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STE    695    STE

,and seated on the Baltic, 9 m. N. of Calmar and
82 S. W. of Stockholm. Long. 16. 40. E., lat. 58.

16. N.

Stdn, a small independent town of Switzerland,
in the canton of Zurich, seated on the N. side
of the Rhine, where it issues from tbe lake of
Constance. Near it is the ancient castle of Ho-
henklingen, now converted into a watch-tower.
The church is on the opposite side of the Rhine,
in a place called Burg, which is connected to the
town .by a bridge. 15 m. W. by N. of Constance
and 25 N. E. of Zurich.

Stein, a town of Austria, on the N. side of the
Danube, over which is a long wooden bridge to
Mautern. Between Stein and Krems is a mili-
tary manufacture, in which metal articles, sabres,
cloth, and clothes are made and kept. 2 m. W.
of Krems and 12 N. by W. of St. Polten.

Stein, a town and castle of Austrian Illyria, in
Carniola, on the Freistritz, 11 m. N. of Laubach.

Stein, a town and castle of the Austrian states,
in Carinthia, on the Drave, 12 m. S. of Clagen-

Steinau, a town of Prussian Silesia, formerly
the capital of a circle, in the principality of Wo-
lau. It has manufactures of cloth, and is seated
near<the Oder, 16 m. N. N. E. of Lignitz.

Steinfurt, a town of Prussia, in the province of
Westphalia., capital of a county of its name, with
a Calvinist academy ; seated on the Aa, 10 m. S.
S. E. of Bentheim and 33 N. W. of Munster.

Steinheim, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Darm-
stadt, with a castle, near the river Maine, 4 m.
S. E. of Hanau.

Steinhude, a town of Germany, in the county
of Schauenburg-Lippe, on the S. side of Stein-
huder-mere, in which is the strong fortress' of
Wilhemstein. 15 m. N. W. of Hanover.

Steinhurst, a town of Denmark, in Holstein,
with a castle, 14 m. S. S. W. of Lubec.

Stellenbosch and Drakentsein, a district of the
Cape of Good Hope, 380 m. long and 150 broad,
bounded S. by Cape Agulhas and N. by the river
Koussie. It is mountainous, but contains some
ol the finest land in the colony. The extent is
estimated at 55,000 sq. m.; the pop. at 23,000.

Siena,y, a town of France, department of Meuse,
on the river Meuse, 22 m. N. N. W. of Verdun.

Stendal, a town of Prussia, in Brandenburg,
formerly capital of the Old Mark. Here is a
colony of French Calvinists, who carry on man-
ufactures of wool, leather, &c. It stands on the
rivulet Ucht, 5 m. W. of the Elbe, and 36 N. by
E. of Magdeburg. Long. 11. 53. E., lat. 52. 35.

Stephentown, ph. Rensselaer Co. N. Y. 20 m.
S. E. Albany. Pop 2,716.

Stepney, p.v. Fairfield Co. Conn. 50 m. S. E.

Sterling, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 46 m. W.
Boston Pop. 1,789; ph. Cayuga Co. N. Y. Pop.
1,436; ph. Windham Co. Conn. 44 m. E. Hart-
ford with manufactures of cotton. Pop. 1,240;
p.v. Wayne Co. Pa.

Sterlingville, a village of Granville Co. N. C.

Sternberg, a town in the Prussian states, in the
New Mark of Brandenburg, with a great trade in
cattle, 20 m. E. N. E. of Frankfort.

Sternberg, a town of Germany, in the grand
duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerm, situate on a
lake, 16 m. S. E. of Wismar.

Sternberg, a town and castle of the Austrian
states, in Moravia, 10 m. N. E. of Olmutz.

S'erzingm a town of the Austrian states, in Ty-
rol, celebrated for its manufacture of sword-blades,
and for the silver mines in its vicinity. It is seat-
ed at the foot of a mountain, on the Eysoch, 12
m. N. W, of Brixen.
















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Stettin,a government of Prussia, comprising the
middle of Pomerania, and containing an erea of
6,625 aquare miles, with 300,000 inhabitants.

Stettin, a fortified sea-port of Prussia/ capital of
Pomerania. It is a handsome town, contains
about 21,000 inhabitants, exclusive of the garri-
son ; has numerous manufactures, particularly of
cloths, stuffs, hats, stockings, yarn, cotton, rib-
ands, paper, and canvas ; and carries on a con-
siderable trade to all parts of r.urope. Timber
and corn are the principal articles of exporta-
tion ; and ship-building, is a very profitable branch
of employment. In 1795 a fire consumed a great
number of houses. In 1806 this place, furnished
with 160 pieces of cannon and a garrison of 6,000
men, surrendered to the French. It was garri-
soned by them after the disastrous retreat from
Russia in 1812, but in 1813 was obliged to capitu-
late, when the Dutch troops belonging to the gar-
rison hoisted the Orange cockade. It is seated
on the Oder, 80 in. N. N. E. of Berlin. Long.
14. 44. E., lat. 53. 30. N.    .

Stettin, New, a town of Pomerania, in the gov-
ernment of Coslin, with a castle, situate on the
Willem, 41 miles E. of Coslin; and 62 E. N. E.
of New Stargard.

Steuben, a county of New York. Pop. 33,975.
Bath is the capital; ph. Washington Co. Me.
Pop 695; ph. Oneida Co. N. Y. 20 m. N. Utica ,
the township was granted to Baron Steuben for
bis military services, and here lie his remains.
Pop. 2,094.

Steubenville, ph. Jefferson Co. Ohio, on the
Ohio. 147 m. N. E. Columbus. Pop. 3,152. It
is regularly built, and is a very flourishing place
it has many manufactures, 2 banks and 2 news-
papers ; the neighbouring country is fertile and

Stevensburg, a village of Frederick Co. Va. ;
p.v. Culpeper Co. Va.

Stevenston, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire, fa-
mous for the coal strata in its vicinity. It is sit-
uate on a hill, 5 m. N. W. of Irvine.

StevensviUe, p.v. King and Queen Cos. Va.

Steivart, a county of E. Tennessee. Pop 6,898.
Dover is the capital.

Stewart Islands, five islands in the S. Pacific,
discovered by captain Hunter in 1791, and named
by him in honor of admiral Keith Stewart. Long.
163. 18. E., lat. 8. 26. S.

Stewarton, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire, with
a noted manufacture of bonnets, 6 m. N. of Ir

Stewarton, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Tyrone, 5 m. N. N. E. of Dungannon.

Stewartstoicn, ph. Coos Co. N- H. 140 m. N
Concord. Pop. 529.

StewartsviUe, p.v. Sussex Co. N. J., and West
moreland Co. Pa.

Steuning, a borough in Sussex, Eng. 50 m. S
W. of London.

Steyr, a town c~ Austria, which has a great
trade in articles of iron and steel. The French
entered it in 1800, and concluded an armistice foi
a peace with the Austrians. It is seated at the
conflux of the Steyr with the Ens, 20 m. S. E. of

Steyreg, a town and castle of Austria, situate
on a mountain, on the N. side of the Danube, 8
m E. of Lintz.


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