Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 137
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East Haddam, Ct.

Middlesex co. A town of con-
siderable trade and manufacturing
enterprise, on the east side of the
Connecticut, and at the outlet of
Salmon river. It lies IS miles above
the mouth of Connecticut river, 14
below Middletown, and 80 S. S. E.
from Hartford. The soil is hilly and
rocky, and more fit for grazing than
tillage. Considerable business is
done here in the shad fishery. It is
supposed that more leather is made
in this than in any other town in the
state. This place has fine water
privileges, both for navigation and
manufactures. A short distance from
the centre of the town is a pond
covering 1,000 acres. On the river
formed by the outlet of this pond,
the water is precipitated over rocks
nearly 70 feet perpendicular. The
scenery around these falls is beau-
tiful, and worthy of particular no-

There are 6 cotton mills in East
Haddam, two of which manufac-
ture twine. «

Leesville, on Salmon river, and
Mechanicsville, on Moodus river,
a branch of Salmon river, are very
flourishing settlements.

This place, the Indian Macki-
moodus, is remarkable for frequent
slight shocks of earthquakes, pro-
ducing singular noises, which the
Indians attributed to the anger of
their gods towards the white men.
It is said that some valuable geolo-
gical discoveries have recently been
made in this quarter. The town
was first settled in 1685, but not in-
corporated until 1724. Population,
in 1835, about 3,000. This is the
birth place of many distinguished
men. The venerable Nathaniel
Emmons, D. D., of Franklin, Mass.
was born here.

Eastliam, Mass.,

Barnstable co., on a narrow part
of the cape, 23 miles E. by N. from
Barnstable. Population in 1837,
1,059. First settled, 1644. Incor-
porated, 1646. The product of the
cod and mackerel fishery in 1836,

was $30,900. The value of salt,
boots, shoes and palm-leaf hats man-
ufactured, was $10,561.

Easthampton, Mass.

Hampshire co. This is a pleas-
ant town on the W. side of Connec-
ticut river. The Hampshire and
Hampden canal passes through it.
In the year ending April 1, 1837,
$40,000 worth of lasting buttons
were manufactured; also cotton
goods, leather, hoots and shoes, to
the amount of $15,300: 5 miles S.
from Northampton. Pop. 1S37, 793.

East Hartford, Ct.

Hartford co. This town is situa-
ted opposite to Hartford, and con-
nected with it by a bridge across
Connecticut river. The soil of the
town is generally fertile, but the
alluvial meadows on the border of
the river, of which there is a large
tract, is of a superior quality. The
agricultural products of this town
are very considerable. Hackanum
river furnishes the town with a
good water power,on which are val-
uable manufacturing establishments
particularly of paper. East Hart-
ford is noted for its manufactures in
former years. The first powder
mill in this country, it is said, was
erected here in 1775. Anchors,
mill screws, nail rods, gunpowder,
paper, snuff and glass were manu-
factured here in 1784. The early
settlers found the ferocious and war-
like tribe of Podunk Indians in this
neighborhood. One sachem com-
manded two hundred bowmen. This
is a very pleasaDttown. The main
street, which is very long and wide,
is delightfully shaded by stately
elms. East Hartford was taken
from Hartford in 1784. Popula-
tion, 1830, 3,537.

East Haven, Vt.

Essex co. Moose river rises in


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