Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 759 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 759 Left Column
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    Corrèze, France
    Loire River
    Poitiers, Vienne, France
Haute-Vienne, France (main entry)
    Limosin, France
    Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France
Vierraden, Brandenburg, Prussia (main entry)
    Vesle River
    Oder River
    Prenzlo (directional)
Vierzon, Cher, France (main entry)
    Cher River
    Yevre River
    Bourges (directional)
Viesti, Capitanata, Naples (main entry)
    Gulf of Venice
    Spur of the Boot
    Mount Gargano
    Manfredonia (directional)
St. Viet, Luxemburg, Netherlands (main entry)
    St. Vith (synonym for St. Viet, Luxemburg, Netherlands)
    Uren River
    Limburg (directional)
    Luxemburg (directional)
Vigan, Gard, France (main entry)
    Alais (directional)
    Nismes (directional)
Vigevano, Milan, Austrian Italy (main entry)
    Tesino River
    Milan (directional)
Vignot, Meuse, France (main entry)
    Bar le Duc (directional)
    Verdun (directional)
Vigo, Galicia, Spain (main entry)
    Atlantic Ocean
    Spanish plate-fleet
    Tuy (directional)
    Compostella (directional)
Vigo County, Indiana, United States (main entry)
    Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, United States
Vihiers, Maine-et-Loire, France (main entry)
    Angers (directional)
    Saumur (directional)
Vilaine River (main entry)
    Mayenne, France
    Morbihan, France
    Lower Loire, France
    Bay of Biscay
    Roche Bernard
Villa de Conde, Entre Douro e Minho, Portugal (main entry)
    Ava River
    Oporto (directional)
Villa de Horta, Fayal (Island), Azores (Islands) (main entry)
Villa d'Iglesias, Sardinia (Island) (main entry)
    Cagliari (directional)
Villa Flor, Tras os Montes, Portugal (main entry)
    Braganza (directional)
Villa Frenca, Nice County, Sardinia (main entry)
    Nice (directional)
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