Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 150
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two cotton mills, a paper mill, and
other operations by water. The
value of cotton goods, leather, boots,
shoes, tin ware, vessels, salt, wood-
en ware, chairs and cabinet ware
manufactured,amounted to $40,363.

Fairlee, Vt.

Orange co. A rough and moun-
tainous township, with very little
productive land, on the west side of
Connecticut river, and connected
with Orford, N. H. by a bridge
across that river. First settled,
1768. Population, 1330, 656. This
town lies about 17 miles E. S. E.
from Chelsea, and 31 S. E. from

Fairlee pond is two miles in length
and about three fourths of a mile
wide. It formerly had no fish.
Some years ago a gentleman placed
some pickerel in it, and the legisla-
ture passed a law protecting the
fish from molestation for two years.
Since that time the pond has had
an abundance of pickerel of good
size and quality.

Fall River, Mass.

Bristol co. This town took the
name of
Troy, in 1803. It was for-
merly a part of Freetown. In 1834,
the name was changed to that of
the river within its borders, at the
union of which and Taunton river
the town is very pleasantly situa-
ted. This town is without a paral-
lel on the continent of America, in
regard to the union of hydraulic
powers and navigable facilities.
Fall river rises in Wattuppa ponds;
one of which is 11 miles in length
and 1 in breadth. These ponds are
produced by perpetual springs, and
lie about two miles east of the town.
The descent of this rirer is 136
feet. The volume of. water is con-
stant, not liable to excess, and of
sufficient power for the largest man-

The harbor on Taunton river is
safe and easy of access, and of suf-
ficient depth of water for the larg-
est ships. Six ships from this port
are engaged in the whale fishery.
It has also some merchant and coast-
ing vessels. A marine rail-way was
constructed here in 1834.

This town has an abundance of
fine granite, equal to the Quincy.
A rail-road is in progress to meet the
Boston and Providence, at Seekonk,
13 miles.

The Pocasset Hotels belonging
to a company of gentlemen, is a
splendid building, constructed in
1833. No house in the country af-
fords better accommodations. A
regular steamboat line is establish-
ed between this place and Provi-
dence :—distance, by water, 28

The value of the manufactures
of Fall River for the year ending
April 1, 1837, amounted to $2,863,-
378, exclusive of large manufac-
tures of machinery, iron hoops and
rods, stoves, brass, copper, and tin
wares. The ten cotton mills pro-
duced 7,767,614 yards-of cloth, val-
ued at $668,028. The woolen mill
produced 150,000 yards of cloth,
valued at $180,000. The other ar-
ticles manufactured consisted of
leather, boots, shoes, iron castings,
hats, nails,. chairs, cabinet ware
and vessels. The two print works
printed twelve million yards of cal-
ico. The number of hands em-
ployed in all the factories was 1.819.
The product of the whale fishery,
the same year, was $68,700. Hands
employed in the fishery, 120.

Fall River lies 49 miles S. from
Boston, 17 S. from Taunton, 14 W.
from New Bedford, 18 S. £. from
Providence, R. I. and 190 E. from
New York. Population, in 1820,
1,594 ; 1830, 4,159 ; 1837, 6,352.—
The surface of Fall River is eleva-
ted, rough and uneven, and consid-
ered a healthy location for a manu-
facturing town.

Falmouth, Hie.

Cumberland co. This is a pleas-
ant town at the head of Casco bay,


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