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SPA    691    SPI

surrection of the troops and the people against the
tyrant Ferdinand produced a liberal constitution
which was sworn to by the king in the ancient
assembly of the Cortes. But the Holy Alliance
expressed their disapprobation. France interfer-
ed; the constitution was put down by the bay-
onet and despotism restored.

Spain, New. See Mexico.

Spaitla, a town of Barbary, in the kingdom of
Tunis, near which are extensive and magnificent
ruins. It is situate on a rising ground, shaded
all over with juniper-trees, 90 m. S. W. of Tunis
and 100 S. S. E. of Bona. Long. 9. 15. E., lat.
35. 40. N.

Spalatro, or Spalatto, a strong sea-port of Aus-
trian Dalmatia, and an archbishop’s see. The
harbour is large and deep, and well frequented.
Without the walls is a sulphureous spring, of
great benefit in chronical diseases. Here are the
ruins of the palace of Dioclesian, and of a mag-
nificent aqueduct. In 1784 Spalatro was nearly
depopulated by the plague. It is seated on a
peninsula in the gulf of Venice, 70 m. S. E. of
Zara and 102 N. W. of Ra*usa. Lon*. 17. 31.
E., lat. 44. 4. N.

Spalding, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng. It is
seated on the Welland, and from its neatness, and
the canals in its streets, resembles a Dutch town.
The inhabitants are not employed in manufac-
tures. but derive their chief support from agricul-
ture, and the extensive grazing carried on in the
neighbourhood. Much hemp and flax is grown
in the vicinity and there is a good carrying trade
in corn and coal. 14 m. S. by W. of Boston and
103 N. of London.

Spalt, a town and castle of Bavarian Franconia,
in the district of Anspach. The vicinity produces
excellent hops. It is seated on the Retzat, 16 m.
E. S. E. of Anspach.

Spandau, a town of Prussia, in the Middle Mark
of Brandenburg, with a fine fortress. The arsenal
is in subterranean vaults, and there is a prison for
state criminals. Bayonets, ramrods, sword-blades,
and sabres, are made here: also musket barrels,
which are sent hence to Potsdam to be finished.
It is seated on the Havel, opposite the influx of
the Spree, 8 m. W. N. W. of Berlin and 12 N. E.
of Potsdam.

Spanaenberg, a town and castle of Germany in
Hesse-Cassel, seated on a mountain 28 m. S. E.
of Cassel.

Spanishtown, or Jago de la Vega, a town of Ja-
maica, where the Legislative assembly and the
grand courts of justice are held. It is seated in a
pleasant valley, on the river Cobre, 16 m. W. N.
W. of Kingston.

Sparta, an ancient city of Greece, in the Pelo-
ponnesus, of which a few ruins may still be seen
in the neighbourhood of the village of Misitra.

Sparta, ph. Livingston Co. N. Y. 254 m. W.
Albany. Pop. 3,777; p.v. Sussex Co. N. J. 92 m. N.
Trenton ; p.v. Washington Co. Pa
.; p.v. Hancock
Co. Geo. 25 m. N. E. Milledgeville; p.v. White Co
Ten. 75 m. S. E. Nashville; p.v. Conecuh Co
Alab. 90 m. N. E. Mobile.

Spartanburg, a District of S. Carolina. Pop.
21,148; p.v. the capital of the same name is 100
m. N. Augusta.

Spartel, Cape, a promontory on the coast of Bar-
bary, at the entrance of the strait of Gibraltar.
Long. 5. 56. W., lat. 35. 50. N.

Spartivento, Cape, a promontory of Naples, at
the S. E. extremity of Calabria Ultra. Long. 16.

40. E., lat. 37.50. N.

SpeedsviUe; p.v. Tioga Co. N. Y. 7 m. S. E

Speedwell, p.v. Claiborne Co. Ten. 200 m. N.
E. Murfreesborough.

Speights Town, a sea-port of Barbadoes, former-
ly much frequented by the Bristol traders, and
thence called
Little Bristol. It is situate on the
N. W. coast of the island, and defended by two
forts. Long. 58. 31. W., lat. 13. 15. N.

Spello, a towin of Italy, in the Duchy ot Spoleto,
Here are the ruins of a theatre and other remains of
antiquity. It js seated on a hill,13 m. N. of Spoleto.

Spencer, a county of Indiana. Pop. 3,187. Rock-
port is the capital.

Spencer, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 51 m. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 1,618; ph. Tioga Co. N. Y. 190 m. W.
Albany. Pop. 1,253; p.v. Owen Co. Ind. 50 m,
W. Indianapolis.

Spencertown, ph. Columbia Co. N. Y. 30 m S
E. Albany.

Spey, a rapid river of Scotland, which issues
from a small lake in the centre of Inverness-shire,
flows N. E. into Murray-shire, then divides that
county from Banfshire for more than 20 m. and en-
ters the German Ocean at Garmouth.

Spezzia, or Spetia, a town of the Sardinian states,
in the territory of Genoa, with a good harbour.
It is seated at the foot of a hill, on a gulf of the
same name, 47 m. S. E. of Genoa. Long. 9. 37.
E., lat. 44. 10. N.

Spezzia, an island of Greece, 6 miles long and '
2 broad. It has a town of the same name, con-
taining 3,000 inhabitants, and is situate about 20
miles from Napoli di Romania.

Spice Islands. See Moluccas.

Spielberg, a town of Germany, in the principal-
ity of Oettingen, 8 m. N. E. of Oettingen and 13
S. S. E. of Anspach.

Spietz, a town of Switzerland, in the canton of
Bern, seated on the WT. side of the lake Thun, 40
m. S. S. E. of Bern.

Spigelburg, a town and castle of Hanover, capi-
tal of a county of the same name, lying within
the principality of Calenberg, belonging as a fief
to the king of the Netherlands. 12 m. E. by S.
of Halem.

Spigno, a town of Sardinia, in the duchy of
Montferrat, with a castle, seated on the Belbo, J1
m. S. S. W. of Aqui and 40 S. E. ofTurin.

Spilembergo, a town of Austrian Italy, in Friuli,
seated on the Tagliamento, 14 m. W. of Udina.

Spilsby, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng. 31 m. E.
of Lincoln and 133 N. by E. of London.

Spinalonga, a seaport of the island of Candia,
with a good harbour and a citadel. It is situate
near a cape of the same name, 30 m. E. of Can-
dia. Long. 25. 48. E., lat. 35. 20. N.

Spire, a city of Bavaria, capital of the province
of Rnine, and formerly of a bishopric of its name.
In ancient times the emperors held many diets at
Spire, and it was the seat of the imperial cham-
ber till 1689, when the city was burnt by the
French, and it was not rebuilt till after the peace
of Ryswick in 1697. Most of the citizens are Lu-
therans ; but there are 15 Catholic churches and
convents, among which the college formerly be-
longing to the Jesuits claims the first place.
Spire was taken by the French in 1734; and in
1792 it surrendered to the republican troops of
France, who evacuated it the next year, but re-
entered it in 1794. In 1814 it was ceded to Bava-
ria. It is seated on the W. side of the Rhine at
the influx of the Spirebach, 54 m. S. by E. of
Mentz. Lon. 8. 29. E., lat. 49 19. N














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