Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 156
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Frankfort, Me.

Waldo co. This excellent town-
ship of land is situated on the W.
side of Penobscot river, 57 miles
N. E. by E. from Augusta, 12 S.
from Bangor, and IS N. from Bel-
fast. It is well watered by Marsh
river, on which are two beautiful
villages. The largest village is
near the Penobscot, on Marsh bay.
The other village is at the head of
the tide, on Marsh river, about 4
miles S. W. from the Penobscot, and
is accommodated with excellent
mill privileges. The location of
Frankfort is exceeding favorable to
tbe navigation and trade of Penob-
scot river, particularly so in the
winter season, as it is the highest
point on the river to which vessels
can ascend during the icy season of
the year. The prospects of Frank-
fort in its commercial and agricul-
tural pursuits are very promising:
indeed it bids fair to become an im-
portant depot on one of our largest
rivers. Among the agricultural
products of this town, in 1S37, was
9,330 bushels of wheat. Popula-
tion, 1830, 2,487; 1837,3,223. In-
corporated, 1789.

Franklin County, Me.

Farmington is the county town.
This county was incorporated March
20, IS3S.

The following is the legislative
description of its territory:

“ The towns of New Sharon,
Chesterville, Wilton, Temple and
Farmington in the county of Ken-
nebec; and Jay, Carthage, Weld,
Berlin, Madrid, townships number-
ed six, letter E. and D. in the coun-
ty of Oxford, thence extending
northerly from the north-west cor-
ner of letter D. on the line be-
twixt townships numbered three
and four, through the several rang-
es of townships to Canada line, so
as to include three tiers of town-
ships west of the west line of the
Bingham Purchase in said county


of Oxford; andlndustry, NewVine-
yard, Strong, Avon, Phillips, Free-
man, Salem, Kingfield, townships
numbered four in the first range
west of Kingfield, three and four
in the second range, and the south
half of township numbered' four in
the third range of the Bingham
Purchase, in the county of Somer-
set, be and hereby are, &c.”

This county is therefore bounded
N. by Lower Canada, E. by the
county of Somerset, S. by Kenne-
bec and Oxford counties, and W. by
Oxford county. This county has
no navigable waters, but is inter-
spersed with numerous ponds and
mill streams. Its surface i^^en-
erally undulating,with some moun-
tainous tracts. Its soil, for the most
part, is excellent, and cann{rt fail
in remunerating the industrious far-
mer by its products of wheat, beef,
and wool.

Franklin County, Vt.

St. Albans, county town. This
county is bounded N. by Lower
Canada, E. by Orleans county, S.
E. and S. by Lamoille county, S.
by Chittenden county, and W.
by lake Champlain. Incorporated,

1792. Population, 1830, 22,034.
The Missisque river passes through
the northern part of the county,
and the Lamoille its most southern
section. The principal part of the
trade of this county goes to Canada,
hy lake Champlain, which affords
it many facilities in transportation.
Although the surface is somewhat
broken and in some parts mountain-
ous, yet the soil is productive of
wheat and grass. Many cattle are
annually taken from this county to
market, and in 1837 it had 63,000
sheep. In this county, marble and
iron ore of excellent qualities are

Franklin County, Mass.

Greenfield, county town. Bound-
; ed N. by Windham county, Vt.,and
a part of Cheshire county, N. H.


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