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Tydore, one of the Molucca Islands three
leagues S. of Ternate.

Tyler, a county of the W. Dis. of Virginia.
Pop. 5,750. Middlebourne is the capital.

Tyne, a river in Northumberland, Eng. formed
of a branch from the E. part of Cumberland, and
another from the hills on the borders of Scotland.
These, uniting Jittle above Hexham, form a large
river, which flows by Newcastle, and enters the
German Ocean at Tynemouth.

Tyne, a river of Scotland, in Haddingtonshire,
which rises on the borders of Edinburgshire, flows
hy Haddington, and enters the German Ocean to
the W. of Dunbar.

Tynemouth, a village in Northumberland, Eng.
near the mouth of the Tyne, 9 m. E. N. E. of New-

Tyngsborough, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. on the
Merrimack. 30 m. N. W. Boston. Pop. 822.

Tyre. See Sur.

Tyringham, ph. Berkshire Co. Mass. 116 m. S.
W. Boston. Pop. 1,351.

Tyrol, a princely county of the Austrian empire,
bounded on the N. by Bavaria, E. by Salzburg
and Carinthia, S. by Austria Italy, and W. by
Switzerland. Though a mountainous country, its
valleys are fertile in corn and wine, and it has
an excellent breed of cattle. It likewise yields
salt, all kinds of ores, and various sorts of precious
stones. Its copper contains not only silver but
also some gold. The principal rivers are the Inn,
Adige, and Eysach. The country is divided into
seven districts or circles. It was overrun by
the French and Bavarians in 1805; and by the
treaty of Presburg was ceded to Bavaria. In 1809
it was ceded to Italy, but was restored to Austria
in 1814. Inspruck is the capital.

Tyrone, a county of Ireland, in the province of
Ulster, 46 m. long and 37 broad; bounded on the
N. by Londonderry, E. by Armagh and Loch
Naeh, S. W. by Fermanagh, and W. by Donegal.
It is divided into 35 parishes, contains about 28,
700 inhabitants, and sends three members toparlia-
ament. It is a rough country, but tolerably fer-
tile. The capital is Dungannon.

Tyrone, ph. Steuben Co. N. Y. 240 m. W. Al-
bany. Pop. 1,880; townships in Perry, Fayette
and Huntingdon Cos. Pa.

Tyrrell, a county of N. Carolina. Pop. 4,732.
Columbia is the capital.

Tysted, a town of Denmark, in N. Jutland, with
a citadel, seated on the gulf of Lymford, 46 m.
W. of Alburg. Long. 8. 25. E.,lat. 56. 54. N.

Teife, a river of Wales in Cardiganshire,
which issues from a lake on the-E. side of the
county, and flows by Tregannon, Llanbeder, New-
castle and Cargan, into Cadigan Bay.

Tzaritzyn, a town of Russia in the government
of Saratof, seated on the Volga, 120 m. N. W. of
Astracan. Long. 45. 25. E., lat 48. 0. N.

Tzernitz, a town of European Turkey, in Ro-
mania near the river Tzerna, 32 m. N. N. E. of

Tzivilsk, a town of Russia in the government
of Kasan, 56 m. W. of Kasan. Long. 47 25. E
lat. 55. 40. N.

Tzuruchatu, Staroi, a town of Russia, in the
government of Irkutsk, seated on the Argunia,
on the borders of China, 160 m. S. E of Ner-
tchinsk. Long. 119. 32. E., lat. 49. 18. N.


UBEDA, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, with
a strong castle ; seated in a fertile country, near
the river Guadalquivir, 22 m. N. E. of Jaen.

Uberlingen, a town of Baden, in the district of
Furstenburg. The principal trade is in corn to
Switzerland ; and near it are famous baths. It is
seated on a high rock, 7 m. N. of Constance.

Ubersko, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Chrudin, 10 m. E. N. E. of Chrudin.

Ubes, St., or Setuval, a fortified sea-port of Port-
ugal, in Estremadura, with a strong citadel, and a
good harbour, defended by three forts. It is built
on the ruins of the ancient Setebriga, at the head
of a bay, near the influx of the Cadaon, and has
a good trade, particularly in salt, of which a

f reat quantity is sent to the colonies in America,
t stands at the end of a plain, 5 m. in length, ex-
tremely fertile in corn, wine, and fruits ; the N.
end bounded by mountains, covered with pines
and other trees, and containing quarries of jasper
of several colours. 20 m. S. E. of Lisbon. Long.
8. 54. W., lat. 38. 22. N.

Ubigau, a town of Saxony, seated on the El-
ster, 28 m. S. E. of Wittenburg.

Uby, an island on the E. side of the entrance
of the gulf of Siam, 20 m. in circumference. It
yields good water and plenty of wood. Long. 194.

46. E., lat. 8. 55. N.

Ucayal. See Apurvmac.

Ucedo, or Uzeda, a town of Spain, in New
Castile, with a castle ; seated on the Xarama, 32
m. N. N. E. of Madrid.

Ucker, a river which issues from a lake of the
same name, near Prenzlo, in Brandenburg, flows
N. into Pomerania, and being joined by the Ran-
do, enters the Frisch Haff at Uckermurffie.'

Ucker Mark, the former name of that part of
Brandenburg which bordered on Pomerania, be-
tween Mecklenburg and the Oder. It now forms
part of the Prussian government of Potsdam.

Uckermunde, a town of Prussia, in Pomerania,
seated on the Frisch Haff, at the influx of the
Ucker, 32 m. N. W. of Stettin.

Uddevalla, a sea-port of Sweden, in the prov-
ince of Bahus. The streets are spacious, but
the houses are built of wood, and the town was
therefore almost entirely destroyed in the fire of
1806. The chief trade is in iron, planks, and her-
rings. It is situate on a bay of the Categat, 50
m.N. by W. of Gotheburg. Long. 11. 50. E.,
lat. 58. 24. N.

Udina, or Udine, a city of Austrian Italy, cap-
ital of a delegation of its name which comprises
almost the whole of the former Venetian Friuli,
with a citadel. It is the see of an archbishop, and
contains 18,000 inhabitants. A treaty between
the Austrians and French was signed here in
1797. It is seated in a large plain, on the river
and canal called La Roia, 20 m. N. W. of Aquileia
and 65. N. E. of Venice.

Udinskoi, a town of Siberia, in the government
of Irkutsk, seated on the Seligna, 150 m. E of
Irkutsk. Long. 108. 20. E., lat. 52. 0t N.

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