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m. 6. by W. of Brunswick and 30 W. of Halber-
stadt. Long. 10. 45. E., lat. 52.10 N.

Wolfersdike, a small island of the Netherlands
in Zealand, between N. and S. Beveland.

Wolfsberg, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Carin-
thia, with a castle ; seated on the Lavant, at the
foot of a mountain, 26 m. E. N. E. of Clagenfurt.

Wolgast, a sea-port of Prussia, in Pomerania,
with one of the best harbours on the Baltic. On-
ly the tower of its ancient castle is now standing.
It is seated on the Peene, or W. channel of the
Oder, 54 m. N. VV. of Stettin. Long. 13. 52. E.,
lat. 54. 4. N.

Wolkenstein, a town of Saxony, in the circle of
Erzgeberg, with a castle on a rock ; seated near
the Zschopa, 15 m. S. S. E. of Chemnitz.

Wolkomysk, a town of Prussia, in the govern-
ment of Grodno, seated on the Ros, 23 m. S. E.
of Grodno.

Wollin, a fortified town of Pomerania, capital
of a fertile island of the same name, between the
two Eastern branches of the Oder. It is seated
on the Diwenow, 12 m. S. W. of Camin and 30
N. of Stettin. Long. 14. 40. E., lat. 53. 50. N.

Wolmirstadt, a town of Prussian Saxony, in
Magdeburg, on the river Ohra, 10 m. N. of Mag-

Woloczoh, a town of Russia, in the government
of Novogorod, 100 m. S. E. of Novogorod. Long.

34. 20. E., lat. 57. 30. N.

Wolsingham, a town in the county of Durham,
Eng. amid mines of lead and coal, 16 m. W. of
Durham and 257 N. N. W. of London.

Wolverhampton, a town in Staffordshire] Eng.
Here are manufactures of various kinds of iron,
brass, steel, and tin goods, japanned and paper
wares, &c. It is seated on a hill, nearly encom-
passed by canals, 16 m. S. of Stafford and 122 N.
W. of London.

Wolvey, a village in Warwickshire, Eng. 5 m.
S. E. of Nuneaton.

Womddorf. p.v. Berks Co. Pa.

Wood, a county of the W. Dis. of Virginia.
Pop. 6.409. Parkersburg is the capital. A cjun-
ty of Ohio. Pop. 1,095. Perrysburg is the cap-

Woodbridge, a town in Suffolk, Eng. 77 m. N.
E. of London.

Woodbridge, a township of N. Haven Co. Conn.
7 m. N. W. New Haven. Pop. 2,049.; p.v. Mid-
dlesex Co. N. J. 10 rn. N. E. New Brunswick.

Woodbury, p.v. Litchfield Co. Conn. 19 m. N.
W. New Haven. Pop. 2,045 ; t. Caledonia Co. Vt.
Pop. 824.; p.v. Gloucester Co. N. J.; t. Bedford
and Huntingdon Cos. Pa.

Woodchester, a village in Gloucestershire, Eng.
2 m. S. of Stroud. It has a broad-cloth and a
silk manufacture. A great tessellated pavement
and other splendid Roman antiquities have been
discovered here.    xc2xbb

Woodford, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 12,294 ;
t. Bennington Co. Vt. Pop. 395. Versailles is
the capital.

Wood Lawn, p.v. Edgefield Dis. S. C.

Woods, Lake of the, a lake of N. America, 90
m. long, and 30 where broadest, but very irregu-
lar in its shape. It lies between Lake Winnipeg
and Lake Superior, chiefly in Upper Canada,
but the S. part is in the territory of the United
States. The lands on its banks are covered with
oaks, pines, firs, &c.

Woodsboro, p.v. Frederick Co. Md.

Woodsfield, p.v. Monroe Co. Ohio. 120 m. E.

Woodstock., ph. Oxford Co. Me 56 m N. Port
land. Pop. 573; ph. Windsor Co. Vt. 79 m. S
Montpelier. Pop. 3,044; ph. Windham Co.
Conn. 48 m. N. E. Hartford, with manufactures
of cotton and woolen. Pop. 2,928; ph. Ulster
Co. N. Y. with manufactures of iron and glass.
Pop. 1,376; ph. Shenandoah Co. Va. 100 m. VV
Washington ph. Hyde Co- N. C.

Woodstock, a borough in Oxfordshire, Eng. It
is chiefly noted for Blenheim-house, built at the
expense of the nation for the duke of Marlborough,
in memory of his signal victory over the French
and Bavarians in 1704. Woodstock has a manu-
facture of gloves, and of steel watch chains. The
poet Chaucer was born, lived and died here, it
is 8 m. N. W. of Oxford and 62 W. N. VV. of

Woodstown, p.v. Salem Co. N. J. 26 m. S.

Woodsville, p.v. Jefferson Co. N. Y. 158 m. N.
W. Albany ; p.v. Culpeper Co. Va., Hanover Co.
Va., Perquimans Co. N. C., Warren Co. Ten.,
Decatur Co. Alab. and Wilkinson Co. Mississippi.

Wooler, a town in Northumberland, Eng. 14
m. S. of Berwick and 317 N. by W. of London.

Woolwich, a town in Kent, Eng. It is the
most ancient military and naval arsenal in Eng-
land, and has a royal dock-yard, where men of
war were built as early as the reign of Henry
VIII. At the eastern part of the town is the
royal arsenal, in which are vast magazines of
great guns, mortars, bombs, balls, powder, and
other warlike stores; a foundry, with three fur-
naces, for casting ordnance; and a laboratory,
where fireworks and cartridges are made, and
bombs, carcases, grenades, &e., charged for the
public service. A little to the S. of the arsenal
are extensive artillery barracks, for the accom-
modation of the officers and privates xe2x80xa2 and a little
further S. a royal military academy, where the
mathematics are taught and cadets instructed in
the military art. Woolwich is seated on the
Thames, which is here so deep that large ships
may at all times ride with safety It is 8 m. E
of London.

Woolwich, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. 40 m. N. E.
Portland. Pop. 1,484.

Wooster, ph. Wayne Co. Ohio. 89 m. N. E.
Columbus. Pop. 1,953.

Worcester, a central county of Massachusetts.
Pop. 84,365. Worcester is the capital. A county
of Maryland. Pop. 18,271. Snowhill is the cap-

Worcester, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 40 m. W.
Boston. It is one of the largest inland towns in
the state and has a communication with the
waters of Narraganset Bay by the Blackstone
Canal. The town is handsomely built, and the
neighbouring country is very pleasant and well
cultivated. 'Here is the library of the American
Antiquarian Society, consisting of 6,000 volumes.
A State Insane Asylum has recently been estab-
lished here. A cattle show is held here annually
and the trade of the town is verv flourishing
Pop. 4,172.

Worcester, ph. Otsego Co. N. Y. 74 m. W
Albany. Pop. 2,093. A township of Montgomery
Co. Pa.

Worcester, one of the most ancient and respec-
table cities of England, the capital of Worcester-
shire, and a bishop’s see. It contains 11 churches
besides the cathedral, also a number of meeting-
houses for various sectaries as well as Roman
Catholics. Edgar’s Tower, a strong portal, is

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