Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 256
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and discharges into the St. Francis,
in Canada. On an island in this
lake is. a quarry of JV
ovaculite, or
the “ Magog Oil Stone.” This ma-
terial is transported and manufac-
tured. See
Burke, Vt.

Menan Islands.

Grand Menan belongs to the
British, and lies off the mouth of
St. Croix river, and Passamaquoddy
hay. It is 16 miles in length, and
its average breadth is about 5. On
the south sid<^ar$ a number of isl-
ands, and several small harbors.
The inhabitants are principally fish-

Little Menan., or “Petit Menan,”
in Washington county, Me. lies off
the harbors of Goldsborough and
Steuben. It has a light house, with
a tower 25 feet in height. It lies
about 3 miles S. S. E. from Golds-
borough harbor.

Hendon, Vt.

Rutland co. This was formerly
called Packerstown,and lies 47 miles
S. S. W. from Montpelier, and 8 E.
from Rutland. There is some good
land in the town, but it is generally
too high upi the Green mountains for
cultivation. Population, 1830,432.


Worcester co. The Indian name-
of this town was
It was first settled by people from
Roxbury, about the year 1647. In-
corporated, 1667. Mendon is a
township of variegated surface, ex-
cellent soil,.and in a good state of
cultivation. The products of the
dairy are large and valuable.—
Blackstone river and canal pass its
southwestern border, and Mill river
traverses its whole extent. These
streams afford an excellent hydrau-
lic power. There are 8 cotton and
4 woolen mills in the town, and
manufactures of boots, shoes, iron
castings, scythes, ploughs, straw
bonnets, palm-leaf hats, machinery,
wagons and harnesses; total value,
the year ending April 1, 1837,—
$629,282. This very pleasant and
flourishing town lies 32 miles S. W.
from Boston, 18 S. E. from Worces-
ter, and 22 N. from Providence.
Population,1830,3,i53; 1837,3,657.

Mercer* Me.

Somerset co. Mercer has a fine
soil, and is watered by a beautiful
pond. It lies 32 miles N. N; W.
'from Augusta,‘and 6
S. W. from
Norridgewock. Incorporated, 1804.
THe‘village near the pond is beau
tifully located. Wheat crop, 1837,
6,868 bushels.    Population, same

year, 1,525.

Meredith, N. II.,

Strafford co., is hounded N. by
Centre Harbor and Winnepisiogee
lake, N. E. and E. by said lake and
river, S. E. by Great bay, S. and S.
W. by Sanbornton, W. and N. W. by
New Hampton and Centre Harbor.
This town was incorporated, in
1767, and was first called
JSTew Sa-
It lies 29 miles N. from Con-
cord, and 8 N. W. from Gilford.
There is in this town a pond adjoin-
ing Centre Harbor, about 2 miles
long and one wide, emptying into
the lake, near the village; be-
sides this there are several smaller
ponds. There is probably no town
in the country more pleasantly and
advantageously situated, or of a bet-
ter soil, than Meredith. The wa-
ters of the Winnepisiogee washing
the boundaries of a great part of the
town, convey many heavy mercan-
tile articles to and. from almost the
doors of several of the inhabitants
in the summer; and in the winter,
the ice serves as a level and easy
road. Near Jhe upper or N. W.
part of the town, tbe traveler pass-
ing along tbe road, is presented
with a very beautiful landscape. On
the E. and S. E. the placid Winne-
pisiogee, the largest lake in New
Hampshire, with its numerous isl-
ands, arrests the eye, and bounds
tbe circle of vision in a S. E. di-


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