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SHE    675    SHI

Shelby, ph. Genesee Co. N. Y. 246 m. W. Al-

Shelbyville, p.v. Shelby Co. Ind. 25 m. S. E.
Indianapolis ; p.v. Shelby Co. Ken. 30 m. E. Lou-
isville ; p.v. Shelby Co. Alab. 93 m. N. Cahawba;
ph. Bedford Co. Ten.

Sheila, a decayed town of Morocco, which none
but Mahometans are allowed to enter. 4 m. E. of

Shellif, the largest river of Algiers, which
takes its rise in the desert, flows N. through the
lake Titeri, then turns to the W., and enters the
Mediterranean to the N. of Mustagam. In its
course it receives the Midroe, Harbeene, Toddah
or Silver River, the Archew, Mina, Warissa, and

Sheldon, ph. Franklin Co. Vt. 32 m. N. Bur-
lington. Pop. 1,427; ph. Genesee Co. N. Y. 30
m. S. E. Buffalo. Pop. 1,731.

Shelter Island,an island and township in Suffolk
Co. N. Y. at the E. end of long Island. Pop. 330.

Sheltonborough, a village in Pittsylvania Co. Pa.

Shenandoah, a branch of the Potomac in Vir-
ginia, joining that river at Harper’s Ferry where
the Potomac breaks through the Blue Ridge. See

Shenandoah, E. a county of the W. District of
Virginia. Pop. 8,327.

Shenandoah, W. a county adjoining the above.
Pop, 11,423. Woodstock is the capital of both.

Sherumgo, townships in Beaver, Crawford and
Mercer Cos. Pa.

Sltepkerdstincn, p.v. Cumberland Co. Pa. 4 m.
from Harrisburg; ph. Jefferson Co. Va. 16 m.
N. W. Harper’s Ferry. A village in Belmont Co.

Shepherdsville, p.v. Bullitt Co. Ken.

Sheperd's Isles, a cluster of islands, part of
the New Hebrides, in the S. Pacific, to the S. of
Malicollo. Long. 268. 41. E., lat 26. 58. S.

Sheppey, an island in Kent, Eng. at the
mouth ofthe Thames, separated from the main-
land by a branch of the Medway, called the E.
Swale. It yields plenty of corn,, and feeds nu-
merous flocks of sheep. It contains the borough
of Queenborough, and the fort of Sheerness.

Shepton Mallet, a town in Somersetshire, Eng.
with a considerable manufacture of woolen cloth.
The town is seated under the Mendip Hills, 17
m. S. VV. of Bath and 116 W. of London.

Sherborn, a town in Dorsetshire, Eng. with
manufactures of linen and silk. It was formerly
a bishop’s see, and the parish church, which was
the cathedral, and in which are interred the Sax-
on kings Ethelbald and Ethelbert, is a magnifi-
cent pile of building. Formerly here were two
other churches, a castle, and an abbey, of which
scarcely a vestige remains. 116 m. W. by. S.
of London.

Sherbro, a fort of Guinea, seated at the mouth
of Sherbro River, which separates the country of
Sierra Leone from the Grain Coast. It belongs
to the English, and is 100 m. S. E. of the mouth
of the river Sierra Leone. Long. 11. 0. W., lat.
7. 0. N.

Sherburn, a small town in W. Yorkshire, Eng.
seated in a well cultivated and fertile district,
famous for its fine orchards. 184 m. N. by W. of

Sherburne, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 21 m. S.
W. Boston. Pop. 900; ph. Chenango Co. N. Y.
Pop. 2,574. a township of Rutland Co. Vt. Pop.
452; p.v. Beaufort Dis. S. C.

Sherenzur, a town of European Turkey in Kur-
distan, the residence of a oasha. 160 m. N. b?
E. of Bagdad.
















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Sheriff-muir, a heath of Scotlanc, in Perthshire
near Dumblane ; famous for a bloody, outindeci
sive battle in l7l5, between the royal army u"
der the duke of Argyle, and the rebel forces under
the duke of Mar.

Sherman, a township of Fairfield Co. Conn.
Pop. 947.

Shersel, a town of Algiers, in the province of
Mascara, formerly of great importance. It has
said to have been anciently destroyed by an
earthquake, when the arsenal and many other
buildings were precipitated into the harbour, ths
ruins being still visible at low water. It is built
after the Moorish manner; and is famous for its
pottery, and steel and iron manufactures. 60
m. W. by. S. of Algiers Long. 2. 48. E., lat.
32. 42. N.

Sheshequin, p.v. Bradford Co. Pa.

Shetland, the several names of about 40 islands
besides a number of small holms or rocky islets
used only for pasturage, lying 100 m. N. N. E.
of Caithness-shire, in Scotland, between 59.56.
and 61. 11. N. lat. The names of the principal
are Mainland, Yell, Unst., Bressay, and Fula.
The description given of the largest, or
will give an idea of the others ; and the particu-
lars of the climate, inhabitants, &c., are much
the same as in the
Orkneys. Shetland unites
with Orkney in forming one of the counties of

Shevagunga, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore,
25 m. N. W. of Brangalore.

Shibam, a city of Arabia, capital of the prov-
ince of Hadramaut, and the residence of a pow-
erful sheik. 300 m. E of Sana. Long. 49. 40.
E., lat. 15. 25. N.

Shields, North, a sea-port of Northumberland,
Eng. with considerable trade in coal and salt.
The town extends to Tynemouth on the E., and
many elegant detached mansions are erected in
the neighbourhood. It has wide and airy streets
in every direction, well paved, and lighted with
gas. This town, together with S. Shields, may
be deemed the port of Newcastle ; for the larg-
est vessels are stationed here to take in their la-
ding, which is brought down in barges and light-
ers. It is seated on the N. bank of the Tyne,
near its mouth, 6 m. E. by N. of Newcastle and
279 N. by W. of London. Long. 1. 4. W., lat.

54. 58. N.

Shields,South, a town in the county of Durham,
seated on the river Tyne, opposite N. Shields,
with which place it enjoys all the advantages of
trade and commerce in common with Newcastle,
It consists principally of one narrow street, two
m. in length, with an open square in the middle.
Many trading vessels are built here, and it has
several salt-works and glass-works. 22 m. N. N.
W. of Durham and 281 N. by W. of London.

Shieldsborovgh, p.v. Hancock Co. Mississippi.

Shiloah, p.v. Camden Co. N. C.

Shifnall, a town in Shropshire, Eng. It has a
handsome church, two meeting-houses, a gram-
mar school, a national school, and a subscription
library. 136 N. W. of London.

Shm, Loch, a lake of Scotland, in the S. part of
Sutherlandshire, 15 m. long and 2 broad. At its
S. E. extremity issues the rapid river Shin, winch
flows into the head of the frith of Dornoch.

Shinntown, p.v. Harrison Co. Va.

Ship Island, an island in the G ulf of Mexieo OB
the coast of Mississppi opposite Biloxi Bay.


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