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handsome buildings, but from the narrowness of
the streets, and many ruinous houses, its general
appearance is desolate. Its staple commerce con-
sists in the exportation of wine and silk. Near
the town is the magnificent church of the Mo-
dona, much visited by catholic pilgrims. The
massacre of the Protestants of the Valteline, in
1620, began in this town. It is seated on the
Adda, 15 m. E. of Londris. Long. 9. 58. E., lat.
46. 20. N.

Tipton, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop. 5,317.
Covington is the capital.

Tireh, a town of Asia Minor, in Natolia, situate
on the Meinder, 32 m. S. S. E. of Smyrna.

Tirey, an island of Scotland, one of the Hebri-
des, lying to the W. of Mull. It is 16 m. long and
3 broad. The surface in general is even, and it
is noted for its marble quarry and a handsome.,
breed of little horses.

Tirelemont, a town of the Netherlands, in S.
Brabant, formerly one of the most considerable
cities in that duchy, but ruined by the wars, and
by a great fire in 1701. Near this place the Aus-
trians were defeated in 1792 by the French, who
the year following were routed by the former. It
is seated on the river Greete, 10 m. E. S. E. of

Tirnau, a town of Hungary, in the country of
Neitra, seated on the Tirna, 26 m. N. E. of Pres-

Tirschenreid, a town of Bavaria, seated on a
lake, 10 m. S. of Egra.

Tisbury, a township of Dukes Co. Mass. on
Martha’s Vineyard. Pop. 1,318.

Titan, or Cabaros, an island of France, the larg-
est and most eastern of the Hieres, in the Mediter-

Uteri, the middle or southern province of the
kingdom of Algiers, in which is a lake of the
same name, formed by the rivet Shellif, near its
source Towards the N. the country is mountain-
ous and narrow, and to the S. it extends far into
the desert. It contains some of the highest moun-
tains in the kingdom, part of which are inhabited
by the Cabyls, an independent tribe, who have
never been subdued by the Algerines. The prin-
cipal town of this province is Belida.

Titieaca, a lake of S. America,between Peru and
Bolivar. It is of an oval figure, with an inclination
from N. W. to S. E., and 240 m. in circumference.
Many streams enter into it, but its waters are so
muddy and nauseous as to be unfit for drinking.
One of the most splendid temples in the empire
was erected on an island in this lake, by the

Titlisberg, one of the highest mountains in
Switzerland, in the canton of Uri, 11 m. S. S. W.
of Altorff.

Titschein, New, a well built town of the Austrian
states, in Moravia, defended by walls, 28 m. E.
by N. of Prerau.

Tittmaning, a town of Bavaria, in the duchy of
Salzburg, seated on the Salza, 20 m. N. N. W. of

Titul, a town of Hungary, seate.d on the Theis-
se, 23 m. E. S. E. of Peterwardein and 24 N. N.
W. of Belgrade.

Tinmen, a town of Siberia, in the province of
Tobolsk, on the river Tura at the influx of the
Pischma, 170 m. S. W. of Tobolsk.

Tiverton, a borough in Devonshire, Eng. noted
for its woolen manufactures, particularly kerseys.
161 m. W. by S. of London.

Tiverton, a township of Newport Co. R. I. on

Narraganset Bay 14 m. from Newport Pop.

Tivoli, a town of the papal states, in Campagna
di Roma, and a bishop’s see. Though now poor,
it boasts of greater antiquity than Rome, being
the ancient Tibur, which was founded by a Gre
cian colony. It was the favourite country resi
dence of the ancient Romans, as Frascati is of the
moderns. The cathedral is built on the ruins of
a temple of Hercules. In the market place are
two images of oriental granite, representing the
Egyptian deity Isis. The adjacent country yields
excellent oil. Near Tivoli are the ruins of the
magnificent villa built by emperor Adrian, a cel
ebrated cascade, a temple of Vesta, and another
of the Sybil Albunea, a famous villa Esteme, and
the remarkable lake of the Solfatara. Tivoli is
seated on an eminence, on the river Teverone,
16 m. E. N. E. of Rome.

Tizzano, a town of Italy,in the duchy of Parma,
13 m. S. of Parma.

Tlascala,a province of Mexico bounded on the N.
by Panuco E. by the gulf of Mexico S. by Guaxaca
and the Pacific Ocean, and W. by Mexico Proper.
On the W. side there is a chain of mountains for
the space of 55 m., well cultivated; and on the
N. is a great ridge of mountains, the neighbour-
hood of which exposes it to violent tempests and
frequent inundation. Yet this is allowed to be the
most populous county in all America; and it
produces so much maize, that hence it had the
name of Tlascala, the Land of Bread. Puebla de
los Angelos is the capital.

Tlascala, a town of Mexico, formerly the capital
of the province of the same name; seated on a
river, 15 m. N. by E. of Puebla de los Angelos.

Tobago, the most southern of the islands in the
W. Indies, and the most eastern except Barba-
does. It is 30 m. long and 10 broad : and near
its N. E. extremity is Little Tobago, an island 2
m. long and 1 broad. The climate is not so hot
as might be expected from its situation so near
the equator; nor is it visited by such dreadful
hurricanes as frequently desolate the other islands.
It is diversified with hills and vales, and is equal
in richness of produce to any island in these seas.
In 1748 it was declared a neutral island, but in
1763 was ceded to the English. It was taken by
the French in 1781, and confirmed to
*1783; but it was taken by the English in 1793,
and restored in 1802. It was again taken by the
English in 1803, and confirmed to them by the
treaty of Paris in 1814. The principal place is

Tobermory, a town of Scotland, in the island of
Mull, with a good harbour, and a custom-house;
seated on a fine bay, near the N. W. end of the
sound of Mull. Long. 5. 58. W., lat. 56. 46. N.

Tobolsk, a government of the Russian empire,
which comprehends the greatest part of Western
Siberia/ It is divided into the two provinces of
Tobolsk and Tomsk.

Tobolsk, a considerable and populous city of
Russia, formerly capital of Siberia, and at present
ofthe government of Tobolsk. It is divided into
the Upper and Lower Town : the former is prop-
erly the city, and stands very high, with a fort
built with stone, in which are the governor’s
court, the governor’s house, the archbishop’s
palace, the exchange, and two of the principal
churches, all built of stone, but the houses in
general are of wood, and are very low. The Tar-
tars that live round this town, for several m. are
all Mahometans, and their mufti is an Arabian

























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