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Variety Mills, p.v. Nelson Co. Va.




Varna, a sea-port of Bulgaria, and an arch-
bishop’s see ; seated near the mouth ofthe Varna,
in the Black Sea,
22 m. N. of Mesembria and 145
N. W. of Constantinople. Long. 28. 23. E., lat.
42. 44. N.

Varzey, a town of France, department of Nievre,
24 m. N. of Nevers.

Vasil, a town of Russia, in the government of
Novogorod, situate on the Volga, 60 m. E. of No-
vogorod. Long. 45. 44. E., lat. 56. 16. N.

Vassal borough, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. on the
Kennebec, 83 m. N. E. Portland. Pop. 2,761.

Vassy, a town of France, department of Upper
Marne, where, in 1562, a bloody persecution of the
protestants began, by order of the duke of Guise.
It is seated on the Blaise,10 in. N. W. of Joinville.

Vatan, a town in the department of Indre, 8 m.
N. W. of Issoudun.

Vatica, a sea-port of the Morea, situate on a
large bay to which it gives name, 44 m. S. E. of
Misitra. Long. 23. 2. E., lat. 36. 38. N.

Vaucluse, a department of France, including the
county of Venaissin and territory of Avignon.
The superficial extent is estimated at 1,400 sq. m.
with 210,000 inhabitants. It takes its name from
the fountain of Vaucluse, 12 m. E. of Avignon,cel-
ebrated by Petrarch. The chief town is Avignon.

Va,ucouleurs, a town of France, department of
Meuse, seated on the side of- a hill, on the river
Meuse, 23 m. S. E. of Bar le Due.

Vaud, Pays de. See Pays.

Vaudemont, a town of France, department of
Meurthe, 18 m. S. by W. of Nancy.

Vauville, a town in the department ofManche,
on a bay to which it gives name, 9 m. W. ofCher-

Vauxhale, a village in Surrey, Eng., seated on
the Thames, over which is an elegant iron bridge,
of nine arches, 2 m. S. W. of London. It is cel-
ebrated for its gardens, which, as a place of public
entertainment, are the finest in Europe.

Vaypura, a town of Hindoostan, in Malabar,
seated at the mouth of a fine river, down which
much teak timber is floated. 7 m. S. of Calicut.

Vecht, a river that rises in Westphalia, near
Munster, crosses the counties of Stenfort and Ben-
theiin, and, entering Overyssel, passes by Ommen,
Hasselt, and Swartsluys, below which it enters the
Zuyder Zee.

Vecht, a river of Holland, which branches off
from the old channel of the Rhine at Utrecht, and
enters the Zuyder Zee at Muyden.

Veckta, a town and fortress of Germany, in the
principality of Oldenburg, seated on a river of the
same name, 27 m. S. cf Oldenburg, and 35 N. N.
E. of Osnaburg.

Vedenskoi, a town of Russia, in the government
of Archangel, situate on the Vokscha, 200 m. E.
S. E. of Archangel. Long. 46.44. E., lat. 58. 45. N.

Vega, a town of Spain, in Asturias, near the
coast, 34 m. N. W. of Oviedo.

Vega, a town of Spain, in the province of Leon,
22 m. N. N. E. of Leon.

Vegayman, a town of Spain, in the province of
Leon, 28 m. N. N. E. of Leon.

Veglia, an island in the gulf of Venice, on the
coast of Dalmatia. It is 90 m. in circuit, rocky and
badly cultivated, but produces wine and silk, and
has small horses in high esteem. The town of the
same name has a good harbour, a strong citadel,
and is the see of a bishop. Long. 14. 56. E., lat.

15. 22. N.

Vegliana, a town of the Sardinian states, in

Piedmont, seated on an eminence, near the rive
Doria, 12 m. N. W. ofTurin.

Veh, a town of Hindoostan, in Moultan, seated
at the junction of the Setledge with the Indus, 63
m. S. S.W. of Moultan. Lon*. 70. 5. E., lat. 29.
8. N.    “

Veiros, a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo, seated
on the Anhaloura, 10 m. S. S. AV. of Portalegre.

Veisenburg, a town of Russia, in the government
of Revel, near the gulf of Finland, 56 m. E. ol

Veit, St., a town of Austrian Illyria, ih Carin-
thia, with an old castle, seated at the conflux ol
the Gian and Wunich, 8 rn. N. of Clagenfurt.

Vela, a cape on the N. coast of Terra Firma, 160
m. E. N. E. of St. Martha. Long. 71. 25. W., lat.

12. 30. N.

Velay, a district of France, which is full ofliigb
mountains, covered with snow the greater part ol
the year, but abounds in cattle. It forms a part of
the department of Upper Loire.

Vdburg, a town of Bavaria, in the principality
of Neuburg, with a decayed castle, 22 m. N. W

Veldentz, a town of Prussia, in the province of
Lower Rhine, with a castle. The environs pro-
duce excellent Moselle wine. It is seated on the
Moselle, 19 m. N. E.xc2xabof Treves.

Velctri, a town of Italy, in Campagna di Roma,
the residence of the bishop of Ostia, whose palace
is magnificent; and there are large squares adorn-
ed with fine fountains. It is seated on an emi
nence, 18 m. S. E. of Rome.

Velez de Gomara, a sea-port of the kingdom of
Fez, with a castle, seated between two high
mountains, on the Mediterranean,
120 in. N. N.
of Fez. Long. 4. 0. W., lat. 55. 10. N.

Velez Malaga, a town of Spain, in Grenada,
seated in a large plain, between two rivers, near
the Mediterranean, 13 m. E. by N. of Mala*a and
62 S. W. of Grenada.

Vdika, a town of Sclavonia, on the river Baka-
wa, 10 m. E. of Cruetz and 60 N. Wr. of Fosega.

Vdore, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic,
with a large and beautiful
%rt, strongly garrison-
ed by English forces. The town is pretty large,
and well built. Above it are three small forts on
as many hills. It is seated in a fine valley, on
the Paliar, 14 m. W. of Arcot.

Venafro, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,
25 m. N. by W. of Capua.

Venaissin, a small but fertile district of France,
now included in the department of Vaucluse.

Venango, a county of the W. Dis. of Pennsyl-
Pop. 4,70b Warren is the capital.

Venant, St., a town of France, department of
Pas de Calais, on the river Lis, 6 m. N. by W. of
Bethune and 27 S. E. of Dunkirk.

Venasque, a town of Spain, in Arragon, in a
valley of the same name, and on the river Essarn,
47 m. N. N. E. of Balbastro.

Venasque, a town of France, department of
Vaucluse, on the river Nasquc, 10 m. E. S. E. of
Carpentras and IS E. N. E. of Avignon.

Vencaiichery, a town of Hindoostan, in the E
part of Mysore, ceded to the English-by the treaty
of Seringapatam. Here are the remains of the
rajah’s palace, and the nuns of a fort. Near this
place iron is smelted from black sand. It is 57 m.
W. of Arcot and 58 E. of Bangalore.

Fence, a town of France, department of Var, 0
m. N. of Antibes and 9 W. of Nice.

Vendee, a department cf France, including part
ol_ the former province of Poitou. It is so called















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