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SEM    670    SEN

the conflux of the Gernspentz w?.xe2x80x98t> the Maine,
14 m. E. of Frankfort.

Selibria, a town of Romania, and an archbishop’s
see, formerly a large place, but now much decayed.
It is seated on the sea of Marmora, 35 m. W. of

Selinsgrove, p.v. Northumberland Co. Va.

Selkirk, a borough txc2xbbf Scotland, the capital of
Selkirkshire. It is seated on the Ettrick, 30 m.
S. S. E. of Edinburgh.

Selkirkshire, a county of Scotland, bounded on
the N. E. by Edinburghshire. Pop. 6,637.

Seliersville, p.v. Bucks Co. Va.

Selles, a town of France, in the department of
Loire-et-Cher, on the river Cher, 10 m. S. W. of

Sclnia, p.v. Dallas Co. Alab.

Scltz, a town in the department of Lower
Rhine, seated on the Rhine, 25 m. N. N. E. of

Seltzer, or Lower Seltzer, a town of Germany,
in the duchy of Nassau, celebrated for a spring
of mineral water, which is exported in great
quantities. It is situate on the Emsbach, 30 m.
E. of Coblentz.

Scmauat, a town of Asiatic Turky, Irac Arabi,
seated on the Euphrates, where a toll is collect-
ed. 120 m. N. W. of Bassora. Long. 46. 15.
E., lat. 32. 2. N.

Sembew-ghewn, a town of Birmah, from which
is the principal road through the western hills in-
to Arracan. To this place all Bengal of
merchandise imported by way of Arracan are
brought, avid here embarked on the Irrawand"
It stands 3 m. W. ol that river, and 30 S. by W.
of Pagahm.

Semegonda, a town of Negroland, in the coun-
try of Wangara, seated on a lake formed by a
branch of the Nile, 330 m. S. S.
W. of Bornou.
Long. 21. 30. E., lat. 14. 58. N.

Semendria., a tov n of European Turkey, in
Servia, with a citadel, seated on the Danube, 20
m. S. E. of Belgrade.

Semennud; a town of Egypt, on the E. branch
of the Nile, 8 m. S. S. W. of Vlansoura and 53 N.
of Cairo.

Semigalia, a duchy of European Russia, about
100 m. long and 20 broad, forming the E. part of
the government of Courland. Mittau is the capital.

Seminari, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra,
with an abbey belonging to the united Greek church.
It suffered severely from an earthquake in 1783,
out now contains is,000 inhabitants. 22 in. N. E.
)f Reggio.

Seminoles, a tribe of Indians in Florida, about

5,000 in number. They were formerly much more
numerous, but having committed hostilities upon
the American settlements in their neighbourhood in
1818, they were attacked by the United States
troops, and completely subdued: since which they
have never been formidable.

Semlen, a town of Sclavonia, on the S. side of
the Danube, the principal place for carrying on the
transit trade between Turkey and Sclavonia. 4 m.
W. of Belgrade.

Sempach, a town of Switzerland, in the canton of
Lucerne, celebrated for the battle in 1386, which
established the liberty of the Swiss, and in which
Leopold, duke of Austria, was defeated and slain.
It is seated on a small lake of the same name, 7 m.
N. W. Lucerne.

Semproivus, p. t. Cayuga Co. N. Y. 159 m. W.
Albany. Pop. 5,705.

Scmur en Auxois, a town of France, department
of Cote d’or, with a castle on a rock. It has
a manufacture of cloth, and is seated on the Ar-
manccn, 34 m. W. by N. of Dijon and 135 S. E.
of Paris.

Semur en Britnnois, a town in the department
of Saone-et-Loire, 33 m. W. by S. of Macon and 45
S. of Autun.

Sena, or Marzali, a town of Mocaranga, on the
river Zambeze, where the Portuguese have a factory.
Long 35. 3. E., lat. 7. 40. S.

Seneca, a lake and river of N. Y., in Onondaga
county. The lake is 30 m. long and 2 broad,
and lies N. and S. between those of Canandaigua
and Cayuga. At the N. end is the town of Gen-
eva, and on the E. side, between it and Cayuga
Lake, are the military townships of Romulus,
Ovid, Hector, and Ulysses. The river rises to
the WY of Geneva, passes by that town, and
receives the waters of the lake. It afterwards re-
ceives the waters of Cayuga Lake, Canandaigua
Creek, and Salt Lake, and then flows into
Onondago River.

Seneca, a county of N. Y. bounded by Lakes On-
tario, Seneca and Cayuga. Pop. 21,031. Ovid
is the capital; a county of Ohio. Pop. 5,148
Tiffin is the capital.

Seneca,, a township of Ontario Co. N. Y. Pop
6,161; townships in Morgan and Monroe Cos

SeneeaviUe, p.v. Guernsey Co. Ohio.

Seneff, a town of the Netherlands, in the prov-
ince of Hainault, noted for a battle gained by the
French over the prince of Orange in 1674. 4. m
S. Nivelle.

Senegal, a large river which rises in the mouH-
tains of Kong, in Negrcland, and flows W. on the
Southern confines of Zahara, into the Atlantic
Ocean, 120 m. N. E. of Cape Yerd. Its course is
flexuous, till it arrives within 6 m. of the sea,
when it takes a sudden turn to the S., and for 75
m. is separated from the sea or.iy by a ridge ot
sand. Its moutb. not more tiian half a league
over, is incommoded by a smiling bar, which ren-
ders the passage difficult and dangerous. Wild
animals are numerous along its banks, particular-
ly leopards who lie in wait near the river to sur-
prise the smaller animals resorting to the banks
to drink.

Senegal, a country on the W. coast of Africa,
lying on a river of the same name. See
The French have a fort and a factory in an is-
land at the mouth of the river, and are masters
of the gum trade. It is called Fort Louis, was
taken by the English in 1758, confirmed to them
by the peace of 1763, but restored in I6o3 Long
1xc2xab. 31. W.,lat. 15. 53. N.




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