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zwo    798    ZYT

It is seated on the Mulda, 20 m. N. N. E. of
Plauen and 21 S. of Altenburg.

Zwingenberg, a town of Germany, in Hesse-
Darmstadt, 8 m. S. of Darmstadt.

Zioittau, a town of Moravia, in the circle of
Olmutz, 40 m. W. N. W. of Olmutz.

*Zwoll, a fortified town of the Netherlands, in
Overyssel, with three handsome suburbs. A
canal begins near this place, and extends to the
river Yssel, which is defended by several forts.
Zwoll is the most opulent town in the province,

and stands on an eminence, on the river Aa.
m. N. of Deventer and 31 S. W. of Coevoraen
Long. 6. 3. E., lat. 52. 31. N.

Zwonitz, a town of Saxony, 14 m. S. S. W ot

Zworniek, a town of Bosnia, 60 m. E. of Seraio
and 68 S. W. of Belgrade.

Zytomierz, a town and fortress of Russia, capt
tal of the government of Volhinia, and a bishop
see, seated on the Ciecirief, 120 m. E. of Lucko.
Long. 29. 22. E., lat. 50. 35. N


Addison, a township of Gallia Co. Ohio. Pop.

Alford, t. Berkshire Co. Mass. 125 m. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 512.

Alachua, a county of Florida. Pop. 2,204.
Dell’s is the capital.

Alaqua, t. Walton Co. Florida.

Ann Arbor, t. Washtenaw Co. Michigan.
Andes, p. t. Delaware Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,859.
Beliefontaine, p. t. Logan Co. Ohio. Pop. 282.
Benton, t. Yazoo Co. Mississippi.

Berrien, a county of Michigan. Pop. 333.
Niles is the capital.

Blount, a county of Alabama. Pop. 4,233.
Blountsyille is the capital.

Bolivar, t. Hardiman Co. Tennessee.

Brandon, t. Rankin Ccr. Mississippi.

Bueyrus, p. t. Crawford Co. Ohio. 60 m. N.
Columbus. Pop. 724.

Calhoun, a county of Illinois. Pop. 1,099.
Gilead is the capital.

Carlinville, t. Macaupin Co. Illinois.

Carlyle, t. Clinton Co. Illinois.

Cass, a county of Michigan. Pop. 968. Ed-
wardsburg is the capital.

Chaplin, p. t. Windham Co. Conn. 10 miles S.
of Brooklyn. Pop. 1500.

Chardon, p. t. Geauga Co. Ohio, 168 m. N. E.
Columbus. Pop. 880.

Chippewa, a county of Michigan. Pop. 625.
Sault de St. Marie is the capital.

Chariton, a county of Missouri. Pop. 1,776.
Chariton is the capital.

Chicot, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 1,165.
Villemont is the capital.

Conecuh, a county of Alabama. Pop. 7,444.
Sparta is the capital.

Conway, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 982.
Harrisburg is the capital.

Copiah, a county of Mississippi. Pop. 7,024.
Gallatin is the capital.

Corea Fabre, t. Union Co. Arkansas.

Crittenden, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 1,272.
Greenock is the capital.

Cole, a county of Missouri. Pop 3,006. Jef-
rfson City is the capital.

Clay, a county of Missouri. Pop. 5,342. Lib-
y is tjie capital.

Creelsburg, t. Russell Co. Ken.

Decatur, t. Macon Co. Illinois

Defiance, p. t. Williams Co. Ohio. 130 m. N.
W. Columbus. It occupies the spot of oid Fort

Delphi, t. Carroll Co. Indiana.

Duvall, a county of E. Florida. Pop. 1,970.
Jacksonville is the capital.

Ellisville, t. Jones Co. Mississippi.

Equality, t. Gallatin Co. Illinois.

Fayette, t. Howard Co. Missouri.

Fentress, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop
2,766. Jamestown is the capital.

Feliciana, East, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop.
8,247. Jackson is the capital.

Feliciana, West, a parish of Louisiana. Pop
8,629. St. Francisville is the capital.
Fernandina, t. Nassau Co. Florida.

Findlay, p. t. Hancock Co. Ohio.

Fountain, a county of Indiana. Pop. 7,644
Covington is the capital.

Fulton, a county of Illinois; ph. Schoharie Co.
N. Y. Pop. 1,592; t. Callaway Co. Missouri.

Gadsden, a county of Florida. Pop. 4,894
Quincy is the capital.

Galvezton, a small island in the bay of St. Ber-
nard, on the coast of Texas, formerly a great re-
sort of pirates. Also a village in Louisiana, 25
m. S. E. of Baton Rouge.

Gasconade, a county of Missouri. Pop. 1,548.
Gasconade is the capital.

Gilead, t. Calhoun Co. Illinois.

Greenock, t. Crittenden Co. Arkansas.

Groton, p. t. N. London Co. Conn. at the
mouth of Thames r. Here is fort Griswold,
which was the scene of a massacre committed by
the British troops, under Benedict Arnold, Sept.
6, 1781. A monument has been erected to com-
memorate this melancholy event. Pop. 4,750.

Hall, a county of Georgia. Pop. 11,755.
Gainesville is the capital.

Hamburg, p. v. on Savannah r. in Edgefield
dis. S. C., 81 miles S. W. Columbia. A rail road
from this town to Charleston is in a course of

Hennepin, t. Putnam Co. Illinois.

Highland, a county of Ohio. Pop. 16,347.
Hillsborough is the capital.

Hinds, a county of Mississippi. Pop. 8,619.
Jackson is the capital.

Herculaneum, p. t. Jefferson Co. Missouri. 3C
m. below St. Louis.

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