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TAB    708    TAD

patrimony, this country was annexed to the em-
pire of Constantinople. In this situation it con-

tinned till the year 622, when the Arabian tribes,
under the banners of Mahomet, seized or rather
laid it waste. Since that period it has heen torn
to pieces by the civil wars of the Fatemites and
Ommiadesxe2x80x94wrested from the califfs by their re-
bellious governorsxe2x80x94taken from them by the Turk-
men soldiersxe2x80x94invaded by the European crusades
xe2x80x94-retaken by the Mamelukes of Egyptxe2x80x94and ra-
vaged by Tamerlane and his Tartars ; it fell, at
length, into the hands of the Ottoman Turks, who
have been its masters nearly three centuries. It
is divided into five pachahcs, or governments,
Aleppo, Tripoli, Damascus, Acre, and Palestine.
Aleppo is the capital.

Syriam, a sea-port of Birmah, in Pegu,seated at
the head of a river of the same name, opposite the
mouth of Pegu River, 2 m. to the S. is the great
pagoda of Syriam. 8 m. E. by N. of Rangoon
and 60 S. of Pegu. Long. 96. 17. E., lat. 16.
50. N.

Syrk, a town ofFrance, department of Moselle,
14 m. S. E. of Luxemburg.

Szekely, a town of Hungary, 18 m. E. S. E. of

Szluin, a district of Austria, in Croatia, com-
prising an area of 320 sq. m., with 40,000 inhabit-
ants. It has a small town of the same name, on
the Crona, 24 m. S. by E. of Carlstadt.

Szueca, a town of W. Prussia, seated on the
Vistula, 12 m. S. by W. of Culm.


TAAIF, a town of Arabia, in the province of
Hedjas, with a considerable trade in raisins and
almonds, and other fruits. It is situate on a lof-
ty mountain, 60 m. S. E. of Mecca. Long. 41.

35. E., lat. 21. 5. N.

Taos, a strong city of Arabia, in the province
of Yemen, with a fortress. Here is the tomb
of a saint, who, according to tradition, was king
of the country. The city is seated at the foot of
a fertile hill, 48 m. E. N. E. of Mocha. Long.

44. 10. E., lat. 13. 45. S.

Taasinge, an island of Denmark, between those
of Langeland and Funen, 8 m. long and 4 hroad.
Long. 10. 37. E., lat. 54. 48. N.

Taata, a town of Upper Egypt, 1. m. from the
Nile. It is the residence of a governor, has ma-
ny curious remains of antiquity, and is 200 m. S.
of Cairo. Long. 31. 25. E., lat. 26. 56. N.

Tabaga, an island in the bay of Panama, 4 m.
long and 3 broad. It is mountainous, hut abounds
with fruit-trees. Long. 80. 16. W., lat. 7. 50.

Tabarea, an island on the coast of Barbary, at
the mouth of the Zaine. It was fortified, and had
a populous city of the same name, when finder,
the dominion of the Genoese, who had a coral
fishery here. But in 1757, on the Genoese at-
temping to transfer the island to France, the Ta-
bareans surrendered their city to Tunis; and they
were cruelly deceived by the bey, for he razed the
fortifications, and took away most of the inhabi-
tants as slaves. 50 m. W. N. W. of Tunis. Long.
9.16. E., lat. 36. 50. N.

Tabaria, the ancient Tiberias, a town of Pales-
tine, situate on the W. side of a lake, formerly
called the sea of Tiberiafc, 50 m. N N. E. of Je-
rusalem and 70 S. S. W. of Damascus. Long. 35.

45. E., lat. 32. 40. N.

Tabasco, a province of Mexico, bounded on the
N. by the bay of Campeachy, E. hy Jucatan, S.
by Chiapa, and W. by Guaxaca. It is 100 m.
long and 50 broad, and its chief riches consist in
cocoa-nuts. There are showers every day for
nine months in the year.

Tabasco, the capital ofthe above province, call-
ed by the Spaniards Nucstra Senora de la Vit-
toria, from a great victory obtained here by Cortes
on his first arrival. It is situate on an island
of the same name, 30 m. long and 10 broad, form-
ed by the river Tabasco and that of St. Peter and
Paul, and on the bay of Campeachy, 270 m. N. E
of Chiana. Long. 93. 20. W., lat. 18. 20. N.

Taberg, a town of Sweden, noted for its rich
mines of iron, 10 m. S. of Jonkoping.

Taberg, p.v. Oneida Co. N. Y. 118 m. N. W. of

Table Bay, See Cape of Good Hope.

Table Island, one of the New Hebridgcs, in the
S. Pacific. Long. 167. 7. E., lat. 15. 38. S.

Taboo, a town of Cassina, the capital of a coun-
try lying to the E. of Zahara. It is 280 m. N. by W.
of Agades. Long. 12.10. E., lat. 24. 0. N.

Tabor, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of its
name. The Hussites, under their celebrated gen
eral Zisca, fortified it, and made it their princi-
pal retreat. It is seated on a mountain of the
same name, by the river Luschnitz, 11 m. N. N.
E. of Bechin.

Tabor, a mountain of Palestine, which com
mands a view of the Jordan, the lake Gennesa
reth, and the Mediterranean. 6 m.-S. of Naza
reth.    xe2x80xa2xe2x80xa2

T&bris. See Tauris.

Tabristan, a province of Persia, on the S. shore
of the Caspian Sea, bounded by Astrabad on th*
E. and Chilan on the W.

Tacames. See Atacama.

Taeazze, a river which rises in Abyssinia, flows
N. W. into Nubia, and joins the Nile at Uak.

Tachau, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Pilsen, on the rivnr Mies, 28 rn. W. of Pilsen.

Tacuta, a town of the republic of .Mexico, in a
district of its name. 6 m. W. N. W. of Mex

Tadcaster, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng. a
market on Wednesday, on the river Wharf, over
which is one of the finest bridges in the county
built with the materials which once formed this
castle that stood on the S. bank of the river. JO
m. S. W. of York and 186 N. by W. of London


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