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SPO    692

Spiritu Santo, a province of Brazil, between
that of Porto Seguro and Rio Janeiro. The soil
is fertile and watered by a river of the same name,
which flows into a large bay of the Atlantic. The
capital, of the same name, has a castle, and its
port is a small bay about 10 m. from the ocean.
Long. 41.10. W., lat 20. 10. S.

Spiritu Santo, a town of Cuba, near tbe middle
of the island. 155 m. E. S. E. of Havana. Long.
79. 37. E., lat. 22. 15. N.

Spital, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Carinthia,
seated on the Liser, near the Drave, 15 m.W. N.
W. of Villach.

Spital, a village in Lincolnshire, Eng. 12 m.
N. of Lincoln, xc2xb0n the Roman causeway, leading
to the Humber. Here are two springs, one call-
ed Julian’s Well and the other Castleton Well.
Great number of Roman coins have been dug up
in this village.

Spithead, a famous road in the English Chan-
nel, between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight,
where the royal navy frequently rendezvous.

Spitzbergen, a group of dreary islands, lying be-
tween 9. and 20. E. long., and 76. 46. and 80. 30.
N. lat., having Greenland to the W. and Nova
Zembla to the E. The Mainland, or principal
island, is 300 m. in length. It was discovered in
1533 by Sir Hugh Willoughby, who called it
Greenland, supposing it to be a part of the west-
ern continent. In 1595 it was visited by Barentz
and Cornelius, two Dutchmen, who pretended
to be the original discoverers, and called it Spitz-
bergen, or sharp mountains, from the many
sharp-pointed and rocky mountains with which
it abounds. The glaciers on the N. E. pres-
ent a singular appearance, being high cliffs
of an emerald color, impendent over the sea,
with cataracts of melted snow, and a black-ground
of black conic hills, streaked with white. In the
winter it is continual night for four months. The
animals are deer, bears, and foxes. The Russians
from Archangel maintain a kind of colony here.
To the N. E. of this group are small isles called
the Seven Sisters, the most arctic land yet dis-

Spit Rock,p.v. Essex Co. N. Y. 80 m. N. Albany.

Splugen, a town of Switzerland, in the Grisons,
seated near the source of the Rhine, 16 m. N. W.
of Chiavenna.

Spoleto, a duchy of Italy, in the Ecclesiastical
states, 55 m. long and 40 broad ; bounded on the
N. by Ancona and Urbino, E. by Naples, S. by
Sabina, and W. by. Orvieto and Perugino. It
comprises the greatest part of the ancient Umbria,
and contains 105,000 inhabitants.

Spoleto, the capital of the foregoing duchy, and
a bishop's see. The houses are in general well
built, but the only edifices that have any claim to
distinction are the castle, which stands on a hill
and is connected with the town by a bridge, and
the cathedral, which is certainly a fine structure.
Spoleto suffered greatly from earthquakes in 1703
and 1767. Here are the ruins of an amphithea-
tre, a triumphal arch, and an aqueduct. It is
seated in a country noted for good wine, near the
river Tessino, 40 m. E. of Orvieto and 60 N. by
E. of Rome. Long. 13. 6.
E., lat. 42.45. N.

Sponheim, a town of Germany, and the capital
of a county of its name. It is seated among hills
covered with vineyards, 27 m. W. by S. of Mentz.
Long. 7. 38. E,, lat. 49. 54. N.

Sporades, the ancient name of those islands of
Grecian Archipelago which are scattered ir-
regularly along the shores of Europe and Asia,
in contradistinction to the Cyclades, which were
grouped circularly around Delos.

Spotswood, p.v. Middlesex Co. N. J. 8 m S
New Brunswick.

Spotsylvania, a county of the E. district of Vir-
ginia. Pop. 11,920. Frederickburg is the capi

Spree, a river which rises in the mountains ot
Bohemia, passes through Lusatia into Branden
burg, flows by Berlin, and joins the Havel oppo
site Spandau.

Spremberg, a town of the Prussian states, in
Lusatia, situate on an island formed by the rive*
Spree, 14 m. S. by E. of Cotbus.

Spring Bank, p.v. Wayne Co. N. C.

Sprigg, ph. Adams Co. Ohio. Pop. 1,739.

Spring, a township of Centre Co. Pa.

Springborough, p.v. Warren Co. Ohio, 77 m. S.
W. Columbus. Pop. 370.

Spring Creek, a township of Miami Co. Ohio;
p.v. Madison Co. Ten.

Springfield, ph. Hampden Co. Mass. 97 m. S.
W. Boston. Pop. 6,784. It stands on the E.
bank of the Connecticut, and occupies a level site
at the foot of a hill. The town is handsomely
built, principally upon a single street two miles
in length. There is a United States Armory
comprising an arsenal, barracks, forges, and work-
shops for the manufacturing of muskets, of which
above 16,000 are made yearly. On Chickapee
river within the limits of the town is
Factory Village,
where the cotton manufacture
is carried on to a large account. Here are also
considerable manufactures of paper.

Springfield, ph. Sullivan Co. N. H. 30. m. N.
W. Concord. Pop. 1.202; ph. Windsor Co. Vt.
Pop. 2,749; ph. Otsego Co. N. Y. 60 m. W. Al-
bany. Pop. 2,816. Also towns and villages in
Burlington and Essex Cos. N. J., Bucks, Dela
ware, Huntingdon, Mercer, and Bradford Cos
Pa., Hampshire, and Loudon Cos. Va., Effingham
Co. Geo., St. Helena Parish Lou. Washington
Co. Ken., Rochester Co. Ten,. Portage, Columbi-
ana, Richland, Jefferson, Gallia, Ross, Clark,
Montgomery, Muskingum and Hamilton Cos.

Spring Garden, p.v. Pittsylvania Co. Pa.

Spring Grove, p.v. Iredell Co. N. C.

Spring Hill, villages in Fauquier and Louisa
Cos. Va. and Lenoir Co. N. C.

Spring Place, p.v. a Moravian settlement on the
Cherokee Lands in Georgia.

Springtown, p.v. Bucks Co. Pa.

SpringviUe, p.v. Niagara Co. N. Y. Susque-
hanna Co. Pa., and Darlington Dis. S. C.

Sprina Water, ph. Livingston Co. N. Y. Pop

Sprottau, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the prin
cipality of Glogau, on a river of the same name,
at its confluence with the Bober, 21 m. W. S. W
of Glogau.

Spurn Head, a promontory on the S. E. coast of
Yorkshire, Eng. at the mouth of the Humber, on
which is a lighthouse. Long. 0. 15. E., lat. 53
38. N.

Squam, a village in Gloucester, Essex Co Mass.
on the N. side of Cape Ann, with a good har-

Squam Lake, a beautiful lake of N. Hampshire
near L. Winipissiogee. It is 10 m. long ai.d 6
broad; surrounded by mountains and sprinkled
with islands.

Squonkum, p.v. Monmouth Co N I. 55. m. N
E. Philadelphia.

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