Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 18
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continent. The change from war to peace, in Europe, shook New Eng-
land to its centre. It however stood firm. During a pause, in which
conflicting interests in regard to the tariff on imports were settled, the
resources of the country were examined,and it was found that a large por-
tion of the capital which had been accustomed to float on every gale; and
subjected to the caprice of every nation, might profitably he employed at
home,in supplying our own necessities, and placing our independence on
a more sure foundation. A manufacturing spirit arose in New England,
whose power can only be excelled by the magnitude and grandeur of in-
numerable streams on which it is seen to move.

Our statistics on this highly important subject are exceedingly imper-
fect : those only of Massachusetts are attempted to be given. When we
find that every state in New England are making rapid advances in this
branch of our national wealth, particularly Rhode Island and Connecti-
cut ; and that the amount of manufactures in Massachusetts, in a single
year, was $86, 282, 616, we may safely indulge the pleasing hope that
the period is not distant when our exports will exceed our imports, and
that our work shops will no longer remain in Europe.


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