Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 287
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among which are some of value.
Perhaps no town in the state pre-
sents a more inviting field for the
mineralogist than this.

There are two pleasant villages
in the town. The centre village
contains the county buildings: it is
on elevated land, and commands a
very extensive and delightful pros-
pect. Population, 1830, 1,441.

Newfound Fond and River,N.H.

See Bristol.

Newfield, Me.

York co. This town is watered
by Little Ossipee river, and lids 99
miles S. W. by W. from Augusta,
and 15 N. W. from Alfred. It is
a good farming town and produces
considerable wheat and wool. It
was incorporated in 1794. Popula-
tion, 1837, 1,322

New Gloucester, Me*

Cumberland co. This is a pleasant
and flourishing farming town, 23
miles N. from Portland, and 38 S.
W. from Augusta. Incorporated,
1774. Population, 1837, 1,861. It
is well watered by Royal’s river,
on which are mills of various kinds.
The soil of the town is very fertile,
containing large tracts of intervale.
The first settlers were compelled
to build a block house for their pro-
tection against the Indians. In this
building the people attended pub-,
lie worship for a number of years.
This town has an abundant water
power, a school fund of $4,000, and
a society of about 300 of those neat
and industrious people, “ whose
faith is one and whose practice is
one.” See-
Canterbury, N. H.


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