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mosque, and all the houses have fountains belong-
?ng to them. Before it is a sand-bank, which in-
creases so much that it is expected to choke up
the harbour, which is 2 m. W. of the town, and
formed by a round piece of land, united to the main-
land by an isthmus. On each side is a bulwark to
defend the entrance. It is the residence of a
bashaw, who also governs the territory about it,
where there are great numbers of mulberry-trees
and other fruits. The commerce of Tripoli con-
sists almost wholly in coarse silk, which is made
use of for laces. It is 90 m. N. W. of Damascus
and 120 S. of Scanderoon. Long. 36. 20. E., lat.
34. 50. N.

Tripura, a town of Hindoostan, in the province
of Coimbetore, with a fort at a little distance,
called Palar. It is seated on the Noyelar, 27 m.
N. N. W. of Daraporam.

Trist, an island of Mexico, on the coast of Ta-
oasco, in the bay of Campeachy, separated by a
narrow channel, on the E., from the isle of Port
Royal. It is 18 m. in circuit. Long. 92. 45. W.,
lat. 18. 15. N.

Tristan Da Cunha, an island in the Atlantic
Ocean, 15 m. in circuit. The land is extremely
high, and rises gradually towards the centre of
the island (where there is a lofty conical moun-
tain) in ridges, covered with trees of a moderate
size and height. The coast is frequented by sea-
lions, seals, penguins, and albatrosses. Long. 15.

30. W., lat. 37. 9. S.

Tritchinopoly, a town of Hindoostan, in the
Carnatic, surrounded by a double wall, flanked
with towers, and encompassed by a ditch. It was
taken by the British in 1751. 30 m. W. of Tan-
jore and 208 S. S. W. of Madras. Long. 78. 46.
E., lat. 10. 49. N.

Trivadi, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic,
with a large pagoda, which forms a citadel. It
is 26 m. Sxc2xb0W. of Pondicherry.

Trivento, a town of Naples, in the Molise, the
see of a bishop, 18 m. N. Molise.

Triumpho de la Cruz, cape, on the coast of
Honduras. Long. 88. 25. VV. lat. 15. 56. N.

Trocadie, a small island in the gulf of St.
Lawrence, near the N. coast of St. John’s Island.

Troehtelfigen, a town of Hohenzollern-Sigma
ringen, 16 m. N. W. Buchau, 29 S. Stutgard.
Long. 9. 18. E. lat. 48.16. N.

Troctou, a small island in the E. Indian sea, near
the coast of Queda. Long. 99. 33. E., lat. 6. 30.

Trogen, a town of Switzerland chief place of
the Protestant part of the canton of Appenzell,
noted for its manufacture of cloth. 7 m. S. E. St.
Gall, 7 N. Appenzell. Long. 9. 33. E., lat. 47.

14. N. Pop. 2,250.

Troin, a town of Naples, in Capitanata, on the
Chilare, the see of a bishop. It contains 6 church-
es, and 6 convents. 33 m. S. W. Manfredonia,
60 m. N. E. Naples. Long. 15. 18. E., lat. 41.

24. N.

Troja, a small island in the Mediterranean, near
the coast of Italy. Long. 11. 5. E., lat. ,42. 43.

Trois Maries, Les, a town ofFrance, in Mouths-
of-the-Rhone, 15 m. S. Arles.

Trois Rivieres. See Three Rivers.

Trois Rivieres, a bay on the E. coast of the isl-
and of St. John, in the gulf of St. Lawrence.

Trois Rivieres, a river of St. Domingo,runs into
the sea, on the N. coast of the island, near Port

Troitz, or Troitskoe Monas'.r, that is, “ the con-
vent of the Holy Trinity,” a convent of Russia,
strongly fortified, 40 m. from Moscow.
























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Troitzk, a town of Russia, in Penza, 75 m. W.
N. W. Penza. Long. 43. 34. E., lat. 54. N.

Troitzkoe, a town of Russia, in Upha, 200 m. E.
Upha. Long. 61. 44. E., lat. 54. N.

Troitzkoi, a town of Russia, in Tobolsk, on the
Oby, 304 m. N. Tobolsk. Long. 42. 50. E lat.
61. 24. N.

Troki, or Troeki, a town of Russia, in Wilna,
formerly the residence of the great dukes of Li-
thuania, 16 m. W. Wilna, 150 E. Konigsberg.
Long. 24. 44. E., lat. 54. 33. N. Pop. 5,000.

Tromba, a small island near the coast of Istria
Long. 13. 52. E., lat. 45. 3. N.

Tromnes, a small island in the North sea, near
the coast of Lapland. Long. 15. 26. E., lat. 68
5. N.

Tromoe, an island near the coast of Norway.
Long. 9. 10. E., lat. 58. 27. N.

Tromperwick, Gulf of, bay ofthe Baltic, on the N
E. coast of the island of Usedom. Long. 13. 40.
E., lat. 54. 40. N.

Tronto, a river of Italy, which runs into the
Adriatic, in long. 13. 59. E. lat. 42. 52. N.

Trorzan, a town of Piedmont, 7 m. N. W. Tu-
rin. Pop. 2,540.

Troon Point, cape on the W. coast of Scotland.
Long. 4. 36. W., lat. 55. 36. N.

Tropea, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra,
on a rock near the sea coast, 37 m. N. N. E.
Reggio. Long. 16. 13. E., lat. 38. 40. N. Pop.3,992.

Tropic Keys, small islands or rocks among
the Virgin Islands, in the West Indies, between
Great Passage island and Porto Rico.

Troppau or Oppau, city*, in Austrian Silesia, and
capital of a circle so called, is in a fruitful coun-
try, on the river Opapa, walled, and containing
an ancient palace of the princes, with 3 parochi-
al churches, a college, 3 convents of monks, and
a nunnery*. 45 m. S. Oppeln, 80 S. S. E. Bres-
lau. Long. 18. 30. E. lat. 49. 50. N. Pop. 11,540.

Tropplowitz, a town of Silesia, 70 m. N. N
W. Troppau. Long. 17. 31. 50. 1. N.

Trosa, a sea-port of Sweden, in Sunderman
land,on the Baltic, 18 m. S. W. Stockholm.

Trosachs, mountains of Scotland, in Perthshire,
10 m. W. Callander.

Trotby, a river of England, runs into the Wye.
at Monmouth.

Trotza, a river of Russia, which runs into the
Kama, 16 m. N. Kosa, in Viatka.

Troup Head, a cape of Scotland, on the N
coast of Banff, 10 m. W. Kinnard’s Point
Long. 2.11. W. lat. 57. 39. N.

Troupsburg, a town of Steuben Co. N.V. 20 m.
S. W. Bath. Pop. 666.

Troutbeck, a river of England in Westmoreland,
which runs into the Eden. 3 m. below Appleby.

Trout River, a river in the N. W. Territory
which runs into the Mississippi, above the outlet
of Sandy lake.

Trowbridge, a town of Wiltshire, Eng.

Troy, ph. Cheshire Co. N. II. 69 m. S. W.
Concord. Pop. 676; ph. Orleans Co. Vt. 50 m. N.
Montpelier. Pop. 608 ; p.v. Bradford Co. Pa. ; p.t.
Miamia Co. Ohio and townships in Cuyohoga,
Geauga, Delaware, Athens, Richland Cos. Ohio,
p.v. Perry Co. Ind. Lincoln Co. Missouri and
Obian Co. Ten.

Troy, ph. Bristol Co. Mass. 48 m. S. Boston.
Pop. 4,159. Within the limits of this town is fall
River Village,with a pop. of31,438. and verv large
manufactures of cotton; which run 3,431 Spindles


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