Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 97
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Charlestown, R. I.

Washington co. Charlestown lies
on the sea, opposite to Block Island.
It has five large ponds, which cov-
er an area of 7 square miles.—
Charlestown and Conaquetogue
ponds are salt water, and Posquis-
sett,Watchaug and Cochumpaug are
fresh water. These waters afford a
great variety of fish. Near the
sea, the land is arable, but the inte-
rior of the town is more fit for the
growth of wood. This town con-
tains the graves of the remnant of
the tribe of the once powerful and
dreaded Naraganset Indians. They
possessed a considerable tract of
land in this town, but owing to
a dislike to agricultural pursuits,
and by intermarriages with the
whites and negroes, their race as a
distinct people has long since be-
come extinct. Charles river pas-
ses through the town, and gives it
mill privileges. Charlestown lies
8 miles W. S. W. from South
Kingston, and 40 S. W. from Provi-
dence. Population, 1830, 1,284.

Charlotte, Me.

Washington co. Incorporated,
1825. Population, 1S37,612. About
25 miles N. W. from Machias, and
184 E. by N. from Augusta. Char-
lotte contains a pond, the waters
of which pass through Dennysville
and empty in Cobscook bay.

Charlotte, Vt.

This is a pleasant town, in Chit-
tenden county, on lake Cham-
plain, and opposite to Essex, N.
Y. In Essex, about 3 miles across
the lake, is
Split Rock, a great nat-
ural curiosity. Charlotte lies 49
miles W. of Montpelier, 11 S. of
Burlington and 21 N. W. of Mid-
dlebury. A part of this town grad-
ually slopes toward the lake, and
is very productive. Its trade is
chiefly with Canada. From the
principal village, “ The Four Cor-
ners,” the lake, and the mountains
that skirt its borders, present a very
romantic appearance. Population,
in 1830, 1,702.

Charlton, Mass.

Worcester co. Charlton was set
off from Oxford, 1754. It lies 53
miles S. W. from Boston, and 12
W. N. W. from Worcester. Pop-
ulation, 1837, 2,469. There is a
cotton mill in this town, and some
manufactures of leather and shoes.

Chatham, X. H.,

Strafford co., is situated on the
E. side of the White Mountains,
and adjoining the line which divides
this state from Maine. It has Con-
way on the S., Bartlett and Jackson
on the W., Mount Royse on the
N. Chatham was granted to Peter
Livius and others, Feb. 7, 1767.
There are several ponds in Chat-
ham,and some considerable streams.
The surface is mountainous and
rocky, and can never sustain a
great population. Between Chat-
i ham and Jackson, Carter’s moun-
tain rises so high as to prevent the
opening a road between the two
towns: so that in holding an inter-
course with the rest of the county,
the inhabitants are obliged to pass
through part of the state of Maine.
Population, in 1830, 419.

Chatham, Mass.,

Barnstable co., lies on the el-
bow of Cape Cod, south side. Pleas-
ant bay, inside of Chatham beach,
forms a good harbor. Chatham is
20 miles E. from Barnstable, fcnd
32 S. S. E. from Provincetown.
Incorporated, 1712. Population,
1S37, 2,271. The value of the cod
and mackerel fisheries, for the year
ending April 1, 1837, was $56,-
100;—value of salt made, $8,220;
—value of boots and shoes made,
$1,500. There are, belonging to
this place, about
20 sail of fisher-
men and 30 coasters.


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