened, in which vessels of 360 tons burden
may safely ride. 63 S. E. of London.

Rye, a township of Rockingham Co. N. H. on
the coast, 4 m. S. Portsmouth. Pop. 1,172 , ph.
Westchester Co. N. Y. on Long Island Sound,
18 m. N. E. N. Y. Pop. 1,602. Townships of Perry
and Cumberland Cos. Pa.

Ryegate, ph. Caledonia Co. Vt. on the Con-
22 m. E. Montpelier. Pop. 1,119.

Ryegate, a borough in Surrey, Eng. Here was
formeily a castle built in the time of the Saxons,
and called Holms Castle; some ruins of it are to be
seen, particularly a long vault, with a room at the
end, where, it is said, the barons, who took up
arms against king John, held their private meet-
ings. The market-house was formerly a chapel,
dedicated to Thomas a Becket. 21 S. W. of

Rymenaut, a town of the Netherlands, in Bra-
bant, on the Dyle, 5 m. E. of Mechlin.

Ryssen, a town of the Netherlands, in Overvs
sel, on the river Regge, 16 m. E. N. E. of De-

Ryswick, a town of S. Holland, remarkable for
a treaty concluded in 1697 between England,

Germany, Holland, France, and Spain. It is
seated between Hague and Delft. 30 m. S. W.
of Amsterdam.

Rzeczica, a town of Bohemia, 52 m. S. E. of    ft


Rzemien, a town of Poland, in the palatinate of
Sandomir, 36 m. S. S. W. of Sandomir.

Rzeva, a town of the Russian empire, and capi-
tal of a province of the same name, situate on the
Volga, near its source.

Rzeseow, a well built town of Austrian Poland,
capital of a circle of its name, with a brisk trade
in corn and peltry, situate on the Wisloka, 80 in.

E. of Cracow, 70 W. of Lemberg.

SAABA, a kingdom of Negroland, with a cap-
ital of the same name, W. of Tombuctoo, on the
river Senegal.    *    *

Saada, or Saade, a strong town of Arabia, in
Yemen, and the residence of a sheik. It has a
custom-house, which brings in a considerable
revenue ; and manufacturers of Turkey, leather.
140 m. W. N. W of Sanaa. Long. 44. 55. E.,
lat. 17. 50. N

Saalfeld, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Saxe-Coburg, with a mint, a mine office, and
manufactures of cloth, and of gold and silk stuffs.
On an eminence near the town stands the once
celebrated and princely abbey of St. Peter. In
1806 prince Louis Ferdinand, of Prussia, was
killed here in a skirmish with the French, it
stands on the Saale, 34 m. N. N. E. of Coburg, 46
S. W. of Altenburg. Long. 11. 32. E., lat. 50.
41. N.

Saalfeld, a town of E. Prussia, on the lake
Mebing, 23 m. S. E. of Marienborg.

Saar, a town of Moravia, in the circle of Brunn,
on the confines of Bohemia, 42 m. N. W. of

Snar-Louis, a town of Prussia, province of
Lower Rhine, ceded by France in 1815. It is
situate on a peninsula formed by the Sarre, 34
m. E. ofThionville

Saarmund, a town of Prussia, in Brandenburg,
6 m S. of Potsdam.

Saatz, a town of Bohemia, capital of a circle of
the same name, which contains some of the best
eorn-land in Bohemia, and yields hops of the best
quality. The town is seated on the Eger, 48 m.
W. N. W. of Prague.

Saba, a fertile island of the W. Indies, 12 m. in
circumference, inhabited by a few Dutch families,
almost all shoemakers. The island was taken by
the English in 1781, in 1801, and in 1810. It has
no port, and lies a little to the W. of St. Christo-
pher. Long. 63. 17. W., lat. 17. 39. N.

Sahanja, a town of Natolia. Here all the roads
from Asia to Constantinople meet. It is situate
Oh a lake which abounds in fish, 60 m. E. N. E.
of Bursa, 62 E. S. E. of Constantinople. Long.

29. 40. E., lat. 40. 30. N.

Sabatz, or Saboaz, a town and fortress of Servia,
taken hy the Austrians in 1719. It is situate on
the Drave, 22 m. S. of Peterwardein and 28 W
of Belgrade.


























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Sabi. See Xavier.

Sabia, a kingdom on tbe E. coast of Africa,
bounded on the N. by Sofala, E. by the Mosam-
bique Channel, S. by unknown regions, and W.
by Manica. The country is fertile and populous,
is crossed, by a;river of the same name, has mines
of gold, and many elephants. Manbona is the

Sabie, a sea-port of Denmark, on the E. coast
of N. Jutland, at the mouth of a river of the same
name, 23 m. N. N. E. of Alburg. Long. 10. 18.
E , lat. 57. 20. N.

Sabina, a province of Italy, in the Pope’s do-
minions. 25 m. long and 20 broad; bounded by
the Tiber, the Teverone, the duchy of Spoleto,
and the Neapolitan frontier. It is watered by
several small rivers, and abounds in oil and wine.

Sabina, p.v. Richland Co. Ohio.

Sabine, a river of N. America rising in the pro-
vince of Texas in lat. 32. 40. N. and flowing S. E.
into the Gulf of Mexico. It forms the boundary
between Texas and Louisiana. It is 320 m. in
length ; near its mouth it expands into a lake, 3C
m. long and 8 in breath.

Sabioncclla, a town of Austrian Dalmatia, situ-
ated on the extremity of a peninsula, to which it
gives name. This peninsula runs a considerable
way into the Atlantic, having the island of Lesia
on the N. and those of Curzola and Melidaon the

S., all separated by a narrow channel. The town
is 45 m. N. W. of Ragusa. Long. 17. 40. E., lat.
43. 20. N.

Sabionctta, a town of Austrian Italy, formerly
capital of a principality of its name, with a strong
citadel. 20 m. E. of Cremona.

Sable, a town of France, department of Sarte,
near which are some quarries of black marble. It
is seated on the Sarte, 25 m. N. E. of Angers.

Sable, Cape, the most southerly point of Nova
Scotia, near which is a fine cod fishery. Long
65. 39. W7., lat. 43. 23. N.

Sable, a river of N. Y. falling into L. Cham-
plain. There is a fall of 80 feet upon this river
at Chesterfield.

Sable, an island in the Atlantic 90 m. S. E.
Cape Breton. Lat. 44. 5. N. Long. 60 W. It is


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