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TA1    709    TAL

Fadivan, or Todmn, a town of Persia, in Far-
sstan, situate in- a fruitful valley, 60 m. S. of

Tadmor. See Palmyra.

Tadousae, a town of Lower Canada, which is of
great resort for trading with the Indians who bring
hither furs to exchange for cloth and other Eu-
ropean goods. It is situate at the mouth of the
Saguenay, on the river St. Lawrence 18 m. N. E.
of Quebec. Long. 69. 35. W., lat. 48. 5. N.

Tafalla, a town of Spain, in Navarre, with a
university. Charles II., king of Navarre, built
a palace here, which he made his ordinary resi-
dence ; and Philip IV. honoured the town with
the title of city. It is seated on the Cidazzo, in
a country producing good wine, 18 m. S. of Pam-
plona. Long. 1. 36. W., lat. 42. 29. N.

Tafilet, a kingdom of Barbary, on the E. side of
Mount Atlas, tributary, to Morocco. It is bound-
ed on the N. by Algiers, E. by the Beriberes, S.
by Zahara, and W. by Darah and Morocco. The
country is sandy and mountainous, but produces
wheat and oarley by the sides of the rivers. The
inhabitants live upon camels’ flesh and dates, and
they breed horses to sell to foreigners. The Arabs
live in tents and the Beriberes, the ancient inhab-
itants, dwell in villages.

Tafilet, the capital of the above kingdom, with
a castle. It is a trading place, and seated on a
river of its name, 275 m. S. E. of Morocco. Long.

4. 20. W., lat. 30.40. N.

Taganrog, a sea-port and fort of Russia, situate
on the N. W. extremity of the sea of Asoph. It
is the largest and best port on this sea; carries on
a considerable trade with Constantinople and
the Archipelago, particularly in corn and but-
ter; and is employed in ship-building. 33 m.
W. N. W. of Asoph. Long. 18.40. E., lat. 47.
14. N.

Tagkannue Mountains, a branch of the Green-
Mountain chain, extending from Vermont through
the western part of Massachusetts into Connecti-
cut. The highest summit is Saddle Mountain,

Tagliacozza, a town of Naples, in Abruzzo Ul-
tra, 18 m. S. W. of Aquilla and 33 E. N. E. of

Tagliamento, a river of Austrian Italy, which
rises in the Alps, on the frontiers of Germany,
and runs S. through Friuli and Trevisano, into
the gulf of Venice.

Tagoast, or Tagazast, a town of Western Africa,
in the province of Sus, by some said to have been
the birthplace of St. Augustin. A great many Jews
five here, who carry on considerable trade. It is
seated in a fertile plain, 37 m. S. of Tarudant.

Tagumadert, a town of the kingdom of Darah,
with a strong castle on a mountain, seated on the
river Darah, 20 m. S. of Tattah.

Tagus, or Tajo, a river which has its source on
the coniines of Arragon, in Spain, runs through
New Castile, by Aranjuez, Toledo, and Talavera,
whence it proceeds by Alcantara, in Estremadura,
when entering Portugal, it flows by Abrantes
and Santarem, below which it forms the harbour
of Lisbon, and then enters the Atlantic Ocean.

Tai, a lake of China, in the provinces of Kiang-
nan and Tche-kiang, nearly 50 leagues in circum-
ference, and 75 m. S. E. of Nan-king.

Taief, a town of Arabia Deserta, in Hedsjas,
with a castle on a mountain, 60 m. S. E. of Mec-

Tailleborg, a town of France, department of
Lower Charente, 30 m. S. E. of Rochelle.

Tain, a borough of Scotland, in Ross-shire, with
a large square tower adorned with five spires, and
an elegant church, formerly collegiate. It is seat-
ed near the frith of Dornoch, 10 m. N. of Cromar-
ty. Long. 3. 51. ,W.,lat. 57. 46. N.

Tai-ouan, a city and sea-port, capital ofthe is-
land of Formosa. The streets are nearly straight
from 30 to 40 feet in breadth, and some of
them above 2 m. in length. They are covered
seven months in the year with awnings, to defend,
them from the heat of the sun. The harbour is
sheltered from every wind. It is sealed on the
W. side of the island. Long. 120. 30. E., lat 23.

25. N.

Tai-ping, a city of China, of the first rank, in
the province of Kiang-nan, seated on the Kian-
ku, 25 m. S. S. W. of Nan-king. Long. 118. 15. ,
E., lat. 32. 26. N.

Tai-ping, a strong city of China, of the first
rank, in the province of Quang-si, seated on a
point of land, almost surrounded by a river, 360
m. W. by S. of Canton. Long 107. 0. E., lat. 22.

36. N.

Tai-tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank, in
the province of Tche-kiang, seated on the bank
of a river, in a mountainous country, 720 m. S. S.
E. of Pekin. Long 121.2. E., lat. 28. 55. N.

Tai-tong, a strong city of China, of the first
rank, in the province of'Chan-si, seated near the
Great Wall, in a mountainous country, 155 m
W. 'of Pekin. Long. 113. 0. E., lat. 40 5. N.

Tai-yuen, a city of China, capital of the province
of Chan-si. It is 8 m. in circumference, but
much decayed since it was the residence of the
princes of the last imperial family of Tai-ming-
tchao. 220. S. W of Pekin. Long. 111. 56. E.,
lat. 37. 54. N.

Tolueda, a town of Hindoostan, inMysore, with
a celebrated temple. It is 24 m. E. S. E. of
Mysore. v

Talavera, a town of Spain, in New Castile, with
a fort. It has manufactures of silk, and a potte-
ry. A very obstinate battle was fought in its vi-
cinity between the British and French armies in
1809. It is seated on the Tagus, in a valley
abounding in corn, fruits, and excellent wine, 58
m. S.
W of Madrid. Long. 4. 1. W,. lat. 39

41. N.

T&lbot, a county of Maryland. Pop. 12,947.
Easton is the capital.

Talcaguana, a sea-port of Chile, on the S. E.
shore of the bay of Concepcion,and near the ruins
of the old city of Concepcion. It is now the only
Spanish settlement in the bay. 9 m. from the
new city of Concepcion. Long. 73. 0. W., lat. 36.

42. S.

Ta-li, a city of China, of the first rank, in the
province of Yun-nan. Here are made curious ta-
bles and ornaments of fine marble, which is nat-
urally beautiful with different colors, representing
mountains, flowers, trees and rivers 160 m. W.

N. W. of Tun-nan. Long. 100. 6. E., lat. 24. 54.

Tallahassee, ph. the seat of government for the
territory of Florida, in Leon Co. stands on Wa-
kulla river, 25 m. from the gulf of Mexico. It has
a healthy situation and the country around it is
fertile, but the place is yet in its infancy ; it has
been incorporated as a city. Lat. 30. 27. N. 220
m. E. Pensaoola, 213 N. W. St. Augustine. Pop.

Tattano, a sea-port of Corsica, situate on the
gulf of Tallano, 24 m N. N. W. of Bonifacio, and
39S. S. W. of Corte. Long. 9.18. E. lat. 15.20 Nr















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