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SAF    647    SAG

30 m. in length and is little more than a heap of

Sables d'Olonnc, a town of France, department
of Vendee, with a port capable of containing ves-
sels of 150 tons. It is seated on the Bay of Bis-
cay, 40 m. WT. of Fontenay le Compe. Long. 1.
50. W., lat. 40. 26. S.

Sublestan, a mountainous province of Persia,
little known to Europeans. Bost is the capital.

Sacarappa, p.v. Cumberland Co. Me. 4 m. N.

Sacai. a city and sea-port of Japan, in the isl-
and of Niphon, with several castles, temples, and
palaces, and a mountain on one side, which serves
as a rampart. 43 m. S. by V/. of Meaco. Long.
136. 5. E., Jat. 34. 58. N.

Smhsenberg, a town of Germany, county of
Waldeck, 10 m. S. W. of Waldec.k.

Sachsenhagcn, a town of Germany, in the prin-
cipality of Schauenburg, 13 m. W. of Hanover.

Sncksenhauscn, a town of Germany, making
part of Frankfort on the Maine. It is situate xc2xab*n
the S. side of the river, and communicates with
the rest of the city by a stone bridge.

Sachsenhausen, a town of Germany, county of
Waldeck, 6 m. N. W. of Waldeck.

Saehsenheim, a town in the kingdom of Wurtem-
berg, 12 m. N. N. W. of Stutgard.

Sachet's Harbour, a town of New York, in Jef-
ferson county, with one of the best harbours in
the state. It has a dock-yard, with large store-
houses, antj is strongly defended by forts and bat-
teries. It is seated at the mouth of' Black River,
on Hungry Bay, at the E. end of Lake Ontario,
176 m. N. W. of Albany. It was the chief naval
station on the lake during the war of 1812.

Saco, a river rising in the Notch of the White
Mountains in New Hampshire and flowing S. E.
through Maine into the sea. It has falls hear its

Saco, ph. York Co. Me. at the mouth of the
above river. It is a port of entry and has several
manufactories and a large trade in lumber. Pop.

Sacondago, a river of N. Y. flowing into the
Hudson at Jessup’s Falls.

Sacrament, St., a town of S. America, in Buenos
Ayres, settled by the Portuguese, but taken in
1777 by the Spaniards. It stands on the river
Plata, nearly opposite Buenos Ayres, 100 m. W.
by N. of Monte Video.

Saci apatmn, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore,
on the Cavery, 73 m. N. W. of Seringapatam.
Long. 75. 52. E , lat. 13. 6. N.

Saddleback, a mountain in Cumberland, Eng.
so called from its form. It is upwards of 3,000
feet above the level of the sea; and on one side
is an immense cavity, once the crater of a volca-
no, at the bottom of which is a lake about 20
acres in dimension. 5 in. E. N. E. of Keswick.

Saddle Mountain, an eminence in Williamstown
and Adams, Berkshire Co. Mass. It is 4,000 feet
in elevation, and is the highest mountain in
Massachusetts It consists of a ridge, 6 m. in
length with 2 summits.

Sadras, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic,
on the coast, near the mouth of the Paliar. A
little to the N. are seven pagodas, hollowed out
of a solid rock. 38 m. S. of Madras.

Sadsoury, townships in Chester, Crawford and
Lancaster Cos. Pa.

Safji, a strong sea-port of Morocco, with a castle.
It was long the centre of the commerce carried
on with Europe, but now has little trade. 16 m.

S. of Cape Cantm. Long. 8. 58 W., lat. 32
28. N.

Sagan, a town of Prussian Silesia, capital of a
principality of the same name. It has double
walls, a fine palace, a priorv of the Augustine or-
der, a Lutheran school, ana good cloth manufac-
tures ; and is seated on the Bober, 80 m. N. W
of Breslau. Long. 15. 22. E., lat. 51. 42. N.

Sagar, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore, with
,a considerable trade in pepper, betelnut, and
sandal wood. It stands on the Varada, near its
soiirce, 25 m. N. of Nagara.

Sagara, a celebrated mountain of Greece (the
ancient Helicon), a few m. N. of the gulf of
Corinth. It has a village of its name, formerly
called Ascras, noted as the birth-place of Hesiod.
From its summit may be seen great part of

Sagg Harbour, a sea-port of New York, in Suf-
folk county, at the E. end of Long Island. The
whale fishery from this place produces 1,000 bar-
rels of oil annually. 12 m. N. W. of Southamp-
ton, 87 E. of New York.

Sagadahoc, a river of Maine falling into the
Androscoggin at Rumford. This name was an-
ciently applied to the eastern part of Maine.

Saginaw Bay, an arm of Lake Huron in Mich
igan Territory; it receives the waters of a river
of the same name.

Saginaw, a town of Michigan Territory on the
above river.

Saghalien, or Amour, a river of Chinese Tartary
which rises near the Yablonoi mountains, where
it is first known by the names of Kerlon and Ar-
gun, and forms part of the boundary between
Siberia and Eastern Tartary, where it leceives
the Schilka, and takes its present name. It then
takes a circuitous eastern course of 1,850 m dur-
ing which it receives many other rivers, and en-
ters the sea of Okotsk, opposite the N. part of
the island of Saghalien.

SaghaUeh, or Tehoka, a large island in the sea
of Okotsk, separated from the continent by the
channel of Tartary on the W., and from the island
Jessoby Perouse Strait on the S. It extends from
lat. 46. to 54., or not less than 550 m. in length,
by about 90 of medial breadth. The centre is
mountainous, and well wooded with pine, willow
oak, and birch ; but the shores are level, and well
adapted to agriculture. The natives resemble the
Tartars in form, and the upper lip is commonly
tattooed blue. The dress is a loose robe of skins,
or quilted nankeen, with a girdle. Their huts
are of timber, thatched with grass, with a fire-
place in the middle. In the S. are found some
Japanese articles ; and there is a little trade with
the Mandshurs and Russians.

Saghal.ienoula Hotun, a city of Eastern Tartary,
in the province of Tcitcicar. It is rich and pop-
ulous, and very important on account of its situa-
tion, as it secures to the Mandshur Tartars the
possession of extensive deserts covered with
woods, in which a great number of sables are
found. It is seated on the river Saghalien, 200
m. N. N. E. of Tcitcicar. Long 127. 25. E., lat.
50. 6. N.

Sagres, a strong town of Portugal, in Algarva,
with a harbour and a fort; seated on a tongue of
land at the S. W. extremity of the province, 20
m. W. S. W. of Lagos. Long. 9.0. W., lat. 372. N.

Sagur, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a dis-
trict in the province of Malwa, situate near the
Bunnass, 87 m. N. W. of Gurrah, 112 S of Agm.
Long. 78. 53. E., lat. 23. 45. N

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Brookes' Universal Gazetteer of the World (1850)


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