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WAT    765    WAL



WAAG, a river of Hungary, which rises in
the Carpathian mountains, flows by Leopoldstadt,
and joins the Danube below Comorn.

Waal, a river of the Netherlands, being the S.
branch from the Rhine below Emmerick. It
flows W. through Gelderland, passes by Nimegu-
en, Tiel, Bommel, and Gorcum, and joins the
Meuse at Briel.

Wabash, a river of the United States, in Indiana,
which rises near some lakes to the W. of Lake
Erie, and taking a S. S. W. course of 400 m.
enters the Ohio 100 m. above the confluence of
that river with the Mississippi. It is navigable
for' 340 m. and approaches within 9 m. of the
navigable waters of Lake Erie.

Wabash, a county of Indiana. Elk Heart Plain
is the capital. A county of Illinois. Pop. 2,109.
Mount Carmel is the capital.

Wachenheim, a town of Bavaria, in the circle
of the Rhine,.17 m. S. S. W. of Worms.

Wachtersbach. a town of Germany, in Wattera-
via, with a castle, in which the count of Isen-
burg-Wachtersbach resides. 20 m. E. N. E. of

Wachusett, a mountain of Massachusetts in
Princeton, Worcester Co. It is a detached emi-
nence at a distance from any range of mountains
and is 3,000 feet in height.

Waddington, ph. St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. 250
m. N. W. Albany.

Wadesborough, p.v. Anson Co. N. C. 20 m. W.

Willing River, ph. Suffolk Co. N. Y.

Wadstena, a town of Sweden, in E. Gothland,
with a castle built by Gustavus Vasa in 1544, and
inhabited by his son Magnus, who was insane.
It is seated on the lake Wetter, 46 m. W. of
Nordkoping. Long. 14. 53. E., lat. 58. 28.

Wadsworth, ph. Madison Co. Ohio, 110 m. N.
E. Columbus. Pop. 965.

Wageningen, a town of the Netherland s, in
Gelderland, with a good trade in cattle and tobac-
co. It is seated on the Rhine, 12 m. W. of Aren-

Wagram, a town of Austria, 14un. N. N. E.
Vienna. Here Napoleon gained a splendid victo-
ry over the Austrians July, 6,1809.

Wahren, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Macklenburg, seated near the lake Calpin, 12 m.

of Malchin and 27 W. N. W. of New Stre-

Waiblingen, a town of Germany, in the king-
dom of Wurtemberg, on the river Rems, 7 m. E.
N.E. of Stuttgard.

Waidhoven, Bairisch, a town of Austria, on the
river Ips, 23 m. S. W. of St. Polten.

Waidhoven, Bohmisch, a town and castle of Aus-
tria, on the river Teya, 10 m. N. N. W. of Horn.

Waidsborough, p.v. Callaway Co. Ken, 263 m.
S. W. Frankfort.

Waigatz, or Vaigatch, an island and strait be-
tween Nova Zembla and Russia. Long. 93. 30.
E., lat. 69. 30. N.

Wamfleet, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng. 131 m.
N. by E. of London.

Waitsfield, ph. Washington Co. Vt. Pop. 958.

Waitzen, a town of Hungary, and a bishop's
see. A large annual fair is kept here. It has fre-
quently been taken by the Turks, and was burnt
by them in 1685. It is situate on the Danube,
98 m. E. S. E. of Presburg. Long. 19. 15. E.,
lat. 47. 45. N.

Wakitomika, ph. Coshocton Co. Ohio. 60 m. N
E. Columbus.

Wake, a county of N. Carolina. Pop. 20,417
Raleigh is the capital.

Wakefield, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng. Here
are considerable manufactures of woolen cloth
and stuffs, and a hall for the sale of the goods ; al-
so a free grammar-school, which has several ex-
hibitions to both the universities. It is situate in
the heart of a rich and fertile district, 29 m. S
W. of York and 178 N. N W. of London.

Wakefield, a township of Strafford Co. N. H
50 m. N. W. Portsmouth. Pop. 1.470.

Wake Forest, p.v. W7ake Co. N. C.

Wakulla, a small river of W. Florida, running
into the Gulf of Mexico. The
Wakulla Foun-
which is the source of this river, is a large
basin of water like a small lake, and so deep that
it has been sounded with a line of 250 fathoms
without reaching the bottom. The water is of a
light blue color and almost as transparent as air. It
has almost the coldness of ice water, even in the
hotest of summer, and bubbles up from the bottom
like a cauldron of boiling water. This spring
is 12 m. from Tallahassee and 20 from the Gulf
of Mexico.

Walachia, province of Turkey, 175 m. long and
125 broad; bounded on the N*. by Transylvania,
E. by Moldavia, S. by the river Danube which
separates it from Bulgaria, and W. by Hungary.
It is watered by numerous rivers, abounds in
good horses and cattle, has mines of several kinds,
and produces wine, oil, and all manner of Euro-
pean fruit. One of the most remarkable able
animals of this country is the Strepsiceros or

Walachian sheep. Its area is estimated at 28,000
square miles ; its population at 800,000. It was
ceded to the Turks by the treaty of Belgrade in
1739. It is governed by a hospodar or prince
who is a vassal of the empire, and holds his
sovereignty by a firman of the grand signior.
Bucharest is the capital.

Walcheren, an island of the Netherlands, the
principal one of Zealand, and the most westerly,
at the mouth of the Scheldt. It is 9 m long and















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