Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 289
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being found deficient in some of its provisions, a new constitution was
adopted in 1792, which is now in force.

The executive- power is vested in a Governor arid five Counsellors, chos-
en annually by the people. The legislature consists of the. Senate, com-
prising twelve members, chosen in .twelve districts, and the House of
Representatives, chosen annually in the month'of March, every town
having 150 rateable polls being entitled to send one, and -an additional
representative for every 300 additional polls. The legislature assembles
annually at Concord, oh the first Wednesday of June.

All male citizens, of 21. years and upwards, except paupers and per-
sons excused from taxes, have a-right to vote for state officers—a resi-
dence of at least three month's within the town being required to entitle
the person to vote. •    '    •

The judiciary power is vested in a Superior Court of Judicature, and
Courts of Common Pleas. The four Judges of the Superior Court, hold
law terms once, a .year in each of the counties; and. Judges of the Supe-
rior Court are
ex officio Presiding Judges in the courts of Common Pleas,
holden semi-annually in each county, by one of the Superior Judges
with the two Associate Justices of the. Common Pleas for each counly.
The Judges hold their offices during good behavior, until 70 years of age ;
but are subject to removal by impeachment, or by address of tbe two
houses of the legislature.

Succession of Governors1

Meshech Weare,* 1776—1784. John Langdon, 1785. John Sullivan,
17S6, 1787. John Langdon, 1783. John Sullivan, 17S9. Josiab Bart-
lett, 1790—1703. John Taylor Gilman, 1794—1804. John Langdon,
1805—1803. Jeremiah Smith, 1809. John Langdon, 1810,1811. Wil-
liam Plumer, 1812.. John Taylor Gilman, 1813—18I5-. William Plumer,
1816—1818. Samuel Belfj 1819—1822. Levi Woodbury, 1823.—
David Lawrence Morril, 1824—1826.. Benjamin .Pierce, 1827. John
Bell, 1S23. Benjamin Pierce, 1829. Matthew Harvey, 1830. Samuel
Dinsmoor, 1831—1S33. William Badger, 1834, 1835. Isaac Hill, 1S3&
—1833. John Page, 1839—

Succession of Chief Justices of the Superior Court*

Meshech Weare, 1776—1781. Samuel Livermore, 1782—1789. Jq-
siah Bartlett, 1790. John Pickering, 1791—1794. Simeon Olcott, 1795
—1801. Jeremiah Smith, 1802—1808. Arthur Livermore, 1309—1812.


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