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TRE    732    TRE

a single building of excellence new to be seen.
It is 50 m. S. S. W. of Oran. Long. 1. 12. W.,
lat. 34. 56. E.

Tremiti, three islands of Naples, in the gulf of
Venice, 15 m. from the N. coast of Capitanata.
They are called Tremiti, or St. Nicolo, St. Domino,
and Capraria. The first, which is the principal
of them, has a Benedictine convent and a castle.
Long. 15. 30. E., lat. 42. 10. N.

Tremouille, a town of France, department of
Vendee, seated on the Bennaile, 35 m. E. by S.
of Poitiers.

Tremp, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, 20 m. N.
of Balaguer.

Trenschin, a town of Hungary, capital of a coun-
ty of its name, with an ancient castle on a rock.
It has celebrated hot baths, and is seated near the
Waag, 70 m. N. N. E. of Presburg. Long. 18. 0.
E., lat. 48. 58. N.

Trent, a circle of the Austrian empire, in the
S. part of Tyrol, among the Alps, bounded by
Tyrol Proper and the territories of Venice. It
produces excellent wine.

Trent, a fortified city, capital of the above circle,
and formerly of a principality, famous in church
history for a celebrated council which was held
from 1545 to 1563. It has a handsome castle, a
cathedral, three parish churches, a college, and
some convents. In 1796 it was taken by the
French, under Massena, with 6,000 prisoners and
20 cannon. It is situate between two mountains,
on the river Wdige, 67 m. N. W. of Venice. Long.
10. 55. E., lat. 46. 2. N.

Trent, a river which rises in Staffordshire, Eng.
meets the Ouse on the borders of Yorkshire,
where there united stream forms the Humber.
This river is of itself navigable from Burton, in
Staffordshire ; and, by canals, it has a communi-
cation with the Mersey, the Severn, and the

Trent, a river of N. Carolina, joining the Neuse
at Newbern. It is navigable 12 m.

Trenton, ph. Hunterdon Co. N. J. on the Dela-
ware 30 in. N. E. Philad. It is the capital of New
Jersey, and stands at the limit of sloop and steam-
boat navigation upon the river, which is here
crossed by a bridge 1,100 feet long. The town
has considerable trade, cotton manufactures, a
statehouse, 2 banks and 6 churches. It has been
incorporated with city privileges. Pop. 3,925.
At this place Washington crossed the Delaware
on the night of the 25 December 1776, and falling

upon the enemy’s posts captured a body of 900
Hessians. This bold and successful achievement
nad a wonderful effect in retrieving the desperate
condition of the Americans.

Trenton, ph. Hancock Co. Me. Pop. 795; p.v.
Jones Co. N. C. Todd Co., Ken., Butler Co. Ohio;

ph. Oneida Co. N Y. 108 m. N. W. Albany.

Pop. 3,221. Trenton Falls, are on West Canada
Creek, a feeder of the Mohawk, 14 m. N. of Utica;
they consist of several grand and beautiful cas-
cades, some of them 40 feet in descent. The
river here passes through a rocky chasm 4 m. in
length, presenting the greatest variety of cascades
and rapids, boiling pools and eddies. The rock is
a dark limestone, and contains abundance of
petrified marine shells.

Treport, a town of France, department of Lower
Seine, seated on the English Channel, at the
mouth of the Bresle. It is tbe port for the town
of Eu, nearly two m. distant, and is 17 m. N. L.
of Dieppe.

Trepto, a town and castle of Prussia, in Pome-
rania, seated on the river Tollensee, and frontiers
of Mecklenburg, 25 m. N. of New Strelitz.

Trcpto-JYew, a town of Pomerania, with man-
ufactures of stockings and woolen stuffs, seated
on the Rega, near its mouth in the Baltic, 16 m.
E. N. E. of Camin.

Treshanish Isles, four fertile islands on the W.
coast of Scotland, between the island of Coll and
that of Mull.

Treves, a government of Prussia, comprising
the old electorate of Treves, a small portion of
the duchy of Luxemburg, with some other pretty
districts, and containing an area of about 2,500
square miles, with 300,000 inhabitants- There
are many mountains and forests ; but nearer the
Rhine and Moselle the soil is fruitful, abounding
in corn and wine.

Treves, a city of Germany, formerly the capi
tal of an electorate and archbishopric of the
same name, and now of the preceding govern
ment. It has a castle, a university, (now termed
a gymnasium) numerous remains of antiquities,
and many fine churches and palaces; but has
great'y suffered by war, and is now neither large
nor populous. It was taken by the French under
Jourdan in 1794, and retained till 1614. It is
seated on the Moselle, over which is a handsome
bridge, between two mountains, covered with
vineyards. 20 m. N. E. Luxemburg and 55 S
by E. of Cologne. Long. 6. 43. E., lat. 49. 47.

Trevi, a town of Italy, in the duchy of Spoleto,
12 m. N. by W. of Spoleto.

Trevico, a town of Naples, in Principato Ultra,
25 m. E. of Benevento.

Trevier de Courtes, St., a town of France, de
partment of Ain, 26 m. N. N. W. of Bourg en

Trevier en Domhes, St., a town in the depart-
ment of Ain, 18 m. S. W. of Bourg en Bresse.

Trevino, a town of Spain, in Biscay, with a cit
adel, 10 m. S. of Vittoria.

Trevisano, a province of Austrian Italy, in the
government of Venice ; bounded on the W. bv
Vicentino, N. by Feltrino and the Bolognese, E.
by Friuli, and S. by the gulf of Venice, Dogado,
and Padua. The soil is fertile, and produces corn,
wine and wood, and the exports are cattle, silk,
and woolen cloth. Treviso is the capital.

Treviso, or Trevigio, a fortified city of Italy,
capital of Trevisano, and a bishop’s see. It is
the residence of many noble families, and is seat-
ed on the Sile, at the influx of the Piavesella, 18
m. N. N. W. of Venice. Long. 12 18. lat

45. 44. N.

Trevoux, a town of France department of Ain
and formerly the capital of the principality of
Dombes, The mord remarkable buildings are


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