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Udipu, a town of Hindoostan, in Canara near
which is a small fort. Here are three temples,
placed in a common square, and surrounded by
14 large convents. It stands amid rice fields,
beautifully intermixed with palm gardens,
2 m.
from the sea, and 36. N. N. W. of Mangalore.

Udskoi, a town of Siberia, in the province of
Okhotsk, situate on the Ud, 300 m. S. W., of
Okhotsk. Long. 135. 30. E., lat. 55. 6. N.

Udvarhely, a town of Transylvania capital of a
district of its name, with a considerable trade in
honey, wax, &c.
22 m. E. N. E. of Schoesburg,
and 78 S. E. of Clausenbug.

Uelzen, a town of Hanover, in Luneburg, noted
as the birthplace of Zimmerman. It is situate on
an island in the river Ilmeran.
22 m. S. of Lune-

Ufa, a government of Asiatic Russia, formerly
included in the government of Tobolsk. It is
divided into the two provinces of Ufa and Oren-

Ufa, the capital of the above government, seat-
ed on the river Ufa, near its confluence with the
Bielaia,760 m. E. by S. of Moscow. Long. 56.

0. E., lat. 54. 50. N.

Uffenheim, a town of Bavarian Franconia, in the
district of Anspach, with a castle ; situate on the
Gollace, 15 m. N. by E. of Rottenburg and
22 S.
E. of Wurtzburg.

Ugenlo, a town of Naples, in Terra d’Otranto,
and a bishop’s see, 8 m. W. of Allessama and 20
S. W. of Otranto.

Ugliani, a town of the Sardinan states, in
Piedmont, 9 m. N. of Ivrea and 16 E. S. E. of

Uglieh, a town of Russia, in the government of
Jaroslaul, with a trade in leather and soap ; seat-
ed on the Volga, 45 m. W. of Jaroslaul.

Ugogna, a town of Austrian Italy, 45 in. N. W.
of Milan.

Uist, North and South, two islands of the Heb-
rides, on the W. coast of Scotland. N. Uist is 22
m. long and 17 broad, and the face of the coun-
try corresponds with that of Lewes. S. Uist is
23 m. long and 7 broad, and the trees are here
equally unknown. Many cows are annually ex-
ported ; but the staple commodity is kelp, of
which about 1,100 tons are annually manufac-
tured in each. The island of Benbecula lies be-
tween them, and they are each about 16 m. to
the W. of the most western point in the Isle of

Ukenskoi, a town of Russia, in the government
of Tobolsk, at the conflux of the Irtisch and Oby,
196 m. N. of Tobolsk. Long. 69. 15. E., lat. 61.
10. N.

Ukraine, a country of Europe, lying on the
borders of Poland, Russia, and Little Tartary. Its
name signifies
a frontier. By a treaty between
Russia and Poland, in 1693, the latter remained
in possession of the Ukraine, on the W. side of
the Dnieper, which constituted a palatinate called
Kiov ; while the E. side was allotted to Russia,
and called the government of Kiov, but Russia
having obtained the polish part, by the treaty of
partition, in 1793, the whole belongs now to that
power. That part of the Ukraine on the W. side
of the Dnieper is but indifferently cultivated;
but that on the E. side, inhabited by the Cossacs,
is in much better condition. The principal town
is Kiov. See

Ulala, a town of Hindoostan, in Canara, 3 m.
S. W. of Magalore.

Ulavoul, a town of Scotland in Ross-shire, on the

E. side of the entrance of Loch Broom, at the
mouth of a river of its name, with a good har-
bour and commodious road. It is a great fishing
station and situate in the midst of a wool country,
48 m. W. by N. of Tain. Long. 5. 5. W., lat
57. 50. N.

Ulea, or Ulaborg, an extensive province to the
N. of Finland, and extending along the S. coast
of the gulf of Bothnia. It was long subject to
Sweden, but, since 1809, it forms a circle of the
Russian government of Abo. The population
is thinly scattered, the chief part of the surface
being covered with forests, marshes, and rocks

Uleaborg, the capital of the preceding prov
ince, and the largest town in E. Bothnia, with s
castle oil an island, and a commodious harbour.
In 1714 this town was demolished by the Rus-
sians, to whom the Swedes surrendered it in
1808. It is situate at the mouth of a river of the
same name 340 m. N. by E. of Abo. Long. 24.
40. E., lat. 65. 30. N.

Ulietea, one of the Society isles, in the S. Pacific.

Ullsicater, a lake of England,on the borders of
Westmoreland and Cumberland, 10 m. N. of Am-
bleside. It is 8 m. long, and abounds with Char
and other fish. The report of guns, discharged
in certain stations on the lake, is reverberated from
rock to rock, promontory, cavern, and hill,
with every variety of sound. The river Eamont
flows through this lake,and by Penrith to the Eden,
forming that part of the boundary line between
the two counties.

Ulm, a city of Germany, in Wurtemberg. It
is a fortified, large, and handsome place ; in which
the archives of the late imperial towns of Suabia
were preserved, and where the diet of the circle
was generally held. The cathedral is a large
magnificent structure. Here is an excellent col-
lege, with a theological seminary annexed ; and
a convent for the daughters of the nobility and cit-
izens, who are here educated, and afterwards at
liberty to marry. Its other most remarkable build-
ings are the abbey of St. Nichael, commonly called
Wengen, the town-house, the arsenal, the maga-
zines, and the valuable town library. The inhabit-
ants are protestants, and estimated at 16,000 ;
they have a good trade in linens, fustians, paper
wine, and wool. The duke of Bavaria took it in
1702, by stratagem ; but surrendered it after the
battle of Blenheim, in 1704. In 1796 it was ta-
ken by the French, and it surrendered to them
in 1805, with the flower of the Austrian army,
under general Mack, consisting of 60.000 men.
In 1810 it was transferred to Wurtemberg. It is
seated at the confluence of the Blau with the
Danube, opposite the influx of the Iller, 38 m
W. by N. of Augsburg and 40. S E. of Stuttgard.
Ldng. 9. 56. E., lat. 43. 24. N.

Ulotho, or Vlothow, a town of Prussian West-
phalia, in the county of Ravensburg, near which
is a medicinal spring. 6 m. S. of Minden.

Ulrichstein, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Darm-
stadt, with a fortified castle, 25 m. S. E. of Mar-

Ulrielishamn, a town of Sweden, in WT. Goth-
land, formerly called Bogesund, the present name
being given it in 1741, in compliment to queen
Ulrica Eleanora. It has a considerable trade in
cattle, provisions, tobacco, &c., and is 50 m. E.
of Gotheburg.

Ulster, a province of Ireland, 116 m. long and
100 broad ; bounded on the E. by the Irish Sea,
N. by the Northern Ocean, W. by the Atlantia















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