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WAR    769    WAR

Waltham Abbey, a town in Essex, Eng. with a
market on Tuesday. It derives its name from a
magnificent abbey, founded by king Harold, some
fragments of which remain. 12
111. N. by E. of

Waltham, Bishop, a town of Hampshire, Eng.
65 m. W. by S. of London.

Walthamstow, a village in Essex, Eng. 5 m. N.
E. ofLondon.

Walur, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore, with
a castle, and manufactures of cotton cloth and
coarse blankets. It stands in a fertile country, 20
m. E. by N. of Bangalore.

Wandiicash, a town of Hindoostan in the Car
natic, noted for a victory obtained by the British
over the French in 1760. 27 m. S. of S. E. Arcot
and 38 N. N. W. Pondercherry.

Wandsworth, a village in Surrey, Eng. with
manufactures for bolting cloth, the printing of
calicoes and kerseymeres, and the whitenning
and pressing of stuffs; also oil, iron, and white
lead mills, vinegar works, and distilleries. In
Garret Lane, near this place, a mock election was
formerly held, after every general election of par-
liament, of a Mayor of Garret; to which Foot’s
dramatic piece of that name gave no small celeb-
rity. It is seated on the Wandle, near its conflu-
ence with the Thames, 5 m. W. S. W. of Lon-

Wandfried.a town of Germany, in Hesse Cas-
sel, situate on the AVerra 15 m. W. of Mulhausen
and 36 S. E. of Cassel.

Wangara, a fertile country of Negroland, lying
to the S. of Bornou. It is watered by the Niger,
which here divides into several branches. Gha-
narais the capital.

Wangen, a town of Germany, in AVurtemberg.
with a great trade in wine, fine paper, linen, and
hardware. It is seated on the Overarg, 18 m. N.
E. of Lindau and 21 W. of Kempton.

Wangen, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Bern, capital of a Bailiwic. It is seated on the
Aar, 10 in. E. of Soleure and 23 N. N. E. of Bern.

Wangen, a town of France, department of Low-
er Rhine, seated on the side of a hill, and sur-
rounded by a wall, 12 m. W. of Strasburg.

Wanlockhead, a village of Scotland, in Dum-
frieshire, to the northward of Sanquhar, and near
the lead mines. It has a considerable number of
smel ting-houses.

Wanstead, a village in Essex,Eng. 6 m. N. E. of

Wantage, a town in Berkshire, Eng. 60 m. W.
of London.

Wantage, a township of Warren Co. N. J.

Wantzeneau, a town of France, department of
Lower Rhine, 6 m. N. of Strasburg.

Wantzleben, a town of Saxony, in the govern-
ment of Megdeburg, 12 m. W. S. W. of Magde-

Wara, a town of Negroland, capital of the coun-
try of Bergoo. 320 m. S. S. E. of Bornou. Long.

25. 25. E., lat. 15. 30. N.

Warangle, a ruinous town of Hindoostan, the
Arinkill of Ferishta, once the capital of Golcon-
da. The site of it is still evident from the old
ramparts, which are amazingly extensive. A
modern fortress is constructed within it, and is in
the possession of the nizam of the Deccan. 62
m. N. N. E. of Hydrabad. Long. 79. 30. E., lat.

13. 6. N.

Warberg, a sea-port of Sweden, in Holland, with
a castle at the msuth of the harbour, on a rock
surrounded by winter. It is seated near the Cate-















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gat, 34 m. S. S. E. of Gothburg. Long. 11. 56.

E., lat. 57. 12. N.

Warburg, a town of Prussian Westphalia, in
the principality of Paderborn, seated on the Dy-
mel, 17 m. S. S. E. of Paderborn.

Ward, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 50 m. S. W
Boston Pop. 6S0.

Warde, a town of Denmark, in N. Jutland, npar
the mouth of a river of the same name, 15 m. N.
of Ripen.

Wardien, Great, a strong town of Hungary, cap-
ital of a county of the same name, and a bishop’s
see, with a citadel. The town 'itself is not large,
but has three suburbs of very considerable extent
It was taken by tbe Turks in 1660, but the A us
trians retook it in 1692. It is seated on the Keres,
117 m. N. E. of Peterwardein and 150 E. S. E. of
Buda. Long. 21. 50. E., lat. 47. 5. N.

War dein, Little, a strong town of Croatia, cap-
ital of a county ofthe same name, seated on tbe
Drave, 34 in. N. by E. of Agram and 50 S. E. of
Gratz. Long. 15. 55. E., lat. 46.40. N.

Wardhuys, a sea-port of Norway, capital of a
district of its name. It stands on a small island of
the same name, near the continent, and has an old
fort, where the governor resides. 120 m. E. S. E.
of the N. Cape. Long. 31. 7. E., lat. 70. 23. N.

WardsborougA,ph.Windham Co. Vt. Pop. 1,148.

Wardsbridge, ph. Orange Co. N. Y.

Ware, ph. Hampshire Co. Mass. 70 m. W.
Boston, with large manufactures of cotton and
woolen. Pop. 2,045.

Ware, a town in Hertfordshire, 21 m. N. by E.
of London.

Waree, a town of Guinea, capital of a country
ofits name, in the kingdom ofBenin, 70 m. S. S.
W. of Benin. Long. 6. 0. E., lat. 5. 38.N.

Wareham, a borough in Dorsetshire, Eng. 112
m. W. by S. of London.

Wareham, ph. Plymouth Co. Mass. 39 m. S. E
Boston. Pop. 1,885. Here are manufactures of

Warendorf, a fortified town of Prussian, West-
phalia, in the government of Munster, with good
linen manufactures; seated on the Ems, 12 m. E.
by S.of Munster.

Warka, a town of Poland, in the palatinate,
of Masovia, on the river Pisa, 45 m. S. by E.
of Warsaw.

Warkwortk, a town in Northumberland, En*.

5 m. S. E. of Alnwick.

Warminster, a town of Whiltshire, Eng. 96 m.
W. by S. of London.

Warminsier, ph.. Bucks Co. Pa.; p.v. Nel-
son Co. Va-.

Warm Spring, Buncombe Co. N. C.; p.v.
Warm Spring Co. Arkansas, on a small creek
flowing into the Washitaw. Here are some tepid
springs of a medicinal quality.

Warm Spring, a county of Arkansas, Pop. 458. -
Warm spring is tiie capital.

Warntmunde, a town of Germany, in the grand
duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 9 m. N. N. W.

Warner, p.v. Merrimack Co.N. H. Pop. 2,221.

WarnersviUe, p.v. Hardeman Co. Ten.

Warneton, a town of the Netherlands, in W.
Flanders, 8 m. N. W. of Lisle.

Warren, a county of New York. Pop. 11 ,795.
Caldwell is the capital. A county of the W. Dis.
of Pennsylvania. Pop. 42,860. Washington is
the capital. A county of N. Carolina. Pop.
10,916. Warrenton is the capital.
A county of
Georgia. Pop. 10,846. Warrenton is the capi-
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