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UND    742

Ocean, S. W. by the province of Connaught, and
S by that of Leinster. It contains the counties
of'Donegal, Londonderry, Antrim, Tyrone, Fer-
managh, Monaghan, Armagh, Down, and Cavan.
The principal place is Londonderry.

Ulster, a county of New York. Pop. 36,551.
JCingston is the capital; ph. Bradford Co. Pa.

Ultzen, or Veltzen, a town of the Netherlands,
in N. Holland, with a trade in flour and wool.
50 m. N. of Haarlem.

Ulverstone, a town in Lancaster, Eng. 261 m.
N. N. W. of London.

Ulysses, a township of Tompkins Co. N. Y.
Pop. 3,130.

Umbugog, a lake lying between N. Hamp-
shire and Maine, 18 m. long and 10 broad. Its
waters flow into the Androscoggin.

Umo, or Umm, a province of Sweden, compri-
sing W. Bothnia, Umea Lapmark, and nearly all
Swedish Lapland. It has an area of 65,000 sq.
m. with about 80,000 inhabitants.'

Uma, or Umea, a sea-port of Sweden, in W.
Bothnia, capital of the above province, at the
mouth ol the river Uma, in the gulf of Bothnia.
Tbe houses are built cf wood ; and it was twice
burnt by the Russians. 310 m. N. by E. of
Stockholm. Long. 19. 18. E,, lat. 63 58. N.

Umago, a small sea-port of Austrian Illyria,
in Istria, seated near the gulf Largona, 12 m. S.
W. of Capo d’ Istria.

Umbria, a province of Italy, now called the
duchy of Spoleto,

Umbriatico, a town of Naples, in Catabria, seat-
ed on the Lipuda, 15 m. N. by W. of St. Seve-

Ummerapoora, one of the most flourishing and
well-built cities of Asia, once the metropolis of
Birmah, with a spacious and regular fort, com-
pletely fortified after the eastern manner. It was
founded in 1783 by the emperor Minderagree, 4
m. to the N. E. of Ava, the ancient capital. The
houses are raised on posts from the ground ; the
smaller supported by bamboos, the larger by strong
timber The streets are all straight, many of them
wide, paved with brick, and frequently crossed by
others at right angles. The royal palace is a
splendid edifice, within the fort, and no nobleman
of the court was permitted to enter it with his
feet covered. The temples and monasteries are
numerous, and though in general composed of
wood are very magnificent: the unbounded ex-
penditure of gilding, which is bestowed on the
outside of the roofs, particularly on the lofty spires,
renders them objects of extraordinary splendor.
Ummerapoora is situate on a peninsula, formed
by the Irrawaddy on the W. and a narrow chan-
nel branching E. from the river, which soon takes
a N. direction and expands to a lake on the E.
side of the city, 7 m. long and one and a half
broad. 250 m. E. of Calcutta and 620 N. N. W.
of Siam. Long. 76. 7. E., lat. 21. 57. N.

Unadilla, ph. Otsego Co. N. Y. on the Susque-
hanna. Pop. 2,313.

Uncasville, p.v. N. London Co. Conn. 45 m.
S. E. Hartford.

Underwalden, a canton of Switzerland, bounded
on the N. by the canton of Lucern and the Lake
of the Four Cantons, E. by high mountains which
separate it from the canton of Uri, S. by Mount
Brunich. which parts it from the canton of Bern,
and W. by that of Lucern. It is 24 m. long and
20 broad, contains an area of 300 sq. m. with

23,000 inhabitants, and is divided into the Upper
and Lower Valley, by a forest called Kesterwald.


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which crosses the canton from N to S. The
country abounds in fruit and cattle, but produces
little corn and no wine. The inhabitants are
Roman Catholics. Stanz is the capital of the
Lower Valley, and Sarnen of the Upper and of
the whole canton.

Ungvar, a town and fort of Hungary, capital of
a palatinate of the same name. It stands in an
island formed by the Ung, 57 in. E. of Cassovia.
Long. 22. 23. E., lat. 48. 42. N.

Ungnin, a small island in the N. Pacific Ocean
near the W. coast of America., so named by tha
Russians. Long. 198. 44. E., lat. 55. N.

Unhaca, a small island in the Indian sea, at thxc2xa9
entrance of the bay of Leronzo Marques. Late
26. 5. N.

Unhost, or Anhost, a town in Bohemia, in Sciia-
lan ; 8 m. S. Sehalan, 9 m. W. Prague. Pop

Uniego, a town of Poland, in the palatinate of
Lenczicz, with a fine castle belonging to the arch-
bishop of Gnesen, seated on the Warta, 20 m. S.
S. W. of Lenczicz.

Union, a county of the W. Dis. of Pennsylvania.
Pop. 20,749. New Berlin is the capital. A coun-
ty of Ohio. Pop. 3,192. Marysville is the capi-
tal. A county of Kentucky. Pop. 4,435. Mor-
ganfield is the capital. A county of Illinois.
Pop. 3,239. Jonesborough is the capital. A
county of Indiana. Pop. 7,957. Liberty is the
capital. A county of Arkansas. Pop. 640 Corea
Fabre is the capital. A District of S. Carolina.
Pop, 17,908. Unionville is the capital.

Union, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. Pop. 1,612; ph
Tolland Co. Conn. Pop. 711 ; ph. Brown Co
N. Y. Pop. 2,112; ph. Essex Co. N. J; town
ships in Erie, Huntingdon, Luzerne, Fayette
Mifflin and Schuylkill Cos. Pa; and towns ana
villages in Loudon and Monroe Cos. Va., Union
Dis. S. C. Union, Belmont, Washington. Law-
rence, Knox, Ross, Highland, Champaign. Logan,
Madison, Fayette, Clinton, Scioto, Warren, But-
ler, Muskingum, Clermont, Miami, Morgan, Lick-
ing, Harrison and Brown Cos. Ohio.

Union Society, p.v. Green Co. N. Y.

Union Springs, p.v. Cayuga Co. N. Y; p.v
Fayette Co. Pa.

Uniontoicn, p.v. Frederick Co. Maryl; p.v. Fay
ette Co. Pa; p.v. Belmont Co. Ohio; p.v. Mus-
kingum Co. Ohio; a town in Pike Co. Ohio.

UnionpUle, p.v. Orange Co. N. Y. Chester Co.
Pa. and Georgia Co. Ohio.

United Provinces of Smith America, called also
Buenos Ayres, from the name of the chief city,
and sometimes the
Argentine Republic, from the
etymology of the river La Plata; a republic of
South America lying upon the La Plata and its
tributary streams.

The present political boundaries are Boli-
via on the N. Paraguay, Banda Oriental and
the Atlantic Ocean on the E. Patagonia on
the S. and Chile on the W. It contains 600,000
sq. m. and is divided into 13 provinces. This
country resembles an extensive amphitheatre,
bounded laterally by the Andes and the
Brazilian mountains, and on the N. by a tract
of mountains, denominated those of
which running N. W. from the Andes of La
Paz and Potosi, and crossing the Parana, are con-
nected with the Brazilian chain,xe2x80x94leaving to-
wards the S. E. the immense opening of the Rio
de la Plata, like a wide and magnificent portal
proportioned to the grandeur, importance, and ex
tent of the region to which it gives access. With


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