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ZAH    793    ZAN

Zabola, a town of Transylvania, on the con-
fines of Moldavia, 5 m. S. W. of Denmark.

Zacatecas, a province of Mexico, bounded on
the N. by New Biscay, E. by Panuc S. by Mach-
sachan and Guadalaxara, and W. by Chiametlan.
It abounds with large villages, and its mines are
deemed the richest in America.

Zacatecas, a city of Mexico, capital of the
above province, surrounded by rich silver mines,
260 m. N. E.of Mexico.

Zacatula, a town of Mexico, in the province of
Mechoacan, on a river of the same name, near
the Pacific xe2x80x98 cean, 180 m. S. W. of Mexico.
Long. 102. 55. W., lat. 18. 30. N.

Zachan, a town of Prussia, in Pomerania, 13
m. E. of New Stargard.

Zafra, a town of Spain, in Estremadura, with
a castle, 20 m. S W. of Medina.

Zagara, a mountain of Greeee, in Livadia, one
of the tops of Mount Parnassus, lt was the an-
cient Helicon, from which issued the fountain
Hippocrene, and was sacred to the Muses, who
had here a temple.

Zaghara, a town of Negroland, in Bornou, on
the river Fittree, 170 m. S. E. of
i ornou.

Zahara or the Great Desert, a vasts couutry of
Africa, 1,900 miles in length by 840 in breadth ;
bounded on the N. by Barbary, E. by Fezzan and
Cassina, S. by Negroland and Fouli, and W. by
the Atlantic Ocean. The air is very hot but not
unwholesome to the natives. The soil is gener-
ally sandy and barren ; but there are verdant val-
leys in which water either springs or stagnates,
and it is here and there interspersed with spots of
astonishing fertility, which are crowded with in-
habitants. Here grows the acacia, a species of mi-

mosa which produces the gum arabic. These
fertile spots in the desert are called oases, or
islands, bearing some resemblance to islands in
the sea ; and they abound most in the northern
and eastern parts ; but the smaller ones are not
always permanent; for a furious wind from the
desert, bringing along with it an immense quan-
tity of sand, sometimes overwhelms an oasis,
and reduces it to barrenness. These oases are
formed into a number of states, governed by pet-
ty princes ; and those of which some intelligence
has been obtained are noticed in this work in
their proper places. The inhabitants consisting
of various tribes, are wild and ignorant; and
the Mahometan religion is professed throughout
the country, unless where they approach the
country of the Negroes. They maintain towards
each other the maxims of apparent hostility, but
a Christian is every where odious. Their lan-
guage is chiefly a dialect of the Arabic; and their
only intercourse with other nations is carried
on with the caravans which periodically tra-
verse these immense deserts. The Zahara abounds
in antelopes, wild boars, leopards, apes, ostriches
and serpents. There are few horses and beeves ;
but many sheep, goats, and camels.

Zahara, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, with a
citadel; seated on a craggy rock, 42 m. S. E.of

Zahna, a town of Prussian Saxony, 6 m. N. E
of Wittenberg.

Zaina, a town of Algiers, in the province of
Constantina, supposed, from some considerable
ruins, to have been the ancient city of Zama. It
is 28 m. S. E. of Seteef and 46 S. W. of Con-

Zaine, a river of Barbary, which separates the
kingdoms of Algiers and Tunis, and enters the
Mediterranean at the island of Tabarca-

Zaire, a river of Congo, which rises in the
kingdom of Matamba, flows N. to the extreme
borders of Congo, where it turns to the W.,
then separates the kingdoms of Loango and
Congo Proper, and enters the Atlantic Ocean
below Sogno,

Zalamea, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, 12
m. N. of Niebla and 38 W.N. VV. of Seville.

Zalamea, a town of Spain in Estremadura,
anciently called Ilapa. lt contains many ves-
tiges of its former splendor, and is 38 m. S. E
of Merida.

Zamora, a strong town of Spain, in Leon
and a bishop’s see. In its environs fine tur-
quoise stones are found. It is seated on a hill,
on the river Duero, over which is a bridge,
32 m. N. by W. of Salamanca and 146 N. W.
of Madrid. Long. 5. 56. W., lat. 41. 50. N.

Zamora, a town of Quito, in the neighbour-
hood of which are rich mines of gold. It is
sealed near the Andes, 230 m. S. of Quito.
Long. 78. 20. AV., lat. 4. 6. S.

Zamora, a town of Mexico, in Guadalaxara,
40 m. S. E. of Guadalaxara. Long. 103. 30.
W., lat. 20. 52. N.

Zamora, a town of Algiers, in the province
of Constantina, 250 m. W. of Hamamet. Long

6. 25. E., lat. 36. 20. N.

Zamoski, a town of Poland, with a citadel, a
cathedral, and several other churches, lt is 37
m. S. S. W. of Chelm and 44. W. N. W. of Betz.

Zampago, a town of Mexico, seated on a small
lake, 30 m. N. of Mexico.

Zane, a township of Logan Co. Ohio. Pop.

Zanesfield, ph. Logan Co. Ohio. 47 m. N. W

Zanesville, ph. Muskingum Co. Ohio, on the
Muskingum. Pop. 3,056. lt is a very flourish-
ing town with manufactures of glass, paper,
woolen, iron, oil, and several mills. The great
Cumberland road passes directly through the

Zanfara, a kingdom of Negroland, to the S.
of Zegzeg, between Cassina and Bornou. The
inhabitants are tall in stature, of very black com-
plexion, with broad faces, and savage disposi-
tions. The capital, of the same name, stands
on a river that forms a lake N. of Ghana and
then -flows through that city into the Niger. It
is 230 m. N. E. of Ghana and 450 W. S. W. of
Bornou. Long. 16. 0. E., late 18. 30. N.

Zanguehar, a country on the E. coast of Af-
rica, between 3. N. and 9. S. lat. lt includes
several petty kingdoms, in which the Portu-
guese have settlements. The inhab-tants are all
blacks, with curly woolv hair; and, except those
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