Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 277
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ics the history of their expeditions.
Population, 1830, 1,422.

Mount Desert, Me.

Hancock co. This town com-
prised the whole island of the same
name, lying between Frenchman’s
bay and the. waters of Blue Hill
bay, and Union river, until 1795,
when'the north part was set off and
called Eden, It lies 110 miles E.
from Augusta. Incorporated, 1789.
Population, 1837, 1,783.

This town has an extensive coast,
and a number of excellent harbors.
The people of Mount Desert own
considerable navigation employed
in the coasting trade; and the shore
fishery, is a lucrative branch of
business. The soil of the town is
good, and abundantly able to supply
the inhabitants with bread stuffs.
In 1837, the. ocean towns of Mount
Desert and Eden, produced 674
bushels of good wheat. We mem
tion this fact, to show that there
must be something, other than sea
air, which causes that valuable
grain to blight on the coast of Mas-

Mount Holly, Vt.

Rutland co. A pleasant town
lying 60 miles S. from Montpelier,
and 17 S. E. from Rutland. First
settled, 17S1. Population, 1830,
1,318. The surface of the town is
elevated, and in some parts moun-
tainous, but the soil is well adapted
for grazing, and produces consider-
able quantities of wool, beef, but-
ter, and cheese.

Mounts Holyoke &• Tom, Mass.

See Northampton.

Mount Hope,

And Mount Hope Bay.: See
Bristol, R. I.

Mount Tabor, Vt.

Rutland co. Otter Creek rises in
this town, by a branch on each side
of a mountain. Most of the land
is unfit for cultivation, it being so
high on the Green mountain range.
It lies 66 miles S. by W. from Mont-
pelier, and 19 S. by E. from Rut-
land. Population, 1830, 210.

Mount Vernon, Me.

Kennebee co. This town lies
W. of Belgrade, E. of Vienna, and
15 miles N. W'. from Augusta. In-
corporated, 1792. Population,1837,
1,503. There are three pleasant
villages in the town : the soil is re-
markably good, and is watered by
a number of beautiful ponds and
small streams. Wheat crop, 1837,
5,888 bushels.

Mount Vernon, N. H.,

Hillsborough co., is 3 miles N.
\V. from Amherst, and 28 S. W.
from Concord. There is but one
stream” of any- note, and this was
called.by the Indians
passakessananagnog. The situa-
tion is elevated, and towards the E.
and S E. there is a considerable
prospect. There is a flourishing
village situated near the highest
point of elevation. This town was
originally a part of Amherst, from
which it was detached in 1803.

Dr. Daniel Adams, who com-
menced and conducted the Medical
and Agricultural Register, and is
author of a popular system of arith-
metic, school geography, and a
number of useful school books, has
his residence in this place. Popu-
lation, 1830, 763.

Mount Washington, Mass.

Berkshire co. This town lies in
the S. W. corner of the state, bor-
dering on Ct. and N. Y. It is 135
miles W. by S. from Boston, 22 S.
S. W. from Lenox, and 26 S. E.
from Hudson, N. Y. Incorporated,
1779. Population, 1S37, 337.

These people seem to enjoy a
more elevated situation than any of
their neighbors: one of their
is 3,150 feet above the sea. They
keep 600 sheep, and manufacture


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