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discovered by Cook. It is not, in any direction,
above 6 m. over, but there are hills in it of a con-
siderable elevation, covered with herbage, except
a few rocky cliffs, with patches of trees inter-
spersed to their summits. It is plentifully stock-
ed with hogs and fowls, and produces several
kinds of fruits and roots. See
Society Islands.
Long. 210. 23. W., lat. 23. 25. S.

Topel, or Topl, a town of Bohemia, in the circle
of Pilsen at the source of a rivulet of the same
name, 25 m. N. W. of Pilsen.

of Aggerhuys. It has some commerce in timber; iardsin 1694. It is seated near the mouth of the
and near it is Walloe, the most considerable salt- Ter, 19 m. E. by S. of Gironna and 60 N. E. of
work m the kingdom. 46 m. S. of Christiania. Barcelona.

Long. 10. 14. E., lat. 58. 50. N.    Torgau, a strong town of Prussian Saxony,

Tdnuru, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore, for-    in the government ot Merseburg, with a castle

merly a City of great extent, as appears by some The inhabitants brew excellent beer, and have
ruins of the walls. Here are three temples, in manufactures of woolens, leather, and soap. Here
good preservation; and near it is an immense the king of Prussia obtained a great victory ovei
tank, or resevoir of water, between two rocky    the Austrians in 1760. The town was taken by the

hills. It is 10 m. N. of Seringapatam.    allies in 1814. It is seated among groves and

Tooboonai. an island in the S. Pacific Ocean, lakes on the river Elbe, 26 m. N. N. W. of

Topetin, a town of Mexico, in the province of
Mechoacan, at the mouth of a river, near the Pa-
cific Ocean, 55 m. N. W. of Zacatula.

Toplitz, a town in Bohemia, in the circle of
Leutmeritz, celebrated for its warm baths. Near
this place the Austrians defeated the Prussians
in 1762 ; and here the allied sovereigns had their
head-quarters a considerable time, in 1813 . It is
16 m. N. W. of Leutmeritz.

Topoltzan, a town of Hungary, 60 m. N. E. of

Topsham, a sea-port of Devonshire, Eng. 5 m. S.
E. of Exeter, and 170 S. W. of London.

Topsfield, ph. Essex Co. Mass. 21 m. N. E.
Boston. Pop. 1,011.

Topsham, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. Pop. 1,564
ph. Orange Co. Vt. Pop. 1,384.

Tor, a sea-port of Arabia, with a. good harbour,
defended by a castle. Here is a Greek convent,
in the garden of which are fountains of bitter
water, pretended to be those which Moses ren-
dered sweet by throwing in a piece of wood. It
stands on the W. side of the peninsula formed
by the two arms of the Red Sea, 150 m. S. S. E.
of Suez. Long. 33. 40. E., lat. 28. 10. N.

Torbay, a bay of the English Channel, on the
co^st of Devonshire, to the E. of Dartmouth,
formed by two canais, called Berry Head and
Bob’s Nose. The S. point, Berry head, is in
Long. 3. 28. W., lat. 50. 24. N.

Torbia, a town ofthe Sardinian states, in Pied-
mont, 7 m. E. of Nice. '

Torbole, a town of Austrian Italy, in the circle
ofTreut, 14 m. S. E. of Trent.

Toreello,-a town of Austrian Italy, in a small is-
land of the same name, in the gulf of Venice. It is a
bishop’s sec, and has several churches and an
elegant nunnery. 7 m. N. of Venice.

Torda, or Torrenburg, a town of Transylvania,
famous for its salt-works. The Hungarian lan-
guage is said to be spoken with the greatest puri-
ty in this town. 15 mAV. N. W. of Clausenburg
and 48 N. W. of Herraanstadt.

Tordesillas, a fortified town of Spain, in Leon,
with a palace, where queen Joan, mother of
Charles V., ended her melancholy days. It is
seated on the Duero, 15 m. S. W. of Vallado-
lid and 75 S. E. of Leon.

Toree, a town of Bengal, 235 m. W. N. W. of
Calcutta. Long. 84. 55. E., lat. 23. 33. N.

Torello, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, famous
for a battle gained by the French over the Span-

Meissen and 46. N. W. of Dresden. Long. 13.
3. E., lat. 51. 32. N-.

Torigny, a town of France, department of
Manche, with a castle, 7 m. S. E. of St. Lo.

Tormes, a river of Spain, which rises in the
mountains of Avilla, in Castile, passes b}7 Alva,
Tormes, and SalamanCa, and joins the Duero.
below Mirande de Duero. The battle of Salma-
naca, July 1812, was fought on its banks.

Toma, a town of Hungary, capital of a district
of the same name, with a castle ; seated on an
eminence, on the river Sayo22m. W. of Cassovia.
Long. SO. 43. E., lat. 48.59. N.

Tornea, a river of Sweden, which rises on the
borders of Norway, forms a lake of the same name,
and flows S. E. into the gulf of Bothnia, below

Tornea, a sea-port of European Russia, in tbe
government of Finland, with a good harbour. It
is a place of some trade ; for the Laplanders in
those parts come and exchange their skins and
other articles for what they want. The houses
are low, and the cold so severe that sometimes
people lose their fingers and toes. In its vicini-
ty is an entire mountain of iron ore. It is seat-
ed on the river Tornea, at the N. extremity of
the gulf of Bothnia, 165 m. N. E. of Umea. Long.
24. 12. E., lat. 65. 51. N.

Toro, a town of Spain, in Leon, capital of a dis-
trict of its name, and a bishop’s see. It is seated
on a hill, on the river Dnero, over which is a
bridge 20 m. E. N. E. of Zamora and 30 N. N. E
of Salamanca.

Toron, a town of Macedonia, situate on a neck
of land between the gulfs of Monte Santo and Cas-
sandra, 90 m. S. E. of Salonica. Long. 24.10. E.,
lat. 39. 58. N.

Torquay,a village in Devonshire, Eng. near the
N. side of Torbay.

Torre de las Salinas, a town of Spain, in Va-
lencia, with a great trade in salt, procured from a
small lake formed by saline springs. This is the
most considerable salt-work in all Spain. The
town is situate near the coast ofthe Mediterranean,
20 m. S. E. of Orihuela and 37 N. N. E. of Cartha-

Torre del Greco, a town of Naples, in Terra del
Lavoro, destroyed by an eruption of Vesuvius in
1631, and by another in 1794. The present
town is built on the lava that covers the former
habitations, and stands on the bay of Naples, 5 m.
S. E. of that city.

Torre de Moncorvo, a town of Portugal, in Tras
os Montes, surrounded by a wall, and defended
by a bastion, and a castle. It is 27 m. S. E. oi
Mirandela and 42 S. S. W. of Braganza.

Torrejo, a town of Spain, in New Castle, 15 m
S. of Madrid.

Torres, a town of Spain, in Granada, seated on
the Mediterranean, 45 m. S. W. of Granada.

Torres Novas, a town of Portugal, in Estrema-
dura, with a castle; seated in a fertite plain, 58 m.
N. by E. of Santarem

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