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TRU    735    TST

Here are also manufactures ot satinet, bleaching
and printing works, and manufactures of iron.
The town contains 7 churches, and a bank. It
stands on Taunton River which is navigable to
this place for small vessels.

Troy, city in Rensselaer Co. N. Y. stands on
the E. bank of the Hudson 5 m. above Albany at
tbe head of sloop navigation. It has a very flour-
ishing trade, and manufactures of cotton, woolen,
paper, iron &c. in the neighbourhood. Pop. 11,405.
In point of location and beautiful natural sce-
nery, Troy is exceeded by few, if any, of the
towns and villages on the Hudson. The streets,
running north and south, converge together at
the north end of the city, and are crossed at right
angles by those running east and west. The
buildings are principally built of brick, and are
shaded by rows of trees on each side of streets,
which are preserved remarkably clean, by addi-
tions of slate and gravel, instead of pavements.
The city contains three banks, seven churches, a
court house, jail and market. The Episcopal
church is a superb specimen of Gothic architec-
ture, probably not exceeded in the United States.
A large three story brick building has also been
erected at the expense of the corporation, for the
accommodation of the female seminary incorpo-
rated at this place.

Mount Ida, in the rear of Troy, is a romantic
spot, affording a very extensive prospect of the
Hudson river and the adjacent country.

About a mile above the city, a dam has been
thrown across the river, and a lock constructed,
affording a sioop navigation to the village of Wa-

One mile and a half from Troy is the Rensse-
laer school, which was established, and is under
the patronage of Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer
It is a valuable and flourishing institution.

Troyes, a city of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Aube, and a bishop’s see, with a castle in
which the ancient counts of Champagne resided.
It is surrounded by good walls ; but almost all the
houses are of wood, and good water is wanting
Its commerce, once very flourishing, now consist
only .n some linen, dimities, fustians, wax-chan-
dlery, candles, and wine. Troyes was captured
and recaptured several times by the allied and
French armies, in 1814. It is seated on the
Seine, 28 m. E. by N. of Sens and 105 S. E. of
Paris. Long. 4. 5. E., lat. 48. 18 N.

TrucksvUIe, p.v. Richland Co. Ohio.

Trumanshurg, a township of Tompkins Co. N.
Y. on Cayuga Lake.

Trumbull, a county of Ohio. Pop. 26,154.
Warren is the capital, ph. Fairfield Co. Conn. 65
in S W. Hartford. Pop. 1,238.

Truns, a town of Switzerland, in the canton of
Grisons, seated on the Rhine, 7 m. W. of Ilantz.

Truro, a borough in Cornwall, Eng., it is a
stannary town, and the chief business is in ship-
ping tin and copper ore, found in abundance in the
neighbourhood. 257 m. W. by S. of London.

Truro, a town of Nova Scotia, in Halifax coun-
ty, at the head of a narrow7 gulf in the bay of Fun-
dy, 40 m. N. by W. of Halifax.

Truro, ph. Barnstable Co. Mass. on Cape Cod,
adjoining Providence. Pop. 1,549, a township of
Franklin Co. Ohio, on Big Walnut and Black
Lick Creeks. Pop. 683.

Truxillo, a town of Spain, in Estremadura
with a citadel on the top of a hill. It was the birth-
place of the noted Erancis Pizarro, and is situate
on the side of a hill, near the river M agasca, 70
m. N. E. of Badajoz and 90 S. W. of Toledo.
Long. 5. 43. W., lat. 39. 26. N.
















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Truxillo, a city and sea-port of Peru, capital of a
province of its name, and the see of a bishop. It
was built by Francis Pizarro in 1553. In its ter-
ritory are above 50,000 native Americans. It is-
surrounded by a wall, and seated in a fertile coun-
try, on a small river, near the Pacific Ocean, 309
m. N W. of Lima. Long. 70. 5. W., lat. 8. 1.

Truxillo, a sea-port of S. America, in Honduras,
on the gulf of that name. It stands 3 in. from
the sea, between two rivers, the mouths of which,
and some islands before them, form the harbour.
It is 150 m. N. E. of Valladolid. xe2x96xa0 Long. 86. 30.
W., lat. 15. 46. N.

Truxillo, or Nuestra Senora de la Paz, a town
of Venezuela. 150 m. S. E. of Maracaiho. Lon*
70. 15. W., lat. 8. 15. N.

Truxton, ph. Cortland Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,888

Trydriffen, a towinship of Chester Co. Pa.1

Tryone, a township of Adams Co. Pa.

Tsanad, a towin of Hungary, on the river Meros
23 m. E. by S. of Segedin.

Tscherkask, a city of European Russia, capital
of the country of the Don Cossacs, founded in
1814, the old capital of the same name, about 5
m. distant, being considered unhealthy. The
streets are wide and straight, but the bouses are all
built of wood. It is situate at the confluence of
the Aksai and Turloo, 40 m. N. E. of Azopli.
Long. 40. 2. E., lat. 47. 14. N.

. Tschernahora, a town of the Austrian states, in
Moravia. w7ith a castle on a mountain, 13 m N.
N. W. of Brin.

Tschernemt, a towin of Austria, in Carniola,
with a castle, and a commandery of the Teutonic
order. 33 m. S. E. ofLaubach.

Tschirne, a towin of Prussian Silesia, in the prin-
cipality of Glogau, with a castle, and good cloth
manufactures. 22 m. E. N. E. of Glogau.

Tschopau, a town of Saxony, celebrated for its
blue manufacture. It stands on a river of the
same name, 7 m. S. E. of Chemnitz.

Tsiampa. See Ciavipa.

Tsi-nan, a city of China, capital of Chang-tong.
It is much respected by the Chinese, on account
of its having been formerly the residence of a
long series of kings, whose tombs, rising on the
neighbouring mountains, afford a beautiful pros-
pect. It is seated on the river Tsi or Tsing-ho,
230 m. S. by E. of Pekin. Long. 117. 25. E., lat.
36. 46. N.

Tsi-ning, a city of China, of tbe second rank,
in Chang-tong, situate on the grand canal, 275
m. S. of Pekin. Long. 116. 24. E., lat. 35. 24.

Tsin tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank,
in Chang-tong. 250 m. E. S. E. of Pekin. Long.
119. 2. E., lat. 36. 40. N.

Tsong-ming, an island of China, 50 m. long and
10 broad, lying at the mouth of the Kiang-ku, and
separated from the province of Kiang-nan by twin
channels, 13 m. broad. Its principal revenue
arises from salt, which is made in such abundance
on the N. side of the island, that it can supply -most
of the neighbouring countries. It contains only
one city, but villages are very numerous. The
country is delightful, and intersected by many
canals. The city of the same name, is of the
third class, and is situate at its S. E end. Long.

121. 55. E., lat. 30. 15. N.

Tsongrad, a town of Hungary, capital of a
county of the same name; seated on the Theisse,


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