Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 279
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was $2,520,000 ; this includes the
ships and outfits only; yet many of
the manufactories of the place, are
appendages of the whale-fishery;
altogether, employing a capital of
over five millions of dollars. There
are manufactures on the island, of
vessels, whale boats, bar iron, tin
ware, boots, shoes, oil casks, and
candle boxes. The whole amount
of the manufactures, for that year,
including oil and candles, was $2,-
524,907. Total tonnage of the dis-
trict of Nantucket, in 1S37, 29,960

Great attention is paid to educa-
tion on this island. ' The men are
noted for their sedateness and daring
spirit, and the women for their in-
telligence and beauty.

Nantucket Shoals is a danger-
ous place, where many a sailor has
found a watery grave. They lie
S. E. from the island, and cover an
area of about 50 by 45 miles.

Naples, Me.

Cumberland co. This town was
formed from Otisfield and Raymond,
and incorporated in 1834. It is wa-
tered by Sebago and Songo ponds,
and Crooked and Muddy rivers. It
has good mill privileges, and a pro-
ductive soil. Population, 1S37,722.
Naples lies 63 miles W. S. W. from
Augusta, and 27 N. N. W. from

Narraganset Bay, R. I.

This delightful bay lies wholly
within the limits of Rhode Island:
its entrance extends from Point Ju-
dith on the west, to Seaconnet
Rocks on the east, and terminates
at Bullock’s point, about 6 miles
below the city of Providence. The
length of this bay is about 28 miles:
its breadth varies from 3 to 12 miles.
It receives the waters of the Taun-
ton, Providence, Pawtuxet, and
other rivers, and on its borders .are
Newport, Bristol, Warren, and oth-
er large and flourishing towns. It
is decked with many islands of great
fertility and beauty; the principal
of which are Connanicut, Prudence,
Patience, Block and Hope. This
bay is near tbe ocean; is accessible
at all seasons; is well protected by
powerful forts, and affords some of
the best harbors in the world. The
board of naval commissioners have
recently reported to Congress that
the waters of Narraganset Bay af-
ford greater advantages for a naval
depot, than any other unoccupied
position on the coast of the United

Narraguagus River & Bay, Me.

Washington co. The river rises
in several ponds in Beddington, and
passing in a southeastern direction,
fall3 into a bay of the same name,
between Harrington and Steuben.
bay contains a number of isl-
ands, between which is a good pas-
sage into Pleasant bay, on the east

Nashawn Island, Mass.,

And Nashawenna. See Eliz-
abeth Islands.

Nashua River,

A beautiful stream on the S. part of
Hillsborough co. N.H. has its source
•in Worcester county, Massachu-
setts. It is formed of two branches
called the north and south branches.
The north branch is formed of two
streams, one from Ashburnham, the
other from Wachuset ponds. The
south branch is composed of Still
river, issuing from the E. side of
Wachuset mountain, and a small
stream from Quinepoxet pond in
Holden. These branches are uni-
ted in Lancaster, from which the
main river proceeds in a N. E.
course to Harvard, Shirley, Groton,
and Pepperell in Massachusetts;
and from thence into New Hamp-
shire through Hollis, and nearly
the centre of the town of Nashua,
where it falls into the Merrimack


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