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SUR    705    SUR

ital of Medelpadia. The chief trade is in tar,
birch-bark, deals, hops, flax^and linen. It is seat-
ed near the gulf of Bothnia, 210 miles N. by W.
of Stockholm. Long. 17. 50. E., lat. 62. 25.

Sunergong, or Sunnergaum, a town of Hin-
doostan, in Bengal, once a large city, and famous
for a manufacture of fine cotton cloth. It is
seated between the Burrampooter and a branch
af the Ganges, 15 m. S. E. of Dacca.

Sunjish, p.v. Monroe Co. Ohio ; a township of
Pike Co. Ohio.

Superior, Lake, a lake of N. America between
he United States and Canada. 490 miles in length
1,700 miles in circumference, and the largest
body of fresh water on the globe. It contains
many islands; two of them very large, especially
Isle Royale, which is 100 miles long, and in ma-
ny places, 40 broad. The Indians suppose these
islands to be the residence of the Great Spirits
Upwards of 30 rivers enter this lake, some of
which are of considerable size, and its water is re-
markable for purity and transparency. It abounds
with fishes, particularly trout and sturgeon.
Storms are even more dreadful on this lake than
on the ocean. It discharges its water from the
S. E. Gorner, through the strait of St. Mary, in-
to lake Huron; but the quantity does not appear
to be one-tenth part of what is conveyed into it
by the rivers.

Supino, a town of Naples, in the Molise, with
a castle, seated at the source of the Tamara, 17
m. N. by. W. of Benevento.

Sur or Sour, a town of Syria, in Palestine, on
the coast of the Mediterranean, where stood the
famous city of Tyre, destroyed by Alexander tbe
Great. It is now no more than a village, situ-
ate on a peninsula which projects from the shore
into the sea, in the form of a mallet with an oval
head. The village consists of about 60 families,
who live obscurely on the produce of their little
grounds and a trifling fishery, 18 miles S. S. W.
of Saida and 60 m. S. W. of Damascus.

Sura, a town of Sweden, in Westmanland, 15
m. N. of Stroemshoim.

Surat, a jfity of Hindoostan, in Guzerat, with
a strong citadel. The squares are large, and the
streets spacious, but not paved, so that the dust
is troublesome. Each street has gates of its own,
with which it is shut up in times of turbulence.
The larger houses are fiat roofed, with courts be-
fore them ; and those of the common people are
high roofed. It is said to have 320,000 inhabitants;
and its trade is considerable, notwithstanding the
sandbanks that obstruct the entrance of the Tap-
ty, which causes large vessels to load and unload
at Swally, 15 miles to the W. of Surat. In this
city are Mahometans of several sects, many
sorts of Gentoos, and Jews and Christians of
various denominations. It is one of the stations
of the London Missionary Society. The Ma-
hometans at Surat are not, by far, so strict as
they are in Arabia, or in other Turkish countries;
nor are the distinctions of tribes among the Hin
doos who reside here strictly observed. The lat
ter are almost all of the cast of the Banians ; and
their skill and dexterity in matters of calculation
and economy often raise them to places of con
siderable trust. Some of them are very rich,
but all live in a style of moderate simplicity, and
wear only a plain robe of white cotton. All
people of distinction in Surat, and through the
rest of India, speak and write the Persian lan-
guage; but in trade, corrupt Portuguese is tbe
language used. This city was long the emporiurr
of the most precious productions of Hindoostan ,
for hither were brought from the interior parts
an immense quantity of goods, which the mer
chants carried in their ships to the Red Sea, the
Persian Gulf, the coasts of Malabar and Coro
mandel, and even to China. Since the rise of
Bombay, however the traffic of this place has
greatly declined, and now consists chiefly of raw
cotton and a few of its own manufactures. One
thing singular in Surat is, that, though there is
no hospital for human beings, there is an exten
sive establishment of this nature for sick o
maimed animals. When the Europeans turn
out an old horse, or any other domestic animal,
to perish as useless, the Hindoos voluntari-
ly assume the care of it, and place it in this
house, which is full of infirm and decrepit cows,
feheep, rabbits, hens, pigeons, &c. The country
round Surat is fertile, except towards the sea.
where it is sandy and barren. Amongthe animals
may be mentioned the Nyl Ghau, a creature some-

long. Here is found the Phalanger, or Surinam
rat, an animal about the size of a small rabbit
















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what between a cow and a deer and of an ashy
grey colour. Before the English E. India Company-
obtained possession of Bombay, Surat wins the
seat of their presidency, and the centre of their
eastern trade. It is situate 20 miles up the river
Tapty and 147 m. N. of Bombay. Long. 72.
48. E., lat. 21. 11. N.

Surgooja, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
circar of the sam name, in the province of Orissa.
75m. N. E. of Ruttunpour and 210 S. S. W. of
Patna. Long. 83. 32. E., lat. 23. 6. N.

Surguinsville, p.v. Hawkins Co. Ten. 240 m.
N. E. Murfreesborough.

Surgut, a towin of Asiatic Russia, in the gov-
ernment of Tobolsk, surrounded by palisadoes,
and seated on the Oby. 285 m. N. N. E. of
Tobolsk. Long. 73. 30. E., lat. 61. 30. N.

Surinam, a country of Guiana, extending 75
miles along a river of the same name. It abounds
w'ith game, and singular animals of diffent kinds;
the toad, in particular, being remarkable for its
enormous size and ugly form. The products
are fruits, indigo, sugar, tobacco, gums, and
W’ood for dyeing. The woods are full of mon-
keys, and it is said there are serpents 30 feet


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