Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer, page 736
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TVE    736    TUM

opposite the influx of the Koros, 26 m. N. of

Tsar, Sor, Sur, or Soor, a town on the E. yoast
of Arabia, in Oman, 22 m. S. E. Kalhat. Lat.

22. 36. N.

Tua, a river of Portugal, which runs into the
Duero, 15 m. N. W. St. Joao, de Pesqueira.

Tuabo, a town of Africa, in Jaen,on the Senegal.
Long. 10. 28. W., lat. 14. 56. N.

Tuak, a small island in the Red Sea, 12 m. from
the coast of Arabia. Long. 41. 58. E., lat. 5. 58.

Tuam, a city of Ireland, in Galway, the see of
an archbishop, 17 m. N. N. E. Galway.

Tuariks, a people of Africa,inhabiting a country
bordering S. W. on Bornou, S. on Bornou, Sou-
dan, and Tombuctoo, E. on the country of the
Tibboo and Fezzan, N. on Fezzan and the country
of the Arabs who live behind Tripoli, Tunis, and
Algiers, and W. on the great empire of Fez and
Morocco. They are divided into many nations
and tribes, who all speak the same language.

Tuat, or Twat, fertile oasis of the Sahara, Afri-
ca. Long. 1. to 6. E. lat. 23. N.

Tuba, a river of Russia, which runs into the
Enisei, 16 m. S. W. Abakansk, in Kolivan.

Tubai, one of the small Society Islands, 12 m.
from Bolabola. Long. 151. 44. W. lat. 16. 12 S.

Tubingen, a town of Wurtemberg, in a valley
on the Neckar, between two hills. An university
was founded here in 1477, and restored in 1770.
It contains 300 students; here is also a college
for the nobility. 16 m. S. S. W. Stuttgart, 28
E. Freudenstatt. Long. 9. 10. E., lat. 48. 33. N.
Pop. 5,765.

Tubna, a town of Algiers, (an. Thubana), 110
rn. S. S. W. Constantina, 120 S. S. E. Algiers.
Long. 5. E., lat. 35. 8. N.

Tub-urbo, (an. Tuburbuni), a town of Tunis, on
the Mejerdah. 16 m. W. N. W. Tunis.

Tuchel, a town of West Prussia, 44 m. S. W.

Tuekahoe, a river of Md. which runs into Chop-
tank river.

Tucker’s Island, a small island in the Pacific
ocean. Long. 122. 5. E., lat. 7. 22. N.

Tucker's Island, a small island near the coast
of S. Carolina. Long. 80. 16. W.t lat. 32. 36. N.

Tuckersville, p.t. Wayne Co. Geo., p.v. Crawford
Co. Ind.

Tuckerton, ph. and port of entry, Burlington
Co. N. J. on Little Egg harbour.

Tuckush, a small island in the Mediterranean
near the coast of Algiers, 12 m. E. Cape of Iron.

Tucopia, an island in the Pacific. Long. 157.
E., lat. 12. S.

Tucuman, a province of the old viceroyalty of
Buenos Ayres, lying between the province of Sal-
ta on the north, and Santiago and Catamarea on
the S. Area, 50,000 square miles. Pop. 45,000.
The name is frequently applied to a much more
extensive country. Chief town, St. Miguel de

Tueuyo, a river of Venezuela, which runs into
the sea, in long. 69. 22. W. lat. 10. 38. N.

Tuddington, a town of Eng. in Bedford, 16 m.
S. Bedford, 37 N. London.

Tudda, a town of Spain, in Navarre, on the
Ebro, 4 in. S. Ramplona, 45 N. VV. Saragossa.
Long. 1. 40.NV., lat. 42. 11. N. Pop. 7,295.

Tver, a town of Russia, and capital of a govern-
ment at the conflux of the Tvertza and Volga.
It is the see of an archbishop. It was burnt in
the year 1763, but has since been rebuilt on a

regular and beautiful plan. The governor’
house, the bishop’s palace, the courts of justice
the new exchange, the prison, and several other pub-
lic edifices were built at the expense ofthe empress.
There is an ecclesiastical seminary at Tver, which
is under the inspection of a bishop, and admits
600 students. Tver is a place of considerable
commerce, which it owes principally to its ad-
vantageous situation. 72 m. N. N. W. Moscow,
580 N. E. Warsaw, 272 S. E. Petersburg. Lon<r.

36. 14. E., lat. 56. 51. N. Pop. 20,000.    xc2xb0

Tverskoe, a government of Russia, bounded N.
by Novgorod, E. by Jaroslavl and Vladimir, S. by
Moskovekaia, and Sinolenskoe, and W. by Pskov ;
180 m. long, and 100 broad. Long. 33. to 38. E.
Lat. 55. 36. to 58. 30. N. Pop. 773,300.

Tiiffoa, a town of Africa, on the slave coast, 40
m. W. Assom.

Tuftonborough, a town of Stratford Co. N. H.
on lake Winnipiseogee, 50 m. N. W. Concord
Pop. 1,375.

Tugdoo, a river of Georgia, which is formed
by the union of the Tallulah and Chatooga, and
flowing S. E. between Georgia and S. Carolina
joins the Kiowee, to form Savannah river.

TuggsvilJe, p.v. Clarke Co. Alabama.

Tuggurt, a town of Africa, in Nigritia, 360 m.
N. E. Tombuctoo. Long. 6. E., lat. 20. 30. N.

Tuggurt, or Tocort, a town of Algiers, 240 m.
S. S, E. Algiers. Long. 5. 50. E., lat. 32. 40. N.

Tui, a river of S. America, which runs into the
Caribbean sea. Long. 67. 20. W., lat. 10. 36. N.

Tuis, a town of Italy, in Friuli, 10 in. W.

Tuklahtak, an island in the North sea, near the
coast of E. Greenland. Long. 46. 20. W., lat.
61. N.

Tula, a city of Russia, and capital of a govern-
ment of 11,855 sq. m. and 960,000 inhabitants.
It is on the Upha and is the Birmingham of Rus-
sia. The imperial fabric of fire arms employed in
1800, 6,000 workmen. Pop. at the same period,
estimated at 30,000. Near it are some iron mines,
112 m. S. Moscow, 452 S. S. E. Petersburg.
Long. 37. xc2xa3., lat. 54. 11. N.

Tulebros, a town of Spain, in Navarre, situate
on the Queis, 7 m. W. of Tudel.

Tullamore, a town of Ireland, in King’s county,
on a river of the same name, and near the great
canal, 10 m. W. by S. of Philipstown.

Tulle, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Correze. The cathedral is famous for its
steeple, which is very high and curious. It is
seated at the conflux of the Correze and Solane,
in a country surrounded by mountains and preci-
pices, 37 m. S. S. E. of Limoges and 62 S. W. of
Clermont. Long. 1. 42. E., lat. 45. 16. N.

Tullow, a town of Ireland, in the county of Car-
low, 8 m. E. S. E. of Carlow and 38 S. S. W. of

Tully, ph. Onondaga Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,640.

Tullytown, p.v. Greenville Dis. S. C.

Tuln, a town of Austria, and a bishop’s see ;
seated near the Danube, 15 m. W. N. W. of

Tulpehoeken, a township of Berks Co. Pa.

Tulsk, a hamlet of Ireland, in the county of
Roscommon, containing the ruins of towers, cas-
tles, &c., which sufficiently attest its former im-
portance. 9 m. N. of Roscommon.

Twmbez, a town of Peru, noted as the place
where the Spaniards first landed in these parts
under Pizarro. It is seated on a river of the same
name, which flows into the bay of Guayaquil


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